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  1. Or brought it up one piece at a time...think there's a Johnny Cash song in there somewhere...
  2. A better question would be; how much longer will Amy put up with it?
  3. Hmm. Didn't know they did a cover of it. Learn something new every day. She's not from here, though.
  4. I'm in Timmins, which is on the James Bay Frontier but the bay itself is still way north of me. 300 km or so.
  5. Except the town referred to in the song isn't in Northern Ontario. It's about an 8 hour drive south of where I am.
  6. Northern Ontario. So, like the North Pole but with trees and rocks lol
  7. Well, I do have to admit we've had a mild winter this year. Only a few nights of -30 C. Usually expect a week or two of -40 or so, not to mention wind chill.
  8. I'm sure there are posters who will disagree with your appraisal of Leonard's looks (5Mississippis, for one). Since this is coming from someone who says Amy is hot (and I'm not dissing Mayim, here) when the character is designed to seem mousy and maybe a little frumpy, I'll take your opinion on this with a grain of salt.
  9. Zep, The Who, The Beatles, BTO, Queen, Journey, Styx, AC/DC, Warrant, Poison, The Guess Who, Skid Row, GnR, Steppenwolf, CCR....too big a list, really. Mostly 70's and 80's rock with some sixties stuff thrown in. Prefer up-tempo rock especially while working.
  10. Already posted my over-all opinion in the ep. thread. As far as Lenny goes, I didn't find the fight all that bad and thought it ended on a good note.
  11. I'm going to rate this as merely okay. Not a big amount of laughs and I found the Shamy make-out somewhat cringe-worthy. I really don't think the Lenny tiff was worth all the angst displayed in here in the last little while.
  12. Nearly choked at this one! 3 words-underwear on head
  13. So, 4a, camera pointed at kitchen island. Lenny scene?
  14. Which, of course, is not the same as saying that 81% would watch a Sheldon-only version.
  15. The headline of that article is misleading. For one thing, as Serenaded214 pointed out, the poll does not ask about L/P staying and Sheldon going. You can get polls to have just about whatever answer you want depending on how you phrase the question. Besides, until you actually see the show without any of the big three, how will you know if it's any good?
  16. You'd think...they were rather small...
  17. Fibre Optic...Yes fibre is spelled correctly.
  18. Season's Greetings fellow Lennys!
  19. I haven't got much saved, but how's this
  20. I, for one, would welcome you posting some Lenny goodness.
  21. Kaley may have had a boob job but as far as we know, Penny hasn't. Also, "bad boob job?" Actually a pretty good one.
  22. Actually, that's been around for quite some time...old military lingo. As to the taping report, thanks Maddie and whomever went to the taping. Honestly, it reads like bad fan-fiction.
  23. That's hardly the fault of the actors. Put the blame where it belongs.
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