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  1. May I just say that I'm slightly worried about what could come out after the show is over.For example,I don't want to read that Galecki and Parsons can't stand each other or something like that . I'm not saying they should all be best friends but it just ruins it for me.This has happened with before.
  2. First of all,I will be crying at the finale no matter how much I expected this.When season 10 started I really wanted the show to end right there,nice and gracefully.But after season 11 I said to my self "two more seasons please,just two".Turns out we are not getting them and somehow I'm feel more upset than I should have been.I don't understand Jim Parsons wanting ouy right now,he just always seemed so invested in tbbt and he also has ys so he could definitely stay for an extra year (which I truly feel that the current plot requires).It would make much more sense if this was a mutual decision between the main three since Johnny wasn't too keen last year and Kaley might want a family now.Btw...there will be even more tears if they fix the elevator,then I'll know it's over😭
  3. He looks so cute here I want to cry...Sorry but I just wanted to comment on it since I saw the pic on instagram 😍
  4. Plot wise,Penny being a slut is old,but Sheldon is her friend and teasing between friends is never appropriate and polite Had she been really hurt by his remarks,wouldn't she talk to him?If he didn't stop even after a serious talk then he would be unforgivable imo
  5. I don't get this tbh ? I think he partly is or at list he used to be but these days,I don't believe it for one moment.
  6. As far as I'm concerned that was funny.They shouldn't have excluded Sheldon in the first place and I am also biased since I hate Leonard.Anyway,this is coming from someone who loves the peep show - a show with horrible main characters?
  7. Theories can be proved...confirmed if you like it better (so it doesn't sound math).I fail to see where we disagree exactly since I meant experimental research,theoretical research has reached crazy levels these days.Fravity is still behind experimentally related to the other fields and this is exciting.About QED and nuclear physics,the issue is that what we predict about the first matches almost exactly with the experiment whereas in nuclear physics the measurements have an error of 300% and we are still happy about it... Oops,didn't realise that I take stuff literally a lot
  8. I was pretty sure they are gravitational...english is not my mother tongue though but we were taught english terminology at uni.
  9. Gravity had been one of the least researched field for ages.The main work we have on it os Einstein's general relativity which has remained unproven for years.We only recently found gravitational waves (one wave)!The way my professor stated it...if from 0 to 10 our knowledge on quantum electrodynamics is 10 and on nuclear physicsis a 3 then gravity is a 0
  10. Honestly the standard model is still thriving and SUSY is just an extension of it which if true perfect!If not,life goes on,SM is still correct ...Also,gravity is becoming huge lately and we literally know nothing about it which is even more exciting than high energies.
  11. String theory,although it can not be classically proven through experiment,can be slowly validated with the cosmological data we are gathering (eg the Hubble constant). I've had the chance to discuss this with a very persistent string cosmologist, Pr. Robert Brandenberger...Also the LHC closes down all the time for maintainance not only because of higher energies we are trying to achieve but also because once something like a rat had eaten the cables as someone hadn't shield everything properly (no joke -.-) so I wouldn't worry about time.
  12. Is it weird that I freaked out over Sheldon carrying Amy's suitcase downstairs.I mean in a good way,he actually offered to do do it,I was like "wow"
  13. I am assuming a plot where Ramona persues Shedon,he doesn't do anything but her existence and actions somehow become known to Amy (Penny of course) which magically causes drama.Sheldon is an asshole but not a cheater (otherwise he would have done something so far,I don't think he's waiting for Ramona :p).I don't see anything happening,not even a kiss.
  14. Was there really a shirtless Sheldon in tonight's episode taping or did I just read that somewhere randomly?If so and it doesn't make the final cut,I'm going to be more disappointed than I should :}
  15. Personally I've always identified my self as mixture of Sheldon,Howard+more sarcasm,black humour and a bit of creepiness I suppose (which contradicts Sheldon in a way but trust me I have my Sheldon moments very often) since I started watching during my teenage years (I was 12!).Naturaly,the two characters were my favourite and especially Sheldon!The thing is,I never expected him to be a better person,never believed that all the times he insulted people he was unaware of it.Surely,he had/has social issues,obviously he's written that way but he has always been is the character prone to pick fights and have "enemies". Isn't this showing a bit of hatred (ok,hatred is a strong word) for other people?For me this is a sign of an a-hole (don't know the swearing rules here lol),he's always been one and will be.You can understand why people don't like a-holes but aren't we all at times?I know I am,more often than I'd like,it's almost natural!Therefore I cannot hate him.Not to mention will be both physicists who prefer theory over experiment and Star Trek over Star Wars...
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