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  1. The first 4 seasons were my preference. I preferred the friendship dynamics. And the science combined With relationships dialogue more. Then the coupling dynamics you saw more post season 6.
  2. I was curious anyone watching Young Sheldon? You know to maintain a vague connection to the Mothership Show. I’ve never watched YS. But thinking of it.
  3. The Big Bang Theory ending the decade as the most watched scripted series on TV. How is everyone? Feels like a lifetime ago show ended haha. I’ve currently started rewatching Season 1. Still such an endearing season. Early Lenny is cute. Even Sheldon is tolerable.
  4. Well they are not a cast anymore. So logistics and such.
  5. 3ku11

    A-Z Sitcoms

    Goldberg’s, The
  6. I’m sure They’ll collaborate professionally in the future. Or personally catch up. Might get a BBT reunion in five years haha.
  7. And the cast weren’t their to accept it. As well they aren’t a cast anymore.
  8. This from our Number 1 News Station https://www.tvnz.co.nz/one-news/entertainment/big-bang-theory-receives-shout-during-nobel-prize-announcement
  9. This is a wow moment for me. Shows the impact this show made on the scientific community. But popular culture as whole. While shows been ridiculed for years. Show has its place in history.
  10. Heh apparently sheldons speech in the finalie was referenced in the Noble Prize Speech. https://www.breakingnews.ie/discover/big-bang-theory-gets-shout-out-at-nobel-prize-announcement-955802.html
  11. I was just curious. I know this has been answered before by mods. But in regards to the shelve life of this site. Naturally when a show ends. Activity declines after a show reaches its end. It’s natural. But at some point it’s like being on a merry go round. Gotta jump off at some point
  12. Was Tbbt a ratings phenomena? Just it’s constant numbers.
  13. Bath Item well always be the shows most iconic episode. Regardless how you feel about the Lenny plot line. The Napkin Scene. Took Tbbt From A Good show to an iconic one. And besides the Penny story was so important for her character development.
  14. Anyone see the Big Bang theory rememberence tribute on the Emmys tonight? Good tribute. Showed Leonard’s Slap. And had the slowed down Bare Naked Ladies theme. Johnny posted it
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