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  1. I also don't particularly like that episode.*Ducks flying shoes, Bricks and table lamps*
  2. Dazzauk

    Lame Show

    Somebody has too much time on their hands.I cant/couldn't stand Friends but i don't feel the need to go on a fans Friends website to tell people on their forum how rubbish it is.
  3. Another Brit here. From and live in Reading, England around 40 Miles west of London. (It's actually pronounced Reding though)
  4. Yum although i cant eat it as I like Leonard am Lactose Intolarant. Cornish Pasty.
  5. If your looking for a comedy series to watch then i recommend Coupling.It's similar to Friends but based in the UK.Personally i though it was very good although i didnt think much of the final series. Not Going Out and Men Behaving Badly are also very funny UK shows.
  6. Leonard closely followed by Penny. Least favourite is Bernadette.
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