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  1. Here is a contrast of when Leonard and Penny first meet. Vs their last scene.
  2. Everyone knows Sarah and Freddie Prince Junior is married LOL.
  3. TBH this may not go down well with some posters here. But Raj got What he deserved by the end. He was a Douche through out the series. he diddn't deserve a long and lasting relationship. And nor should he been rewarded as such.
  4. I think he’s just trolling. But yeah it’s getting really passe and old now. I mean those could be great ideas for Fanfic Series Final. But what’s cannon? No.
  5. Fun fact the actress who played Dharma (Jenna Elfman). Also played Alan’s love interest in the first season. So yeah anything’s possible. But yeah probably not for a while. Maybe just me but pretty sure she was wearing that top in the pilot? Maybe a different top but it’s similar definitely. Seems a ton of detail was put in continuity with the first episode. In the first episode Leonard invites Penny for Lunch. And the end of the episode he proclaims prob the most famous line of the series “Our babies we’ll be smart and beautiful”. And the final scene was Lenny together Delierious.
  6. Technically they just established the strongest Spinoff in concept. With Penny being pregnant. The show could start from their. And Lenny moving to Nebraska possibly. Not that I Am that keen on a spinoff idea. Maybe 5 years from now. We see them almost in a Everybody Loves Raymond Situation. Where they have twins. And they have been married for over a decade now. I guess the problem is that too conventional? I mean TBBT originality even if it slided into more clichied over the years. Was it's selling point. But Johnny and Kaley of course have this innate chemistry. Maybe the premise could be they do indeed move to Nebraska. And settle down on the farm where Penny grew up. Great comedy comes from conflict. Seeing Leonard in a different setting could be funny.
  7. Personally I Don't think Penny should of dated a professional athlete of some kind. I mean when you look at Bath Item. The whole point of her character growth. Was the fact she was always looking for a Strong Man to look after her. But she started to outgrow that idealistic notion. They always protected Leonard and Penny's relationship. And I Do not think that would of been a good decision imo.
  8. Havent watched the Finalie yet. But it is glorious after investing in this couple since I was 18, this show has honestly been a massive part of my life. The Friends of this generation. The Best written sitcom couple of the decade. That the payoff was this. I forgive you writers lol. It has been a great ride, but it does feel right now for the show to end. But I Expect the Atoms and Nuetrons to circulate in the universe in syndication for years to come. And be great if we all kept in touch through this site or social media.
  9. I just caught up with the final 3 episodes of the series before the Series Final. Best episode was def The Maternal Conclusion. Prob the best episode of the season imo. Johnny Galecki was def the heart of this episode. His performance almost reminded me of Early Leonard in Season One. Def an Emmy worthy performance. And yeah Sheldon is a crappy friend, but I don't think he means to be, its just how he is built. I Thought the Raj Howard stuff was pretty decent too. Stuart and Denise was solid. Now onto the Hour Finalie.
  10. I also think Bernadette and Amy only went along with it to please Penny.
  11. A sequel regardless of what it is would ultimately disappoint. The show works best as an ensemble.
  12. We still coming to this forum when the show ends? Naturally as traffic dies down. But be cool to keep this site as almost a Shrine to the show.
  13. I guess it depends on your expectations. Majority of the season has been invested in The Super Assymetry Plot. Barley any thing outside that. The Final Two episodes are going to have to make up for a hell alot of time.
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