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  1. Apart from the fact that I share the same disdain for humanity than Sheldon and that I am interested and swear only by science like the guys, I cannot really relate myself with any of these characters.
  2. Redrose


    You see things too superficially. Sure we have not been surrounded from birth by aliens but as soon as the man discover new stars and planet, and assuming that he lives in a planet, The idea that life is possible in these other planets too will naturally cross his mind. Aliens are therefore not really a "new" idea but just the transposition, the mimicry of what is already known. Of course there are a lot of impostors and crazy people but I try too still open minded. Who knows ? There are so much things we ignore about the brain and physics. Can you believe that there are 11 dimensions and we only are familiar with 4 of them !? That opens to a lot of possibility ! Maybe these poeple are able to connect their brain with one of these other dimension wich happens to be in the future... just a (crazy?) idea among thousands !
  3. Redrose


    Literally It's : " If they have no bread then let them eat cake " It's a famous quotation assigned to Marie-Antoinette , the last queen of France, beheaded by the revolutionary in 1793. In fact, she never said it. It is a famous revolutionary writer (Jean-Jacques Rousseau, to be precise) who assigned it to her to justify her murder and awaken the people's anger ( who were starving) . That was the historical part . I love this sentence because it is arrogant and sarcastic while remaining distinguished. Moreover, I looooove Marie-Antoinette and all her history.
  4. Thanks for the lovely pictures Stardust ! She looks great.
  5. A lot of people have to understand that physical progress can happen without the specificity of their realtionship disappear . I believe they can do it in the "S4 Shamy way". Just take a look at some good fanfiction like " The paradigm shift observation " ( by Koops ) as a great example. That's really hopeful ! Probably like Mayim Bialik, a modest bathing suit ! ( look --> http://www.kveller.com/mayim-bialik/modest-bathing-suits-for-the-win/ )
  6. I'm a generous person, I give you mine instead
  7. Lol koops ! I chose Bernadette because I think I can more easily master her language and manners without arousing suspicions. I would like to interact with all the cast (particulary Shedon and Amy) but less with Bernie and Leonard. That's why I chose her . But I Will Have to Avoid Howard all day ... and night!!!
  8. And that was the philosophical moment of the day, thanks Sursonica Well tought Well, I can appreciate modern art, like the complex structure posted ahead but not that : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bzvgvFgVz9A if you know what I mean...
  9. If you have the chance to enter in the body of one of these character for 24h and be able to interact with all the characters of TBBT, Who would you like to choose and why ?
  10. the classic one : vanilla ! Are you more impulsive or reflexive ?
  11. yeah, and i like his self-estimeem ahah always make me laugh
  12. Yes Special Penny : HYE spat in someone's meal ?
  13. I vote for the positive point of view ! Welcome !
  14. Hope, please hope. Sure we need more "Herb Garden ep" dynamic. I don't think that this part of the Shamy died throughout the seasons, they just have to remember it to us on screen ( in S7 maybe ? )
  15. Yuck !!! Sorry but this Photo is just HORRIBLE. Way too photoshoped and not novel at all. Sorry but I'm convinced that the insects' family is better suited to Sheldon ^^ lol
  16. I hate modern art... people call it art because a beweldered person has decided to do something that nobody had ever dared to do before because it's stupid. Then they call it "art". The most famous example : Picasso. Come on, my 3 years old cousin can do that too !! I'm lmfao when I see people come to withdraw any complex meaning while most of the time, the author just thought about his dinner during the realisation of his "masterpiece". But don't misunderstand, I like "art" when there is a real effort and performance beyond . I'm also fan of all greek, egyptian, baroque art. Like that
  17. Redrose


    Interesting. I have never met somebody who has that kind of "power", see the future, predict what will happen... But I believe there is always a logical explenation beyond that kind of phenomenon. We just had not discovered it yet . People always categorize these things like "paranormal", I categorize them as "something to study in order to discover the hidden logic".
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