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  1. Erm, the show....groundhog day much? Who says she has to be slim, that is apart from your gentleman parts? S'alright I 'spose, (shrugs).
  2. Yes to Joe Manginello as Leonard's brother; Leonard's shirtless brother. Alternatively, he could play Sheldon's brother, shirtless obviously. Alternatively, he could play a lampstand. Lampstand's don't wear shirts do they? Erm, the show did. Who said she had to be slim?
  3. Whaaaat? Jennifer Coolidge is an alumni of the American Academy of Dramatic Art, and a stand-up comedian (rather like Melissa). Not liking her performance in a particular role does not mean she's not a good actress. Duane Johnson!!!? Have you taken a marijuana? Hey, like yours, most of the other suggestions for Penny's Mom have been slim ladies.....am I getting a sizeism vibe here?
  4. Do you not? Ignore the hair. Look at face shape, eye shape, cheeks and cheek bones, and their mouths. Plus both are very sexy ladies. Lisa has a different kind of sensuality. Also a very distinctive nose and a wide thin lipped mouth with a long oval face. I mentioned a while back about Marilyn Monroe being ruled out for the role of Holly Golightly in Breakfast at Tiffany's. Now Audrey Hepburn has her very own exquisite beauty but it is very, very far removed from the raw sexuality of Marilyn. Same thing here. I can't believe 'Lisa' is Penny's Mum, and I can't believe 'Jennifer' isn't.
  5. True. But I don't think Wyatt has a round face either. That being said, my two middle children are the dead spit of my husband's sister, both long limbed, ethereal and rather androgynous (they would make splendid elves).
  6. I think Penny knows her strengths and is under no allusions. Now, had they cast Penny as Stella in Streetcar, it would've been a whole different story. Stella is such a sexually charged role and the only smoke and mirrors within the character are at the climax with her own self-delusion as Blanche is carted off. Now Stella knows or strongly suspects that Stanley raped Blanche, but her own self-preservation kicks in, so she stands by her man, and does what she thinks is best for herself and her unborn child. I think Penny could nail this no worries. If the right part comes along, Penny should embrace it. I always did want Penny to have an epiphany about the hollowness of being a star and realise that famous or not, you're still you, wherever you go, you're still there, only difference is that you have a media magnifying glass held up to your imperfections.
  7. Wrong face shape. Look at the eyes and face shape of Jennifer Coolidge.
  8. And I really don't get the Lisa Kudrow thing. Fabulous as Lisa Kudrow is, she really don't look much like Penny. Now, Jennifer Coolidge, take Penny, add 25 years and about 70lbs.....et voila!
  9. I'm not sure that Penny does want to be an actress. I get the impression that what she actually truly wants is to be a star. I didn't see that need in her performances, but her need for the personal recognition and status she thinks fame would afford is glaringly obvious. For example, when she was in Streetcar, I saw Penny playing Blanche DuBois (and this is not a smirch on Kaley's skill because I absolutely didn't see Kaley playing Penny playing Blanche, I'm pretty sure I saw the performance that Kaley was directed to give us). I saw 'Penny' delivering lines with the correct intonation and emotion , but Blanche wasn't there. Blanche is a woman in hiding, and the most important aspect is that she's also hiding from herself and, in the shocking denouement of her violent rape and the revelation that she was a sexual abuser of the young boys under her tutelage, her delusion finally takes her, becomes a form of self-preservation and comfort as she's taken away to the psychiatric ward. Did anyone catch even an inkling of this from the performance we were shown? I just don't see that total absorption in Penny. She's always there. Always aware and present. To echo Beverley, her locus is external and she is deeply insecure. She has her looks, she knows that, but looks fade and she's now waking up to that reality. Leonard doesn't think he deserves to get the 'hot girl' and the 'hot girl' wonders what will happen when her looks are gone and all that's left is what's inside, which in her mind don't add up to very much at all.
  10. No, no modern (3rd wave) would tell you that. Thinking on modern feminists, can you imagine Beyonce telling you she hated men? I don't disagree that the word is stimagtised, but if the misinformation is never challenged, then it will always remain so. How is replacing the patriarchy with a matriarchy an improvement? It makes no sense whatsoever to the idea of sexual equality. So, in a nutshell, I am a feminist, I don't think I'm better than a man, but I do believe I'm as good as one. That's the true meaning.
