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  1. I doubt tptb will do the once a year coitus thing myself. They've done the impossible and upped the ante after the (much anticipated) event, now they have to sustain (and build) it for as long as they can. Keeping to Sheldon's schedule removes the element of surprise, and I truly do think these writers have it in them to pull another blinder out of their bag of tricks. Lightning can strike twice....a third time, hmm.....now that'd really be something. My guess would be to expect the unexpected, afterall, no-one here called the Shamy coitus accurately, I doubt the writers will actually do what they've told the viewers they're going to do, where's the fun in that?
  2. I didn't say I enjoyed the plotline though. What I said was the sex occurred because Raj and Penny have a connection. And they do. My only issue really is with the inequality, and I'm not pointing it out to apportion blame but merely to highlight it's existence. These behaviours are so ingrained in society that they just become social norms, unnoticed unless highlighted. I'm holding a spotlight to the gender difference, not suggesting this was a great moment in TV history.
  3. I'm not a Raj apologist. He is characterised as a selfish brat. All the characters are victims of their own personal circumstance and play out accordingly. Now, as he is rich and spoilt, I very much suspect there will be no happy ending for him. Unless of course he meets the love of his life and gives up all his wealth to be with her due to his parents (most likely depicted racist) disapproval. TV tropes are kinda like that. Redemption is rewarded.
  4. How is acknowledging that unfair gender status exists excusing any person's behavior? I am merely stating that Patriarchy is a fact and it's conditioning is most likely the root cause of Penny's shame. "Are the men worrying about this?" (Caitlin Moran) is an excellent determinater to identify sexism. So, is Raj worried that his friendship group will think he is morally lax and a cheap slut? Erm, no. But in contrast, Penny burns scarlet with the shame of letting her knickers down. Is this fair? Acknowledgement of a thing is different from apportioning blame for a thing. Patriarchy exists. It is a bad thing. Incidentally, Matriarchy, by the same determinater, is also a bad thing. Equal treatment? Yeah, that's a good thing.....IMO.
  5. Having no recollection doesn't mean Penny didn't initiate the 'sex' with Raj though. You can't get anything from that except that she was very drunk. However, Raj was also very drunk and, as he had his little mishap while she was putting the condom on him, we can deduce that she was a willing participant. You are also discounting Penny and Raj's relationship. They are friends. They care about each other. Neck a few bottles together and hey, whatdya know, they fancy each other too. It's not comparible to picking up a stranger in a bar. The sex happened because they have a connection. I doubt Penny, as a single girl, would ever pick up Raj if he was just a stranger in a bar. The sex happened because of the friendship, understanding and mutual admiration between them.
  6. My political bias? Do you mean my belief in the equality of men and women? Do you disagree then? Do you think women should adher to a set of rules different to those that are applied to men?
  7. I don't know that I agree with this. I think Raj would have been very up for an actual relationship with Penny, as would've Howard if he ever had even the slightest chance....ever. Now, as for the "settling for Leonard" mentioned elsewhere, yes, in every relationship that ever existed, people have 'settled' for each other. That's what you do. That's what you do because people aren't perfect. Life isn't a fairy-tale. You 'settle' because you can't be without that person regardless of their boring interests or their snoring or their fat ass. You 'settle' coz you love them just as they are, even though they might be a bit shit, but hey you're a bit shit too, what a match! As for the Raj / Penny sex, if Raj is a douche then so is Penny, why the double-standard? Both were drunk. Both were lonely. Two friends together who enjoy sex. Both unattached. Why not? Yet Penny is the 'victim' because she is female? Yes, Penny was regretful in the morning but how much of that was due to patriarchal conditioning? Penny's a slut!/Fist bump Raj, what a stud! Why shouldn't recreational sex be enjoyed between two friends who find each other attractive, regardless of which gender made the first move (and why are we so sure it was Raj that put the moves on Penny, she's a big ol' 5 after all, likes to initiate most of the time)? Penny is not a chattel, she doesn't have property of Leonard Hofstadter stamped on her back. Penny's body is her own; as is Raj's. Their bodies; their business.
  8. You're missing my point. Yes, he does know better, I agree. My point is that he doesn't care. "Me first" is his motivation. He has an obligation to fulfill, he doesn't care that this ain't a great time, place or situation to 'apologize'. The irony is that in his need to apologize for being an arse he is in fact being an arse!
