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  1. gsxdoug

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Absolutely loving the Lenny Storybook posts, Luminous. Keep up the good work! 👍❄ī¸
  2. gsxdoug

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    Yay! New season thread. Wishing good things for Lenny this season. 🤩
  3. gsxdoug

    Eating with a knife and fork?

    For myself, I hold the knife in my right hand...probably because I'm left-handed, just comes naturally. But I'm Canadian not American so maybe this isn't relevant to your post, lol. 🍴 🙃
  4. gsxdoug

    Hiatus summer travel plans

    Just did a 2 day, 1100 klm motorbike loop through Northern Ontario, including a section of Lake Superior's North Shore. Hopefully getting a few more good rides in. I think a motorcycle trip through some of these places in Europe that have been posted in this thread would be amazing, but then, there's still lots of Canada I haven't seen yet.
  5. gsxdoug

    I bet Sheldon would love one of these.

    I think I had over 200 games for my C-64, back in the day. 🕹ī¸
  6. gsxdoug

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Thanks for including me in this shout-out. Honestly haven't written or even read anything in quite a while, but I hope people are still enjoying what little I have done.
  7. gsxdoug

    Conspiracy Theories

    It would probably be cheaper to send men to the moon then it would be to bribe as many people as you'd have to, to keep the secret.
  8. gsxdoug

    Chit Chat: Season 11

    Gotta love a place with this sense of humour.
  9. gsxdoug

    Conspiracy Theories

    I notice you didn't deny getting info from youtube, which I guess would be hard considering your earlier post. I also note in your video that General Clark never says 9/11 was an inside job, just that the event itself was used as an excuse to shift focus for military policy. In any case, anecdotes are not evidence. Obviously I can't see your browser history, but mine contains such as the following; https://rationalwiki.org/wiki/9/11_conspiracy_theories which has a fairly thorough debunking of 9/11 conspiracies, with multiple references.
  10. gsxdoug

    Conspiracy Theories

    Getting info from conspiracy websites and youtube videos is not research.
  11. gsxdoug

    Conspiracy Theories

    Yeah, the moon landing was faked. They hired Stanley Kubrick to do the job. Thing is, he was such a perfectionist that he insisted filming it on location. Seriously, though, aside from all the actual evidence that that we've been to the moon; if it was faked, you'd think the USSR wouldn't have verified it, it being the height of the Cold War and all... I'm not even going to get in to the other stuff...
  12. gsxdoug

    Lenny Wish List

    I think most of my wishes have been covered. I would like to see more substantial hints about future Lenny children, even if it's just some indication that they are thinking about it and feel they are ready. Hope you all have a great summer. I'll probably be commenting even less than usual...plan on making the most of this summer now that I won't have to do multiple 7 hour drives to Toronto for health reasons...
  13. gsxdoug

    Comet Discovery

    I understand that Penny is perfectly fine with sharing credit. Good on her, I have no problem with that as it's her choice. It's what a true friend would do. My point is, she didn't have to, and Raj claimed full credit behind her back, which was simply wrong.
  14. gsxdoug

    Comet Discovery

    As I said in the episode thread, the telescope was aimed specifically to view Mercury. Any of the guys could have done that, and they could just so well have been using Leonard's telescope. As well, it doesn't matter that Raj knew how to report and verify the comet; a patent lawyer doesn't get credit for his client's invention just because he does the legal legwork. Penny is the one who found it, she should get the credit.
  15. gsxdoug

    1121 'The Comet Polarization' (April 19)

    Raj set up the telescope for that region specifically because they were going to view Mercury, no other reason. I could have done that, so I'm certain any of the guys could as well. As for Leonard, I think he was just trying to get a compromise solution that would satisfy both Penny and Raj. I'm firmly of the belief that Penny deserves full credit.

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