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  1. As this was kind of a 'throw back' episode, maybe the hug was there just to reference the "Saturnalian Miracle" hug between Sheldon and Penny when she gave him Leonard Nimroy's napkin. Awkward hugs are always amusing. My (deliberately childless) best friend gives my children the most glorious 'Sheldony' hugs when they launch themselves at her. A good friend should really tell her kids not to pounce on their poor ol' 'auntie', but her horrified reaction is just too funny! Imma bad (but thoroughly entertained) friend. Now I want to see a hug between Sheldon and Beverly!!!
  2. Sheldon's not attracted to anyone physically though. Beautiful though Penny may be, he's not attracted to her either. That's why it matters not that Penny hugged him, nor if Leonard did, or his own mother come to that. In fact, given the choice, unless he was upset and in need of comforting, I'd bet he'd sooner not have a hug from Amy given the choice. That's how he is. Did he look like he enjoyed Penny's hug? Hey! I drink green tea! I think I might be offended. LOL!
  3. Sheldon hates surprise parties, perhaps he gets wind of it and scarpers, and only 'Batman' can save the day. It could be an episode rather like the Christmas 'It's A Wonderful Life' episode where he is notable by his abscence. Also, the gang got dressed up for their 'prom' and their 'dinner parties', so why wouldn't they dress like grown-ups for this. Oh, and I know the conversation has moved on, but my husband and I tell our daughters how 'pretty' they are on a regular basis. Pretty, or beautiful. So, yes, 'hot' means something very different to 'pretty'. Also, thinking about how the 'coitus' was handled by the writers, they've actually performed a minor miracle. A lot of shows jump the shark once the thing a large majority of the audience have been waiting for finally happens, particularly with romantic pairings. Yet somehow TBBT has managed to avoid the anticlimax and, if anything, they've upped the ante. I mean, look at the clutching at straws over a flippant remark about sex occurring in the heat of the moment and Amy 'looking knowing'. It was a herculean task set too:- Write a sex scene for the show's leading character who has displayed as asexual since it's onset. This scene must be funny, touching and wholly in character. While you're at it, avoid the pitfalls that accompany the culmination of a storyline that has been building over 5 seasons, and ensure that absolutely no tension is lost, even when the deed is done. In fact, start building the anticipation for the next sex scene before the sheets cool down on this one. Okay, got that? Now go write! .....and they did! And they delivered! ....and then some!
  4. Does it? Or is this wishing think...I mean, speculation?
  5. He said he "enjoyed it more than he thought he would". Which is ambiguous. We can safely assume he wasn't putting off sex with Amy just to be mean. Up to that point, he genuinely didn't want to do it, so it wasn't like he's been looking forward to it and it was " even better than he imagined " which is how I think Shamyland is trying to spin this line. He has made his feeling on sex clear enough for goodness sake, it means it "wasn't as bad as I thought it would be, in fact, I actually enjoyed it". And that's your opinion.
  6. Ah, but for every 'boost' there's a 'come-down'. Self esteem doesn't come from outside praise, it comes from acceptence of who you actually are, and part of that is the recognition of the light and shade within you. You cannot run from your shadows, they're always present. The adrenaline rush you describe here is like a drug, but when it's passed, you find 'yourself' still present. TBBT touched on this with Wil Wheaton in the bar when he had been sacked from Cereal Apepist along with Penny, do you remember the conversation? It puts me in mind of Lord Byron who, when in reduced circumstances was offered a fancy meal, he chose mashed potatoes and vinegar I believe (will have to Google this) as he could no longer stand the respective rush and fall of exhilaration and disappointment that plagued his life.
  7. Watch it first. The sex is depicted as asexual on Sheldon's part. It's as far from run-of-the-mill sex as it's possible for sex to be. Sex hasn't changed Sheldon; he's still 'Sheldon'. I didn't like it when I read the taping report but I had come to terms with my disappointment by the time I viewed it, and I admit it's cleverly done. I know the writers get some stick on here, but you've got to hand if to them, their ideas are certainly unique.
  8. I'd say Penny still does the sports, we know about the yoga. She likes watching sport too. Also, was I dreaming, or did she take dance classes? Her interests are not supposed to be esoteric like the rest of the gang. Suprisingly, for an actress, she doesn't seem to take any interest in theatre, but perhaps that supports the idea that she's chasing the kudos of fame rather than the desire to hone her craft.
  9. How Penny and Amy look is irrelevant in the argument with regards to Sheldon's attraction. Sheldon is not sexually attracted to other people, full stop. Whether that person is a bubbly blonde, a bespectacled brunette, a keen guy in the cafeteria or an obsessed grad student. He is not sexually attracted to anyone. Can he have sex with someone that he has a deep emotional bond with? Yes! And he did. Would the sex have occurred sooner if Amy looked more like Penny? Unlikely. Amy's looks have absolutely nothing to do with the 'love-making' (because that's what it was) that occurred between them. Sheldon loves Amy. Sheldon proves this to her by giving her what he knows she wants.
