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  1. That would be a deal breaker for me, as well.
  2. I don't believe I said anything about "their" ideas (assuming you're referring to the writers/show runners.) I was straight up answering joyceraye's question about whether or not people in the profession would be offended by someone being embarrassed to be associated with them. Period.
  3. Re: Isabella, she deserves better than Raj.
  4. As someone who previously worked in janitorial for more than a few years, allow me to field this one. Yes, it's very offensive. Cleaning is honest work that pays the bills. Just because someone does this for a living does not make them less of a person, nor is it a reflection of their intelligence. Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do. I'd rather clean toilets than sit in an ivory tower and look down my nose at people I deem lesser than myself. We're all worm food in the end.
  5. Thank you, luminous! and file
  6. Very funny episode. Especially the Shelnard/Pamy made up languages scene. And the sex dungeon
  7. Nice to see her standing up for him.
  8. See shamydawson's recent post in the season discussion thread.
  9. Nobody can be that attractive and this good at a video game. Sheldon in The Dumpling Paradox, S1E7
  10. Season 3. And wasn't she dating Leonard at the time? And he did peek.
  11. I have to disagree that Sheldon doesn't find Penny attractive. It's just that he doesn't consider her as a potential girlfriend in the same way he wouldn't consider someone like a nanny. I'm sure he knows that, for example, his sister is attractive, but since he thinks about Penny in kind of the same way, he would never think of acting on this even if they were both unattached.
  12. Dang! Can't watch until tomorrow...curses night-shift!
  13. I thought it was community college she dropped out of, not high school.
  14. @jenafan, much in line with my thinking. Perhaps having grown up on a farm that raised turkeys, among other things, the joke was easier for me to pick up on. And, given my experience, I'm not so sure turkeys can be described as "intelligent."
  15. I thought one of the best lines of the episode was Wyatt's about Sheldon: "He reminds me of that turkey we had who drowned looking up at the rain."
  16. Only an hour and a half to go. Yup, airs at 7:30 on CTV again this year.
  17. Because they would probably have used up all theirs to launch an invasion at interstellar distances. Or a fast-evolving virus.
  18. Thanks, I was hoping nobody beat me to it!
  19. Love the wedding pics, can't wait 'til next week.
  20. "Darkness" and "Dark Matter" aren't the same thing, and you specifically used the example of turning out the lights.
  21. Since darkness is merely the absence of light, I don't see(!) how it could be said to have a speed.
  22. The term "In Denial" comes to mind.
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