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  1. Watching these gifs I'm all like Anyway, can't wait for the australian promo ...
  2. Believe me, Molaro knows exactly what to do to get the shamy back together. But no no no ! They need to waste time in order to save the happy shamy and coitus (because they think that's the goal, unfortunately) for the end in S10. Because you know, They have no idea how to handle them in a happy way more than a season or they don't want to, or they try to torture us. I don't know really. Sorry but I have to express that this break up really pisses me off. For now, I see nothing good coming from it. No potential useful scenario, no more info on amy's perspective, no real talk between them in or
  3. Maybe not here, but S8 was definitely the "fanfiction-like" season. We had the Prom, the ILY, the quirky arrogant couple and even the break-up seemed to be extracted directly from fanfiction (except that in fanfiction, It almost always ends up M rated...). And except the completly WTF finale, I enjoyed the previous season wholeheartedly. One of the best with S5.
  4. Whatever the ending is (sex or not), my main interest stills the journey. Watching these two evolve and navigate through love in their own unique and freaky way, that's the reason why I'm watching this show. I'll never repeat it enough. Are you earing me writers ??
  5. OH Oh OH, I think, yes yes yes that's a good way to get out from this dangerous situation ! Potential Saving Scenario : After a few failed attempts to get her back, Sheldon enters in a depression-like state and tells Amy that he does not understand what's happening but he'll stop annoying her if It's what makes her happy. Then like you two said, the mother introduces her a man with the romance qualities she wanted from Sheldon, turns out she hates it. Then return and see Sheldon doing his nerdy stuff with his sad little puppy face. She just melts inside and go run and hug him (Omc). Then they
  6. MMmm... I think I'm in the middle between the two main opinions on this thread. Positive side :The break up is a chance to solve the last few things that bothers me in this relationship including : - Amy always being the pusher. - Sheldon being rude with Amy and taking her for granted. - A chance to see Sheldon doing everything possible to get her back and showing us all, definitely, that he can't live without her and loves her deeply because there is no other one. Well, just a chance to see how much they are made for each other. - A chance to see Amy alone, as a whole character, without She
  7. Sheldon is almost ready, that's for sure. The whole season 7 was there for that and the final touch, the train trip, has at least begun to solve a big part of his social/commitment issues. Now It's Amy's turn, maybe her time off will be kind of her "train trip". like we said, she needs to figure out what's the difference between her desire and the reality of the situation with Sheldon and, most of all, to which degree she's ready to accept that and compromise to make her AND her partner happy. As for the premiere, I'd like to see Sheldon thinking about what was wrong, not really findind, and
  8. In the preview, Sheldon is the one reaching out for her hand.... wow, just wow. I have nothing to say beacuse there is too much to say. But here is a meme that explains my feelings for this season :
  9. Nothing to add, really... thanks reporters !!
  10. ♪ Yo, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want, So tell me what you want, what you really really want, I'll tell you what I want, what I really really want, So tell me what you want, what you really really want, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really really really a Shamy kiss ha. ♫
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