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    Writer, painter and disreputable sot. Favourite character is Sheldon, to the point where I’d rather watch him scratch himself for 22 minutes a week than watch all the others combined. That said, I'm also fond of Penny and Howard, Gablehauser, Mary Cooper, Kripke, and WHEEATON!
    Wally is no longer a presence here, except when specifically questioned/bribed with wine, but can be found (possibly) over at The Big Bang Theory HQ.

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  1. Hhhm. I think the only thing OUR lazy-arse motley crew has done in this tournament so far is post our favourites back in the nominations round. We're too feckless to orchestrate anything else... That's not too bad I hope. Seems fairly cheery and vague, no? Mildly headache-causing colours albeit... We haven't encouraged our followers to vote one way or the other, or even mentioned it past the nominations round, as we didn't want to bugger up Tripper's scores. But considering first time I checked Opening Night was trailing at 173 to Duck's 187, and then it leaped ahead over
  2. For various reasons best left vague, our twitter moderators have (over the past 6 months) developed an unhealthy interest in the Thor Franchise, which has consequently spawned some crossover abominations. We're so sorry. It'll stop soon. (It won't. Please join in.)
  3. Cheers Serena! Delighted you approve, O fellow Nostalgic. It took our Head-Honcho Spaced_Up considerable time to create, her writers powered largely by wine (er...mainly powering Wally) and irritation, and thus the whole is comprised equally of joy and gibbering rage. Mercifully the latter has abated somewhat. You are welcome to poke us on twitter, if inclined, where we store most of our more dubious Vintage TBBT manips and inanities, or on Instagram, which is updated less half-arsedly by the glorious Toad of Truth, but who is also prone to experiment somewhat... Etc. TWI
  4. New page, O our differently aligned fandom pals. You are most welcome to recommend an episode. Er...from the first 4 years, obviously... http://www.thebigbangtheoryhq.com/#!the-psychic-vortex/c10ws
  5. The ones where Wheaton replaces and thus anthropomorphizes random objects are my favourite...
  6. For reasons which probably don't bear close examination, a while back our TBBT HQ forum members began Wheatonifying TBBT. What I suspect began as a vaguely cathartic manner of dealing with mildly aggravating elements of TBBT 2.0 (S5-9), eventually turned into something faintly terrifying, as Wil Wheaton began permeating the very fabric of the TBBT universe, both original and remastered. If anyone here wants to join in, we'd be delighted! He's such a splendid presence. The more incarnations he has, the better. Until he takes on his final form, and destroys us all.
  7. Not sure why I thought going to the pub in a lab-coat and goggles, then staying up till 4am watching the trilogy whilst drinking Laphroaig was a good idea but I'm going to have a talk with myself about that later on...when everything stops hurting. In the meantime, happy Back to the Future Day folks! (urgh. even that exclamation point gave me a headache...)
  8. I think historically, most significant inter-tribal disputes, whether religious, philosophical, moral or political, were ultimately solved by the liberal application/consumption of potato wedges and booze. I believe it's even mentioned in Herodotus. Bacchanalianism aside... Heads up, it's Chuck Lorre's birthday. If anyone wants to put on their special festive trousers.
  9. Just because the tongue planted in your cheek can be seen on the horizon (if you'd like an unsettling image) it doesn't mean I don't agree with you... As for the OP - Well, ideally nobody. But if SOMEONE, then Penny, obviously, yes. Or Martha. Or Raj, because he makes origami napkin swans. And that's a GOOD THING.
  10. PurrPurrPurr made this, but is busy being fractious/technologically incompetent, so I'm dropping it off in her stead.
  11. We are magnificently failing to keep up our presence here, owing largely to a combination of incompetence and apathy on my part, so I do apologise. Here is our latest venture – The Semi-Definitive Non-Canon Fan-Fiction Collection. And if I could have fitted any more hyphens into that then I would have. One of our members has tirelessly whittled themselves away into a screed in the dark, cataloguing all the completed TBBT stories on Fanfiction.net. First into pairings, then into sub-categories within the non-canon pairings (that being our particular interest). There are 3330 completed stories,
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