  11. Are you confusing feminism with misandry? Or with those 1970's 2nd wave biological determinists that turned Feminism into the new F word? Feminism mean equalism, that is all.
  12. How is affirming the incorrect notions about Feminism being diplomatic? You've lost me. Can you explain?
  13. What has keeping money you earn separate from money your partner earns got to do with feminism? Myself and my husband are both feminist and from the absolute go-get it was 'our' money, regardless of who earned it. Feminism means that you view men and women as equals. Lose this idea that it means women think they are better than men. Why on earth would I want to be equal to someone whom I think I am superior to? How does that make any sense whatsoever? As for Penny, presumably she still is on her agent's books. If a movie or TV role comes up that's she's perfect for then her job is likely to be flexible enough that she can audition. And if she gets cast, she should take it, and I'm pretty sure, being such a good sales rep, the pharmaceutical company will be more than happy to have her back, if that's what she chooses.
  14. Love the other two but Penny's Mom is overweight, Sheldon teased her about it. Jennifer Coolidge would be perfect (Stifler's Mom, American Pie) as she's the right age and sexy as hell.
  15. Don't ya just know it! Jim really does need to put in a claim for overtime.
  16. Oh, did that happen in Fraiser? It's been so long since I saw Fraiser that I can't remember. I do remember losing interest once Niles and Daphne got together, even wrinkling my nose a little when they described frolicking naked on a beach together, I went from rabid Shipper to Ew-TMI-er overnight! I'm not even sure that I watched the last episode actually. Hey, wouldn't Christine Baranski (Leonard's Mom) have made a fabulous 'Maris'? Although, like Mrs Wolowicz, I'm glad they kept her hidden. Oh, and while we're touching on Donald Trump (shudder), my friend sent me this.... Peter Serafonowitz is amazingly talented and underated, keep your eyes and ears out for him.
  17. So, after all that Missy birthing business in Texas, I take it Sheldon will be delivering Bernie's baby?
  18. Oh no! I've been blocked because I am stupid! Hey, if I had feelings, they might be hurt! Oh, just in case there's any confusion, this is what "attack" means; http://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/attack What do the Japanese do with a "power bottom" then? That must throw a spanner in the works. Not going to link, Google "power bottom" if you must, descriptions can get a bit 'spicy'. Of course. Penny has no desire to go back to dating the likes of Kurt, it's all part of her evolution.
  19. Stupid huh? Yeah that's me, Mrs Ficky McFick from Fickville. Oh the divine irony! So, clever-clogs, do you think it's okay to associate the act of penetration with the word "attack" then?
  20. Attack? What the hell are you reading? Top = Giver. Bottom = Receiver. Attack really doesn't have good connotations in English. So, is Japanese your first language?
  21. Do you think yaoi made them up? "Top" and "Bottom" are not Japanese terms. They come from the homosexual community. They mean the same thing. Sorry, feckin quote option! I wanted to add that the whole Mandy Cho boat kiss was Leonard sabotaging because he didn't feel worthy of Penny.
  22. Yes. But that was the premise. Be a bit sad if after 9 seasons Leonard was still pining for something he could never have. How do you stretch that arc for hundreds of episodes without one character coming off as pathetic and wretched and another as a cold bitch?
  23. You'll find "bottom" is not viewed equally as "top" by the straight or the gay community. Never has been, even going back to Roman times when same-sex relationships were workaday. It's changing with the "power bottom", but slowly. Also, it's a misconception to view 'bottom' as wholly homosexual or bisexual, again statistically, the percentage of heterosexual couples who partake in this particular pleasure is greater merely due to the greater numbers of heterosexual relationships to homosexual. Disturbingly, anal fissures are one of the most common reasons for college aged girls to attend A&E departments, and this is largely due to the prevalence of the act in contemporary porn. It has become something that every girl has to have in her sexual arsenal or else be accused of being fridgid, a prude, or a lesbian by her partner who views it as the cultural norm.
  24. The whole premise is nerd gets the unobtainable hot girl and, from Season 4, girl's enduring love and patience wins heart of cold unobtainable man.
  25. Also, so many here empathise or even cast themselves as Amy or Leonard. Always the humble one who gets the guy/girl. I can't think of anyone who emphasises with the actual guy or girl that is the prize to be had. Does this reflect the nature of those who post on forums generally?
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