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  1. Lots of guys you'd have to fight with for it!
  2. Seems plausable, perhaps with a guest star? Could explain the taping changes.
  3. Agreed! Like your screen name, by the way.
  4. It is fairly apparent that the Shennies don't inhabit the same universe as the rest of us.
  5. Thank you for the taping report, Kellee. Sounds like a really good ep. Also thanks MJistheBomb for the 7.01 tag clarification.
  6. I think the proposal will come mid-season, or maybe thats just wishful thinking on my part. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict a pregnancy scare for L/P as well!
  7. This is from a Molaro interview linked to in the shamy spoiler thread, thank you, shamyforever. Just thought I'd put it here. Hopefully I'm not breaking any copyright laws by quoting it. "I think we left Season 6 with Penny and Leonard in the best place relationship-wise they have ever been, which was why Leonard was concerned to go away for three or four months on this boat, but Penny was supportive of it. I think it was something we all knew he needed to do because it was a great opportunity. She is waiting for her boyfriend, who she now officially loves, to come home. It allows for a good amount of Leonard-Penny time." http://xfinity.comcast.net/blogs/tv/2013/08/26/the-big-bang-theory-season-7-premiere-burning-questions-answered/
  8. Good advice, would save a lot of angst on here. And I like BangerMain's choice of phrase, "Leonard and Penny are preparing a life together."
  9. phantagrae "I do think it would be interesting to see her at some kind of high school reunion kind of thing, or some other situation where she finds herself among that old crowd and finds herself not only the odd-man-out, but like koops said, sticking up for the nerds of the world or whatever." I was thinking the same. Also a good way to have Leonard in Nebraska meeting her mother...2 birds, one stone.
  10. First, thanks Jennifer, for the taping report. As to the final scene, we have no idea about how Leonard's line was delivered, or the scene's context. Was he proudly showing his shipmates that his girlfriend was in a movie and didn't realize it might not be appropriate to show the topless bit or didn't think to stop it in time? After all, despite his becoming better adapted socially over the series, he can still be somwhat clueless about some things. Perhaps someone on the ship was showing a video off the net of this hot chick, and Leonard was all "Hey, thats my girlfriend you're ogling!" In any case, its probably just another one off joke and that's the last we'll hear of it. Personally I'm with Tensor and others and will see how it looks in final edit on screen, but I'm not particularly worried about L/P at this point.
  11. Shatner's "bad records" were meant as a joke, pure self-parody. If you thought he was serious, you've been punk'd. Personally, I respect a man who is not afraid to make fun of himself. To Willo the Wisp..."It saddens me how Sheldon and Wil Wheaton are friends now" Have to agree with this, them being all buddy-buddy just isn't nearly as funny.
  12. Say what? You must have a different edition of LOTR than I do.
  13. You don't know what cold is! I'm in Northern Ontario, Canada. We can see a couple weeks straight of sub -40c nights in deepest winter, plus wind chill.
  14. Hi, first post but have been lurking for a few seasons. I haven't seen this suggested yet, so thought I'd put this out there. Perhaps they may do like on Night Court(remember that show?) with Dan Fielding where his plane went down in the Arctic at the end of one season. Leonard might be "lost at sea" for a few episodes. There could be two stories running in parallel with everybody back home fearing the worst, and Leonard having some mis-adventure.
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