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  1. Thank you ! I have to admit that i always check my message on Google translation before posting haha ( even if it's NOT a reliable source ) It's kind of frustrating to not be able to express yourself the way you want. Maybe this experiment will improve my English, we'll see
  2. Even if I really enjoyed the words battle in the parking lot ep ( omg, that was hilarious ), The same scenario repeating again will be redundant and kind of boring. If Amy and Bernadette are together without Penny for the first time, the writers should explore a new dynamic between these two. But that also probably won't happen. The other scenarios that you described seem much more realistic and still fun so, can't wait for what S7 is bringing on
  3. Oww so close to me TBBT is not that popular in France I suppose but there is a minimum of fans that could recognize him.
  4. For all those who have read what has been posted in "S7 spoiler thread" It's weird that the Amy/Bernadette scene is nothing like they presented in. It sounded like Amy/Bernie were going to get in a fight but finally they are enjoying being hit on. I also hope the fight isn't over a guy. It would be an horror show if they want make Amy look desperate and that she would go off with anyone. But that probably won't happen. A possible scenario for a comedic fight between A/B would be that fact that Bernie clearly explained that if Penny is not here, the guys obviously want to pick up Bernie. Then Amy will be offended and there is the fight .What would be funny is that these guys actually wanted to flirt with Amy and not Bernie (because apparently they attend into a conference of neuroscience and then recognize the famous AFF who is a big name in their field ). What do you think ?
  5. Agreed again. IMO, going into that way can only be positive for the Lenny. The relationship may also be rebalanced without Penny necessarely feeling too bad for her previous behaviour towards him or feeling insecure ( She should, but no ) Instead, she will realize that he is an adult and no longer a little puppy begging for affection and commitment. Maybe in that way, she could solve her own commitment issue, feeling at ease and not pushed ( big similarities with Sheldon's behaviour by the way ) I must visit the Lenny Thread sometimes
  6. haha don't worry I understood it but anyway, in both cases, It is horrible ^^ .
  7. agreed . But I can't deny that it opens to a lot of future script. The most likely would be the fact that Penny is concerned about Leonard "individualisation", being so "well" without her while she is missing him. Not directly of course, but it could be a guide line for the rest of the season, a way to rebalance the relationship.
  8. I totally agree. This season's 4 dynamic made ​​me become a Shamy fan. The fact that they are making experiences together, understand eachother better than anyone else, all those little quirks that made them appear like fools in the other's eyes but make their relationship unique and adorable . The end of season 6 has a bitter taste. Amy keeps two or three morbid humor lines (which I love) but loses what makes her relationship with Sheldon unique . I feel that, near Sheldon, She becomes "normal" but near others, there still traces of the old Amy. This dual nature is quite disturbing and I think it's a big mistake made by the writers. Amy is caricaturised as a "normal" woman, who wants a "normal" relationship -_-" So DISAPPOINTING! There are plenty of ways to get both physical and affectional progress between Sheldon and Amy, all in the "Shamy way" ( major source of jokes by the way ) The Thing is I want more : Amy in a Science way of thinking, even in her relationship ; Stop all this madness of pushing/resisting thing ; I want Sheldon making the Move in their relationship, missing her, enjoying his time with her ... Well, It's like we all repeating same things
  9. Hello everybody ! First of all, I would like to inform you that i'm following this thread since approximately one year. It's like i'm familiar with you even if i never posted a message sounds weird, huh ? Little presentation : I've started watching TBBT at the beggining of the season 6 but as I'm living in Belgium and speak french, I came across an episode of season 4 (because it was the only translated and diffused at the time) After a few episode, I found myself really loving it. So I just marathoned all the seasons and episodes including those who were not translated. I really appreciate the specificity of the show, all these scientific jokes, attaching caracters and all . That really talked to me. I've never found any interesting french forums. So I just end up here and despite my very poor english, i suprised myself always wanting to check for new messages and very interesting caracter developpment explanation. You gonna laugh but i was just like that in front of my pc : " yeah, Rachel is right, we really need that for the Shamy and blablabla ... " speaking to myself like an idiot. ^^ So yeah, i'm a hard Shamy fan (in the way that koops describes, i mean in the way that she loves the Shamy) , my favorite character being AFF (could develop this another time )... I've plenty of things to discuss but language is, sadly, quite a big barrier for me. But I will try to post some message here and there in the most correctly way possible. Thanks for your understanding.
  10. Thanks everybody for your kindness
  11. Hello everybody ! So first of all, i would like to apologize for my very bad english as it's not my mother tongue :/ ( I speak french and our english teacher was very incompetent ^^ ) I'm following this forum since now one year ( especially the shamy thread but read approximately everything ) but because i'm not able to express myself in english correctly, i never really thought to create an account. So why am I here finally ? Just to be able to follow some chat events or make one post in a while to give my opinion (in the best way I hope) So i will be glad to have my 4 posts approuved and enter step by step in your captivant conversation about my favorite show ! Thanks.
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