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  1. Hi, I've thought of a, what I believe is, a good gag for the show today and I was wondering what you guys think? See below: Racing Sim Gag Rajesh and Howard attends a local comicon and meet a video game programmer/engineer named Matt who invites them both to his home to game. Matt’s home is filled with TVs and video game consoles of all sorts. In the center of the room, there’s an imposing car carriage with a racing seat and wheel surrounded with TVs attached to pistons and all sorts of cables. Howard asks Matt “What’s this mean looking thing?” Matt says “Oh that’s a Racing Sim prototype that I’m working on. You guys can try it out later; we first need to kill each other in Halo.” Scenes ends -Place holder for different gag scene- Next scene Matt, Rajesh and Howard are playing Halo when Matt suddenly gets a text message on his phone. He needs to go to the office to help with something. Before leaving, he tells Howard and Rajesh to make themselves at home and that he won’t be long. Howard and Rajesh look around the room. Rajesh says “Want to try the racing sim?” Howard says “I’ll go first!” Howard sits on the chair and proceeds to start the game. Rajesh says “Aren’t you going to put your seatbelt?” Howard says “You don’t need a seatbelt for a video game…” The game starts, motor sounds can be heard and the racing set starts to moves. Scenes ends -Place holder for different story scene- Next scene The racing chair is moving and motor sounds can be heard. Howard says “This is the best racing sim ever!” Rajesh, who’s next to Howard and looking at the screens, says “Careful you’re going too fast you’re going to hit that wall!” Scenes ends Next scene Scene starts with Howard arriving home with bandages (broken arm, eye patch, neck strap …etc). When Bernadette sees him, she says “Oh my god Howard what happened?” Howard says “I had a car accident” Bernadette says “Are you going to be alright?” Howard says “Yes … it’s my fault; I should have wore a seatbelt.” End of episode
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