  9. Oh, he knew he shouldn't be in there. He just didn't care. His need to off-load his obligation was a higher priority to him than her privacy.....hell or 'hot' water! People are focusing on 'Penny' being naked, but it's irrelevant, Sheldon would have done it to any one of the gang, even a naked Emily perhaps, remember the conversation he had when President Siebert was trying to pee? But the fact that it is Penny (or Emily) makes it inappropriate, therefore funny. It wouldn't be so funny if it was one of the guys in there.
  10. I think he's said enough to tell us he's asexual. He even believes he is a homo novus due to his sexuality. Before I read the taping report and watched the 'Coitus' episode, I was firmly on the demi-sexual 'team'. Hey, I am very much still hoping tptb do go that way. If we accept he's having sex for the connection (as Jenafan suggested) then yes, I agree. There's too much 'Sheldon don't get it' for me to fully buy into it at the moment. I think the sex is for Amy, an act of love and devotion, as stated, "a gift". I can only judge by what I'm shown and have been shown. I don't do 'leaps of faith' in any aspect of my life. But that's me.
  11. Asexuals do have sexual urges. The urges are not directed towards another person. That's where the word 'orientation' comes into it. He was working on it. He knew it was what Amy wanted. She had told him so. He wasn't denying her sex to be mean or score points. For whatever reasons, he did not want to have sex with Amy, nor anyone else. I view one of those reasons to be that he is asexual. YMMV Asexual people can and do have sex with, and for, people they love without the desire to have it for their own gratification. I know you're familiar with Aven because previously you decided that, because a person without a doctorate devised the primary and secondary desire model within it, it was effectively worthless. I would question that thinking myself. Much of Freud's theory was discredited by Kinsey's research due to the biased and compromised control group Freud studied compared with the simple compilation of data from a large and varied cross-section of society that formed Kinsey's work. In short, one man's opinion (yes, even a man with a doctorate) on a certain group of people cannot possibly trump research taken from people with direct experience of the study subject themselves, as in the case of the Aven site. It is a site devised by asexual people, in all their denominations, for asexual people. I highly doubt it is inaccurate. Now, the 'Shenny' hug......yep, no 'dick-press' here! The shower? Yeah, Sheldon knew she was naked in the shower. It didn't matter to him (see asexual stuff above). What mattered was getting her to wear the T-shirt at that moment. It trumped everything else. If Leonard had been in the shower and he had a T-shirt for him, he would have done the same thing, no difference.
  12. Aye, it has got a tad silly, I admit, especially the latest ep.....but Daryl does have nice arms! Anyho, where else would those resting English actors go for work? I'm being patriotic I am..... and Daryl really, really does have nice arms. Hey though, how could you not like 'The Guvnor'? And Daryl's arms?
  13. Hey, I don't need to go to tapings to know that Jim Cooper is speaking them lines direct to me through my telebox transmitter! (Dons tin foil hat to watch repeat of Walking Dead.) Bip! Bip! Jibber.....
  14. Yeaaaaah, no! You do realize that I was recently compared to Hitler by a fellow Shamy on the Shamy thread?! Incidentally, anyone who should happen to think that a person holding a different opinion to yourself in regards to fictional characters in a sitcom is comparable to the greatest tradegy in living memory, can I humbly suggest the wonderfully unbiased works of Christopher Isherwood (Goodbye to Berlin / Mr Norris Changes Trains) as a starting block to educating yourself. Failing that, the Pulitzer Prize winning Maus, a graphic novel by Art Spiegelman, uses the medium of comic art to deliver an affecting and digestible narrative of the horrors and realities of the Holocaust. I'm not quite sure why such rabid fanaticism is supported. A poster on this forum often used to remark "This is not a democracy!" And while I think he really meant to say "dictatorship", oddly enough, uncorrected, he was quite right. You certainly do have the choice to make the 'right' choice don't you? Now, what I really want to see is Shamy baking cupcakes together, preferably Meemaw's recipe, given to Amy with words of support about what an excellent job she's doing putting up with her awkward grandson and how she's really changing him for the better. Squeeee! (Do I get a pass to the Crystal Castle now?)
  15. I pointed out that Amy's rhetoric was abusive. And it is. I posted that I wanted to see an end to it and a return to a more balanced and happy relationship. That's pretty positive where I come from. I think saluting her behavior as some form of empowerment is pretty negative and distasteful myself. Do you disagree?
