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  1. Geniocrat


    Earth humanity is being isolated and avoided on purpose. Earth humanity needs a lot more spiritual development before we get accepted into the Lyran Federation.
  2. I got it. Penny and Wil Wheaton get roles in a Star Trek movie. Wil revises his role as Wesley Crusher and gets his own command. Sheldon is the First Officer. Penny - Communications Raj and Stewart, operations officers at the controls. Leonard - Tactical, hey he works with lasers right ? Howard - Engineering Bernedette and Amy - Sick Bay, have Andy Dick do a EMH Mark 2 cameo appearence. They take on the borg in their own ship.
  3. They don't have a Kool Aid man sooooo....
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r6Cfygsorkc
  5. Wouldn't nerds be opposed to monopolies just based on principle ?
  6. Look out real world news.... Time for a 3-5 day banning........ Get back on topic or else.....
  7. Geniocrat


    Cuz the Lyran civilizations don't want our Tattooine type living in their Federation space. They will monitor and protect us from hostile alien races and only interfere if our nukes get out of control. They aren't going to let Earth become a nuclear wasteland like Mercury and Mars are. Other than that they are going to keep us Earth-bound until we Federation-ize ourselves.
  8. Geniocrat

    Season 8

    How about an episode where they open a door to an alternate Big Bang Theory Universe ? Where Sheldon and Amy are the nymphomaniacs and Leonard and Penny are skittish !!!! Raj has a girlfriend and Howard is alone. Or where Sheldon acts as a NASCAR physics consultant while in this one he doesn't drive.
  9. Geniocrat


    Okay the realities of space will be known soon enough and to think the people here weren't smart enough to at least investigate it.
  10. Geniocrat


    They don't want to rule us they want us to join. However as a Federation Planet not a Tatooine planet.
  11. Geniocrat


    Well Earth humanity will awaken to the Lyran Federation that is around our corner of the galaxy someday. Until we are mature enough to join thet will continue to monitor us Star-trek style and we will continue to have these debates.
  12. Geniocrat


    I get Occam's Razor I don't get the whole Bogarting thing ? When that dud did the whole space-dive thing believe me there were discoid craft from other worlds watching Earth humanity.
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