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  1. Because they are not asexuals : " The Alien parasite Hypothesis" Season 4 episode 10
  2. I agree with marina except for the fact that they'd been broken. I wouldn't go that far. I just think that during season 6 and 7, the writers decided to focus on a problem : Amy's need of intimacy ( that she sadly thought was only accessible through sex) and Sheldon dealing with his fear of change, rather that showing us the whole relationship. They just pointed out the frustration. They were together because, thankfully, their relationship isn't resumed to that. Yes they had a problem but they were not broken. I'm convinced they still had pleasure being together, playing without talking like a duo of genius toddler is.
  3. Link and Zelda Mario and Peach Both princess for Amy, could be a good compromise
  4. When I see how much effort the writers put to give us the first SIK, I'm convinced they will think even harder for the "ILY" (or some shamy-like equivalent form). They know that the Shamy's love affair is a big deal. I also think that if they decide give an entire plot for that, It will be for the casual viewers rather than the hardcore Shamy fans. We spend hours analysing every single second of their apparence on-screen and most of us conclude that, yes, Sheldon Cooper loves Amy Farrah Fowler. But my friend who's watching TBBT once a week does not have a clue. I can speak only for myself but, everytime Sheldon puts Amy before his needs, my brain translates an "ILY". So I prefer plenty of this kind of demonstration throughout the seasons than him saying it to her in one single episode, regardless how romantic it is. * oh yes, almost forgot : Thanks MichyGeary for your awesome report, you rock girl !
  5. I must say, after watching this episode, I'm sure Sheldon was right : She is really happy in this relationship. Looks and smiles don't lie....at least not these ones : source : http://grangerjean.tumblr.com/ I found the Amy and the Shamy I fall in love with. It was a delight. Point to the writers who decided to show us how they are similar and why they are together. ( because I'm sick of all the comments on facebook asking Amy to break up with the jerk that Sheldon is and find someone else who can give her some sex. yuck! )
  6. yeah, but don't speak too soon. We never know if the balance will change again. We had many theories on this thread where Amy realises what intimacy really is and kind of slow down (while Sheldon just want to kiss more and more lol) That would be real Irony, double irony.
  7. Tss, I think we have a better understanding of the Shamy chemistry than CBS. But yay, they're on the spot !
  8. Ok, now I get it LOL eta : oh yeah, another thing I forgot to say : I love it when Sheldon always needs to ask for Amy's opinion (about investing in the CB store here), whatever he's thinking. Her insights are truely meaningful for him.
  9. yes yes I know, but It's very "couple" centered lately...
  10. Interesting episode, I agree with most people here. Beside Shamy, I'm glad that Amy gained her sass back this season, and It's particularly funny during girl's night. I also find interesting that Sheldon is curious about social sciences lately. In the previous episode, he was talking about Berscheid, Snyder and Omoto's relationship closeness inventory and now he reads Social Science magazine with a study about romatic relationships. BOTH subects are about COUPLES. So, is he trying to understand better his feelings and his relationship with Amy since his return ? hum hum...
  11. yes, I can see that he's "making up" because he wants to and not because he's contractualy obligated to. Because we know that if Sheldon really doesn't want to do something, he'll turn the RA in his favour ( just like when he refused to visit Amy's family in S5) and say no. Then it's obvious he will say that he's doing it because of the RA. Can you imagine him telling the truth to Leonard and says he missed his girlfriend and want to spend extended time with her ? of course not. That's just Sheldon being Sheldon. And if you take the fact that he's trying to restore the missing date nights with Amy, It's logic to think that he's also making up for the non-date night time spend together.... hoo ! @kazzie : If that can make you feel better, just take into account that the writers almost ALWAYS give us a shitty mood breaker line because normal viewers (the majority who don't really care and just want to laugh) find it's funny. But overall, and thank God for that, there is progress ! and good progress for the Shamy. eta : Sometimes I rewatch an episode and skip a bothering line and then, guess what ? the episode is perfect !
  12. That seems to be an episode where both Lenny and Shamy shippers are happy and the whole episode sounds very funny as well. Jackpot !