  16. So, two wrongs make a right then? Sheldon got a bit of a wake up call didn't he? Turns out that there was at least one decent chap who wanted to bang Amy's 'door'. And what happened then? What happened once he came to this realization? Something happened that he'd been putting off for years; yes, years, remember, the first time Amy propositioned him was when she was sad at being left out of wedding dress shopping. No relationship is perfect. Look into the healthiest, most loving marriage and you'll find jealousy and pettiness, people do take their loved ones for granted. However, just as Sheldon came unstuck and got, quite literally, a rude awakening, Amy needs to keep her entitlement in check. Sheldon was disproven, so perhaps Amy may well find that someone else would "put up with him" and be a "better girlfriend than her". This is Chuck Lorre's baby and he likes a twist, and in sitcomland we all know what pride comes before don't we? And finally, as a Shamy, why am I discussing my ship in here exactly? What rule has been broken that determined that my Shamy related posts should be moved here? Saying I think Sheldon is asexual? Is there something wrong with asexuality that I need to be told about? Is it an insult? Unsupportive of the ship? Or saying that I think Amy should not use manipulative language? And does anyone disagree that telling someone you're the best they'll ever get and no-one else would put up with them is anything but emotionally abusive behavior? It's the Shamy Thread, not the Amy Farrah Fowler Fan Club, so why is one character's happiness or one shipper's opinion given priority over another's?
  17. Quite. He can be vulnerable with Leonard and Penny as he's not trying to win their approval. He's voiced how he believed that someday Amy would marry someone better than him when they were broken up, however, he certainly believes himself to be superior to both Penny and Leonard. As an asexual person (IMO), why should the gender of the person he's close to matter? Surely the hug he and Leonard shared on his bed, initiated by Sheldon no less, was far more intimate than his begrudgingly tolerated birthday hug with Penny? Societal heteronormality wins through once again though, and one is viewed as a sweet buddy moment, and the other a slight to his relationship with Amy, sigh! Now, my wish list? As an Amy nostalgic, a bit of Shamy atavism wouldn't go amiss. As a Sheldon fan, I never, never ever ever, want to hear the 'I'm his best shot' or 'I'm the best girlfriend you're ever going to have' sentiment leave Amy's lips again. This is the language of manipulation and anyone who's survived, witnessed, or finds themselves currently caught in an emotionally abusive relationship will recognize this method of psychological abuse "no-one else will ever want you", "no-one else will put up with you". As I referenced above, he already believes himself 'unworthy', hence his reticence to be vulnerable, this needs to change. We need to see more balance in this relationship.
  18. Becoming a parent actually made me go non-contact with my own absent father. @Chiany, you are about to meet the first person that you will love more than you love yourself; lucky you! You will gladly die for this little person, and it would take no thought or consideration on your part, it's just an inherent reaction....and that's as fricking terrifying as it is wonderful. When I became a parent, when I experienced and understood that powerful love, it was an absolute no brainer that my own irresponsible and self-serving father should never have the chance to bring his warped version of parenting anywhere near my family. That went for my career too, and certain friends, some who I truly loved (some of whom are still trying to contact me through mutual friends) but again, it's a no-brainer, protecting your children comes first, it's not even a choice, it simply is how it is, there's no decision to make. You don't let damaging people near your family.
  19. Oh, so you weren't mocking non-canon shippers then? I don't get it. If not that, what was the "joke" about then? Clearly I've misunderstood. Please can you explain.
  20. Yes, absolutely it is. I take no issue with the idea that a Sheldon/Lesley pairing is ridiculous, nor that a Sheldon/Penny one is too come to that. I take issue with the use of deflective methods being employed, that's all. If something matters enough to you that you feel you must express your opinion, then have the courage of your convictions when doing so without trying to worm out of it in the same post.
  21. Actually Judith, yes, you are mocking non-canon shippers with this comment. You are being derisive by making a 'ridiculous' comparison to highlight how 'ridiculous' you feel other non-canon ships are in turn. Simply declaring your comment "a joke", or inserting the words, 'no offense" or 'with no disrespect' or even trying to pass your derision off as an 'example' of what 'some people may say or think' does not disguise it's true purpose. If you want to make such a statement, then at least have the nous to own your true intention without using the shield of your accompanying namby-pamby squirming deflection, which fools no-one.
  22. Has there ever been a stay at home Dad on a sitcom? I really hope they do this with Howard, and I hope they do it honestly, and don't shy away from the sheer tedium of parenthood. Also, with Howard's engineering skills, I'm looking forward to things like this.....
  23. You looked to the skies too huh? Dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner, dinner....
  24. Ooooo how fabulously topical. Well done you!
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