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  1. Sorry for randomly appearing here - but the other forum is a bit quiet today.. so I thought I should sometimes visit here too. So.. hi! ouh, Todd definitely looks he's a bit done with that. : P I hope that people won't bother them too much..
  2. Ah, I haven't been here for a looong while.. anyway Thanks for sharing the vid. Yeah, that was the first thing what came to my eye. Even though I don't think it is a painting..
  3. Yep, the hate is starting to be all around, but meh, people will always find their way to hate anything. I love Kaley's dress. Thanks for those links.
  4. I just can't wait that all the interviews and the speech will appear!! And by the way about this photo.. That red haired woman on the right side and the man sitting on her left side.. I seriously believe those are Todd's parents. // And I just noticed someone else on tumbrl seemed to think so too. So I guess they are.
  5. Bonjour Stephanie et bienvenue! : )
  6. I LOVE SMOKED TOFU TOO! ~And I love the cover of her cookbook. Mayim looks so gorgeous and beautiful and perfect, she is always flawless! Can I just say that I have huge crush on her.
  7. I loved the show as well, but I was then in 5th grade in elementary school.
  8. They wrote that Mayim would be a presenter, so I guess she will present some award there.
  9. New pic of Jim and Todd: http://www.justjared.com/2013/10/05/jim-parsons-night-out-with-todd-spiewak/
  10. I just loved Melissa's dress at the Emmys. She looked so stunning!
  11. Thanks for the video! I sort of burst into laugh at that "big bang buddy Jim". Oh my mind...
  12. Isadora

    Greedy Actors?

    The title brought immediately "Needy baby, Greedy Baby" to my mind. As for the real topic, I really don't care how much more they want, I think they should just get it.
  13. Only in the short footage at the beginning where Jim was holding his first Emmy. Otherwise, no.
  14. Hi Catlina! Love that picture. That was one of my favorite Jim moments from the episode. I literally fall out of the chair during that. : P : D
  15. Sounds so suspicious. Nah, I don't know, at least pretty odd.
  16. Happy 18th Birthday, Raz!! : ) Can I buy you a drink? ; )
  17. I got a laptop which just has a bit similar look. No Alienware for me.
  18. Jim dreams are the best. I have had several. But I don't know why in my dreams Jim is so mean to me and while I'm just yelling: "JIM HELP ME, I'M DYING." He just looks at me like 'Bitch, please.' Still, love them!
  19. I think I will go total spoiler free now on. Two episodes were enough. (I hope!) And anyway I don't know how well internet connections I can get with my (new!) laptop next week . I picked my laptop to look like Sheldon's. Lame, hm?
  20. Yay for the Variety cover, btw. And Shamynatress, I hope you will have great time then in the taping. : ) So lucky!
  21. Those pink underwear stuff make me uncomfortable. Über uncomfortable. Is it weird I still haven't heard how the "The Wheels on the Bus" song goes...
  22. If I could go to the tapings, I would definitely wear something knitted. If you know what I mean. ; ) Lol!
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