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  1. Interesting https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/18/big-bang-theory-heading-hbo-max-billion-dollar-deal-tv-streaming-war-heats-10762956/
  2. One of my fav holiday seasons Halloween coming up. Thought post a throwback of one of my fav episodes from this series.
  3. Anyone looking to buy the blu Ray? On -Amazon has ya currently at $320 preorder. Bit to expensive for me at this Stage. But maybe.
  4. I loved Johnny as David. So I we’ll prob watch his appearance. But hey imagine if Tbbt returned 15 odd years later. And say Jim Parsons made a racist comment (I know Jim would never). And they fired him. And made a new show. Life After Sheldon. Second thought. I would watch the hell out of that lol. Point is it’s a crazy change. Some times they really should just leaves shows be.
  5. Kaley recently said she is open to a spin-off. But Johnny has recently said he couldent continue any extension of the show without Jim. https://www.express.co.uk/showbiz/tv-radio/1175164/the-big-bang-theory-penny-leonard-hofstadter-spin-off-return-young-sheldon-cbs
  6. Well interesting. Metro ran a poll asking people if The Big Bang Theory had a spin-off. Who would you like it to be Centred around. Results Leonard and Penny 41% Raj 21% Sheldon and Amy 14% Howard and Bernadette 14% Stuart 8% Will Wheaton 2% Not saying I want it to happen. But a Leonard and Penny spin-off prob has the most credibility. Two of the main characters. Theirs a built in audience of course. Their are probably a lot of unanswered questions as well about Penny’s pregnancy. I guess if we were looking at a premise. Its 5 years in the future and LP are starting their new life moving to Nebraska. And maybe Penny family including Katy Seagal and Actor names escaping me who played Wyatt. We’ll be part of the show. Look just experimenting lol. https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/04/big-bang-theory-character-get-spin-off-10686817/
  7. Tbbt Mark Cendrowski talks about the possibilities of more Tbbt spinoffs down the line. Basic excerpts; ‘I think the idea of letting things percolate a little, and you don’t want to cash in.’ That doesn’t mean that won’t happen and, in a couple of years, maybe it’s a character or a couple of characters that catch up within a couple of years. Who knows if it will happen. I wouldn’t be a betting man on that, and I don’t know one way or the other. Maybe 5 years down the track might be talk of bringing a couple of characters back. I don’t know Watch this space https://metro.co.uk/2019/09/03/big-bang-theory-director-teases-future-spin-offs-plenty-explore-10674950/
  8. Just watching Season 7. And I’m on Scavenger Hunt Vortex one of the greats. Season 7 close to my fav season from this series. Made me appreciate Amy and Bernadette. Their influence on Penny was underestimated. Without them not sure Leonard and Penny would of made it.
  9. Just to give this thread a bit of a bump. I’m currently watching Season 6. Obviously the best Lenny season. What are people’s top 5 Lenny episodes? 5. The Fuzzy Boots Corollary 4. The Middle Earth Paradigm 3. The Peanut Reaction 2. The 43 Peculiarity 1. The Closet Reconfiguration
  10. After Friends ended in 2004, I went to highschool and moved on with my life. Diddn't see the show for years. Until things slowed down a bit, and I caught it on TV when it started playing re runs again. And of course Netflix. Same with TBBT I am betting. Their is a sense of anti-climatism with a shows end. It is a weird, melancholy feeling. When you've watched a show for over a decade. Then suddenly thats it. I remember feeling that way when Two and a half men ended too. Was one of my favs before TBBT debuted in 2007. But I Feel when the show ends. The community is still their, and as along as you can find away to stay in the fandom. IF it is posting etc. You maintain that connection. A show never really dies.
  11. Tbh theirs prob at least 30 episodes I could think of that are in the top tier of best episodes. Then the ones available to vote on. But guess it’s subjective.
  12. How I met your mother was also one of favs. I always shipped Ted and Robin like Lenny. I’ve gone back to that show too. But theirs a sense of anti-climatism I think when a show ends. When I watched the series finale of Friends in 2004. I never thought I would watch the show again. But I did. Prob due to The Digital Media age ha. I guess their is always a chance of a reunion or a spinoff. But I’m kinda hoping it never happens with this series. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. My mom asked me that lol. I indiscriminately watch my fav episodes. But recent stuff comes on. I don’t know I have a sense of indifference to it now. Show ended. Watched the show since I was 19. Show was a big part of my life. But yeah it’s over.
  14. Just watched the last 5 mins of Tbbt again. I’m crying! Lol. But gotta say hell of a finalie. They had a last good one. For a show that has been ridiculed mercilessly for years. The irony of course a show like GOT that was critically praised for years. Well be remembered for that bad last finalie. I guess last impressions mean everything. And Tbbt left a last good impression. This speech from Sheldon. Was Jim Parsons at his best. The most beautiful thing. Was by the end Spock became human. The way he finally acknowledged that not for his friends he would of not be where he is. To see Leonard finnalky get recognised was great. And the last final scene. With the slowed down Acoustic Version of Barenaked Ladies. Was beautiful. Left the show on an somber, but uplifting note.
  15. The last one, the last scene from the series. Might be the most satisfying one. If your like me who shipped them since the pilot. She is wearing the same shirt she wore in the pilot, so huge continuity. Gotta give credit to the show, that was a nice touch. And the way he rubs her belly. And Penny smiles. Suggests they are both truly happy and content, and hold no regrets. A full on embrace. It really was a great way to end the show.
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