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  1. Ah. I'll have to look into that. I like Melissa, too.
  2. Not to be pedantic, but isn't it Kaley doing Harley Quinn?
  3. Hmm...all this talk about how shows ended, no mention of Newhart. Bob waking up beside Suzanne Pleshette (who played his wife in the original Bob Newhart Show) and telling her about the wacky dream he had about running an inn in Vermont, certainly ranks as one of the best endings ever.
  4. Darwin is arguably more important than Lincoln...yeah I said it, come at me!
  5. Does it come in a man's tee? I so need this!
  6. But I'm not talking about other shows, just this one. And, except for a couple bits of OOC writing like the glue gun, I've never felt that Penny was an airhead. Zack, for example, is a real airhead.
  7. And others do not. Leonard and Penny ending up together was telegraphed from early on in the series.
  8. I found the episode to be very funny, particularly the Lenny interplay. As well, I think Shamy were very good in the supporting role, instead of being front and centre for a change. The other plot was pretty much a throw-away to give the other characters screen time, but it wasn't without its charms. Focusing on one major and one minor plot I felt was a refreshing change from trying to cram too much into the usual run time.
  9. In total agreement with you. You can really feel the Lenny love for each other.
  10. Ditto! And I, for one, am glad to see your positive posts here, and in the Lenny thread, daily.
  11. The fact remains, Mandy and the boat kiss didn't even exist until the writers retconned it to add unnecessary drama to the season finally, so yeah, it is on them.
  12. Pretty hard for Leonard to tell Penny about Mandy right away when the writers didn't pull it out of their collective ass until much later.
  13. Yes! Always. You're doing a wonderful job.
  14. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas, my Lenny friends! 🎄
  15. Just an aside, when Luminous posted the title last night, my first thought was "Here we go, a Shamy baby plot 🙄" so in a way it's a relief to me that it's not lol
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