  10. Meemaw is an adult of advanced years and experience and can make her own mind up about who she does and doesn't like without having to seek her own daughter's permission. Mary should 'keep her in check' huh? No, I don't think so. How hypocritical that you condemn Meemaw for not acknowledging that Sheldon is an adult, but in the same breath declare that she should be kept in check by her daughter as if she is somehow rendered incompetent by her age. Sheldon certainly is an adult. An adult with extremely poor social skills. An adult who, when left to his own devices, envariably finds himself the victim of those who would seek to exploit this weakness. Good job he does have 'enablers' to take care of him because how else would he cope? A low IQ adult with similar social skills would be classed as a 'vulnerable adult'. Does the 100 or so extra IQ points that Sheldon possess change that? Is Meemaw blind to the fact her grandson is vulnerable? No, I don't think she is. Is she wrong to have his back? Again, no. Is she the only one to treat him like a child? I don't think so, let's see, we have Leonard, Penny, even Mary.... Sheldon: I am a grown man. I am a professional scientist. And I currently occupy the moral high ground.Mary: Go to your room.Sheldon: But I occupy the moral high ground.Mary: Go to your room.Sheldon: But I'm a professional scientist.Mary: Go to your room!Sheldon: *Backs away to his room* I'm a grown man.
  11. Oh, we'd moved on from TBBT and were talking in general at the point you quote. We know the boat kiss was forceful enough to chip Mandy's tooth, not much else about it though.
  12. French kissing is defo foreplay I think. It's done to stimulate and emulate, and lead somewhere as a rule.
  13. That's why we need the Winkle back! #QueenOfSnark #BestNemesisEver
  14. Yeah, I think so. French kissing is pretty intimate. I'm citing 'Pretty Woman' as my source (LOL) but I can understand prostitutes not kissing their clients, can't you?
  15. @Chrismo, are you talking about the variations within asexuality or even bisexuality per chance? Or am I reading too much into this?
  16. Gah! This pic used to be my avatar....before I made my ATOB Marmite jar.
  17. You didn't answer the question..... Would you be okay if it was Penny that cheated on Leonard? Once is a mistake, twice is a habit, no? FWIW, I don't think getting with Stephanie was cheating in any way. They were both single. Hey, Leonard is written as a rather stingy bloke with a slight infidelity problem. However, paradoxically, he is also depicted as being both loyal and generous. Fluctuation indeed! Batman themed Shamy Wedding? Me neither, and vice versa too. Y'know though, it takes a great deal of personal strength to forgive. It's curious that forgiveness gets confused with weakness.
  18. I didn't ask about Leonard. I asked how you'd feel? However, perhaps this is impertinent of me, so I'll rephrase. Would you, as a Leonard fan, be okay with Penny snogging someone while drunk on a work seminar? Would you be okay with Penny going round another man's house to have sex with him behind Leonard's back, even if she does change her mind and back out? Leonard did not know Priya had cheated when he 'cheated'. They were still very much in a relationship to his mind, hence the internal wrangling, and then the external wrangling with Penny once he had made up his mind to be unfaithful. He went to Penny to have his decision sanctioned. Out of interest, how do you envisage that conversation in Penny's kitchen ended? Episode is called The Good Guy Fluctuation, there's a clue right there in the name.
  19. Would you be okay with your significant other locking lips with someone when away on a trip when drunk? Would you be okay with your significant other going round someone's house to have sex, but suddenly getting a pang of conscience while making out with them? Or would you be pretty pissed that they went round there with that intention in the first place? Especially since they've given it a great deal of thought beforehand, and even run it past a 'friend' to gauge their opinion first. Jamais deux san trois.
  20. Trainspotting? Nah, if it's a party then it's BBT meets Human Traffic. And a big up from the jungalist massive to you madam!
  21. Do you think she was looking for a husband when she did that? The only reciprocal element here was the 'forbidden fruit' aspect. Do you think Priya loved Leonard?
  22. I don't think Leonard actually ever did love Priya (and it certainly wasn't reciprocal on her part either, that much is clear). I think he very much loved the idea of Priya though. Not only was she was the ultimate forbidden fruit, but Leonard has form for "boxing above his weight". Priya was wicked smart, extraordinarily talented, hugely successful, from an obscenely wealthy family and beautiful to boot, certainly a catch! This one Beverley would've approved of without a doubt. Of course Leonard wanted to be in love with her and get married. He's not daft.
  23. Leonard: Here’s the thing, I, I’m not one of those guys who sneaks around and sleeps with more than one woman. Penny: Well, good for you. Leonard: The problem is, I want to be one of those guys. Penny: So sleep with the new girl and lie to Priya. Leonard: Oh, that’s not who I am. Penny: All right, then break it off with the new girl. Leonard: Now, let’s not do anything rash. She’s really hot. Penny: If you like this girl so much, why don’t you just end things with Priya? Leonard: Priya and I are in love. I think we could get married someday. Penny: Leonard, you’re looking for a way to sleep with both women and have everybody be happy about it. Leonard: Now we’re getting somewhere.
  24. Leslie F***ckin' Winkle!!! Yes! YES! YESSSSSSS! Leonard gets tenure?
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