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  1. as far as im concerned the are no redeeming qualities in Sheldon. there is no love, just shelfessness .he has no friends just people to do his biding. he thinks nothing of others just himself. will he change, not until someone puts him in his place or k nocks him down a peg or two. I read all the polls and other things and everyone loves Sheldon. I didn't know there were so many sick people out there. and finishing up, Sheldon is a coward, shellfish, egomanic, a bully, condescending asshat. I love the show because of the other characters but when the show is about Sheldon, I get angry that no one will punch him in the mouth. example. when penny took Lenard to the airport so he could go on his north sea adventure, I would have punched him silly. sorry all you Sheldon fans, but there are a lot of people like me out here, but we don't always get our comments published, no joke.
  2. terrible episode not worthy of this show. if it was me I would have broken off my engagement to penny. what she did was almost the same as being unfaithfull to Lenard. I guess the writers are going all out to show us that penny is truly a slut. she asked Lenard to marry her, then she goes out of her way to seduce or at least tease her customers at Lenard expense. I think she likes being a slut so therefore she shouldn't get married to Lenard, and if Lenard sees what she is doing and doesn't confront her , hes not a man and deserves what he gets.
  3. truly the worst episode made in the history of tbbt. fun with flags, not funny at all its just stupid. I love the tbbt but this season is terrible, and this episode is the worst so far. no emotions, not funny, no character interaction of any note, ( Sheldon and amy, really, come on ) terrible script, etc; more shows like the prom show now that was an excellent show, perfectly written, perfect acting, best script in 8 seasons. if you want to save season 8, you will need more episodes like the prom show.
  4. I think this was the best episode this season. with so many stinkers, ( THE FOCUS ATTTENTION, ITHINK, JUNIOR PROFFESOR, ETC;) this one was a breath of fresh air. thank you so much. please keep it up, I know that keeping the balance between comedy and story lines is diffacult but remember the shows are mostly funny but some of us are really into the story lines also, leanrd and penny, raj and his new girlfriend, and really, really, hoping that you shut down that ass Sheldon somehow.
  5. the only good part of this episode was at the very end with penny in a bikini top. the rest not good at all. by the way, why hasent a poll ben set up fwith the question, HOW DO YOU LIKE PENNYS NEW HAIRCUT, the jnew haircut does change the dynamic of one of the shows main characters . all in all, season 8 so far very sad. however the last episode about handling money problems between Lenard and penny was excellent.
  6. there isn't one redeeming quality to the character of Sheldon, I wouldn't mind if he never came back
  7. drop dead, or never come back. there is not one redeeming quality to that character.
  8. I think season 7 has some excellent episodes and some really bad ones. the worst one for me is the itchy sweater one, you have to be a idiot to believe that anyone would wear an itchy sweater and not take it off, Lenard would have to be that idiot and hes not. the best is the one where pennys part was cut from nciss, it showed the human side of the characters and how much Lenard really loves penny. the last epicode about the train was funny and human also. the people and the show are maturing as it should, and to make this season the best, the writers should understand this and follow this premis. there is always laughter and funny situations, but lets follow the story lines better and make the show both funny and human.
  9. here are some questions that bug me,please discuss . 1. why don't the writers follow any continuity with jthe story lines, example; PENNY QUIT he job several episodes ago, how is she paying her rent, buying groceries, or just living? 2. why doesn't penny have a last name? 3. when is Lenard going to grow a pair and let penny know that after 7 years it time to make up her mind about him, such as living together or getting married, and if she refuses, he should do the unthinkable to her and dump her butt and find someone who really could care about him.
  10. leonard and penny romance is one of the reasons I love to watch tbbt, please let it continue and deeper and more romantic, instead of mater-of-fact thing it is now. I know there are more characters to work with, but lenny is the best piring and deserves more time devoted to it. MORE ROMANCE FOR LENNY, PLEASE.
  11. without them the best part of the show would be lost. let them move forward and no more BREAK UPS PLEASEEEEEEEEEE.
  12. a lenny proposal, its long overdue and most fans want to see the implacations of it. please no more breakups for them, too many already. move them forward with more affection and caring and the show will fall right in line with a lot more story lines that could be used for the best show in tv.
  13. it will kill the show for us all. how many times do y.ou think you could do this without pissing people off. its time for them to move forward not backward. enough is enough. it will ruin the show for me.
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