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  1. Yeah, my work was deemed essential, but our company decided it was best to shut down for 2 weeks (with pay!!!) and take things from there. So, I'll be stuck at home self-isolating and playing computer games to avoid boredom.
  2. Thanks, guys! Hope you're all staying safe and healthy!
  3. Watched it Saturday...very funny, really enjoyed it. It does have a lot of violence and swearing, for those who might be offended by such.
  4. Hope it's okay to leave this here...if not, Tensor or Tripper please delete...
  5. Pretty quiet here lol... Finally got Dr. and Mrs. Hofstadter bendables on e-bay at a price I was willing to pay...together for ever...
  6. Didn't Amy and Sheldon have sex before they were married? Why aren't you calling her(them) out for that?
  7. I'm going with hokie on this. Enjoying sex with multiple partners does not make one a whore, or ho (whichever term you want to use.) And there is definitely a double standard in how society still views a woman who does this, as compared to a man. And Penny wasn't Kurt's (not Kirk's) mistress, unless you are using the term in a non-standard way. She was his girlfriend and they lived together. To our knowledge, she didn't cheat on him, either.
  8. Was going to post that trailer if no one else did...the only post-TBBT project I'm interested in seeing.
  9. Love the Beatles, definitely want to check it out. Happy Canada Day to my fellow Canuckistanians.
  10. @joyceraye extra points for " flibbertigibbet" 🙃
  11. I think they could have used that story line as the catalyst for Penny changing her mind about having kids and be the real motive behind her attempted seduction of Leonard.
  12. Haven't said much yet, just enjoying all the reactions and spreading likes. Just want to say that I thought the finale was great, which was a little surprising considering the less than perfect season. I was especially happy with the Lenny pregnancy. When this forum finally winds down, I will very much miss interacting with my fellow TBBT fans as much as I will miss tuning in to the show week after week. It's been a fun and at times frustrating ride and I wouldn't change it for the world. I found support here through both the Lenny breakup, and my own battle with cancer (closing in on two years cancer free for those who were aware 🙂) and for that last, I am most thankful. That was pretty wordy for me, lol, but this is not good-bye. I plan on sojourning here for at least a little while longer.
  13. The description of the last episode that Tripper posted contains an interesting tidbit; Leonard and Penny trying to keep a secrect...let the speculation commence lol!
  14. I would have to re-watch, but I don't think Penny didn't read the book because she couldn't understand it, but because she found it boring. Not the same thing.
  15. I don't know...haven't been in a writing (or reading) mood for quite some time. More to do with life in general, not for any disappointment with Lenny. Not even sure if I would remember my login details at the website...
  16. Ah. I'll have to look into that. I like Melissa, too.
  17. Not to be pedantic, but isn't it Kaley doing Harley Quinn?
  18. Hmm...all this talk about how shows ended, no mention of Newhart. Bob waking up beside Suzanne Pleshette (who played his wife in the original Bob Newhart Show) and telling her about the wacky dream he had about running an inn in Vermont, certainly ranks as one of the best endings ever.
  19. Darwin is arguably more important than Lincoln...yeah I said it, come at me!
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