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  1. This summer I went to Scotland for 7 days and had the best time of life. I actually stayed in Glasgow, but went to Edinburgh for one day, where I took this picture:
  2. A couple of weeks ago I saw "girl on the train". It's a good movie, and was worth it's money (it has become quiet expensive to go the theaters).
  3. Germany. Did you ever had the chance to get some living-abroad-experiences?
  4. You can count? How luxury. If I need something counted I need to trust on other people.
  5. True, on my left arm (over the whole length, but just on the inner side by now). TNP wants to get a tattoo?
  6. You have a chimney? And does it work to keep the house warm or just as an escape? If works to keep the house warm, it's luxury! If i want to keep the house warm I need to lit a thousand candles.
  7. Heard about it, maybe seen a scene, but I'm not sure about it (don't watch televion at home) TNP looks forward to next friday for other reasons when the weekend
  8. You have a front door? How LUXURY! If I want to go outside, I have to climp out of my window.
  9. MaineCoon

    This or That?

    Sofa Coca cola or Pepsi?
  10. In my country we have the world biggest and best noun festival for metal music (Wacken) and we have also the biggest folk festival of the world (Oktoberfest in Munich).
  11. True HYE meet your favorite band in person?
  12. MaineCoon

    This or That?

    Cats Radio or MP3/CD?
  13. Thanks you both for your help And kindergarten is the official first year of the American school system? Here in Germany we have the kindergarten, too, but it's no obligation and no part of the official school system. It's for children between 3 and 6 years (sometimes children can start at age 2), and when they go to the school. Depending of the cutt of date, some children stay in kindergarten until the age of 7 and when go to school.
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