  13. Brutally honest Amy and typical Shamy everyday-life discussion. It starts well. AAAAAAAH told you that Amy likes the RA !! See, She needs it and loves it! "better than hot" OMC I can't tell you how much I love that line ! and LOL, another Penny's famous "that's hot" when there is a Shamy date night. It's also nice to see that Amy is also a quirky girl and that she has a lot in common with Sheldon. I'm pleased that the writers chose to remind that to the viewers. cheers. And that's how fanfic plot comes true. There is something hugely joyful to hear Sheldon say that. I don't know for you, but for me, It's the kind of typical Sheldon behaviour that makes him romantic. I love the fact that they're showing us that the Shamy relationship works in a special way and that Sheldon and Amy are happy with it. OFFICIAL FOOD SHARING GUYS !! I love the fact Sheldon is doing this like it's the most natural thing in the world .Plus he's the one initiating it. Look at Season 1 and see the change. Wow That's the cutest part. He knows her well and take care of her...People think that he's selfish and doesn't want to share his food and then BAM , he was just quietly saving her life, to quote MichyGeary. and big LOL the last phrase. Brownies is the official Shamy dessert. Now Avocado is the official Shamy fruit. agree ? eta: Typical Shamy. Love it. koops and Carmeli already explained what it means. #feels Here is the controversial line. I join Cecilia here : Shelon is pointing out that they are fine and that they don't need "romance" to strenghten their relationship. They have their own kind of romance. Amy is Amy here. Always wanting to do like other people just to experience it. But is it what she really wants or is it just another phase like her high school popular girl fantasy ? This episode is almost perfect, I can smell the air of S4-5 which were IMO the glory days of Shamy. Only complaint : think about how many date night kisses we've missed...
  14. Me, after reading the report : I think I need a moment to compute HOW HUGE IT IS AND HOW HAPPY I AM
  15. There it is ! I can relax a little bit now ... pfiou Thanks girls, Our ship is powerful ! Hell yeah ! and keep voting
  16. We were in the lead 2 minutes ago ! Don't forget to vote http://www.cbs.com/shows/fall-premieres/vote/sizzling-chemistry/7C5971F9-B958-2D91-FC94-660439FC92BE/
  17. I'm so jealous ... Seems like our members are buddies with Bill Prady ! Have fun girls !!!
  18. I don't always write a comment in FF.net but I read almost all the fics here and I really appreciate your efforts writers ! I'll take advantage of this post and say a big THANK YOU ! Never forget that there are a lot of people reading your fictions and loving it even If they don't comment. Sometimes I feel that I have nothing interesting to say and sometimes I'm just lazy. Sorry for that. LOL
  19. In my overly-romantic view, Sheldon and Amy are two individuals but once I see them together, they are one complete entity. So if one is smarter than the other, I have no problem with that because I count then as one. If Amy is smarter than Sheldon, that does not put him down. On the contrary It shows that Sheldon, one of the smartest man of his generation, can only be with someone as smart or even smarter than him. That's not a shame. He can only be proud that his superior intellectual girlfriend is in love with him. But if they mention than any other member of the group is smarter than him, then it will bother me. At this stage, Sheldon needs to rebuilt his confidence and I want the writers to show us that he's really a genuis and not just a pretentious child who keeps failing ( job, train trip...)
  20. At this point I will be very excited to see Shamy reunited together in a competition as the couple of weirdo but I must say that the 1vs1 between these too is very appealing too. "Ow the delicious tension" to quote wowbagger Amy beating Sheldon ass' and him being almost proud of it would be amazing. Another "That's my girl !" maybe ? *dream*
  21. and Amy's face just after saying that : Visitor reading this thread :
  22. I guess wowbagger and koops are right. The thing is, of course she has to "freak out" but I don't want that happening AFTER the act ( that's my control freak side I suppose...) Exemple : Sheldon invites Amy to move in --> Amy thinks about it and freaks out, realising that now that she gives it a serious and realistic thought, she's not ready. Rather than Sheldon invites Amy to move in --> Amy moves in and THEN realises that she's not ready. Acts before thinking. But then you'll tell me that if your thought is wrong then you have to make a mistake to realise it ... yeah I know. I just don't like it. It's like the break-up scenario I hate so much : losing someone in order to know that this person is precious.Acts before thinking, again... The perfect deal is (and I'm speaking only for myself) to find a way for Amy to realise that she's wrong/not ready without "making a mistake". I agree though that the second exemple is much more spectacular and fun on camera. edit : Amen
  23. @ koops : I wasn't specifically meaning them to say ILY verbaly. Acts are very important, more trustful than words actually. I personally need more acts from Sheldon to prove me that : 1. he really does love her ( I think he is but I need onscreen highlight evidences) 2. He's 100% aware that he loves her. 3. He's ready to embrace that feeling. and for Amy : I think point 1. is complete but not sure about 2 and 3 though. Conclusion : IMO, they're not ready and if they are, I need to see that onscreen. @ wowbanger : By making out, I meant anything more than simple gentle kiss. And yes, their adolescent like relationship is exactly what worry me. They tend to do something and then think about it. Just like Sheldon did in the train : Kiss first (and because of anger) then thinks that It's actually better than he thought. The typical scenorio I would be "meh" is one where they start some kind of "making-out" and then one of them freaks out. I don't like it exactly because it puts acts before the thinking. But I guess It's just me and my weird mind, I need everything to be under control.
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