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  1. To be fair that was not really Two and a half men. And TBBT have still got the full cast in tact.
  2. It is possible Sheldon could undermine Amy to get the Nobel prize. I mean heck its been his life long obsession and goal. He has changed of course. But I Was just putting it out their as a possibility.
  3. Theirs resolution? What’s that like?
  4. Got a feeling Sheldon is going to betray Amy for the Nobel Prize.
  5. Leonard and Pennys ability with people has always been their main commonlaritie. I have always thought Penny should eventually become a Social Worker. As said she has always had maternal instincts. So it is my opinion, she does not want kids. For that reason alone. The show has failed to sell the reason why she does not want kids. I Don't beleive she is obligated. But 12x03 is looking increasingly uneccessary.
  6. Thought this was an interesting and accurate perspective on the baby storyline. Some excepts. “Penny gave a reasonable reason for not wanting to have kids with Leonard, explaining that she doesn't want to risk losing their perfect life together by getting pregnant and raising a family, but this might not actually be the truth. Early this season, Penny revealed that she doesn't want to have kids ever - which broke her husband's heart given his eagerness to have children. While the issue was never brought up again after Leonard suddenly agreed to his wife's wishes, it remains unresolved.” “Considering what we've seen with her character, it's hard to believe that Penny genuinely doesn't want kids because she's afraid they'll ruin her current life. She's always had maternal instincts - treating Sheldon with a lot of patience, helping Raj overcome his selective muteness, and being loving towards Leonard even before they got together. She’s way better in caring about others than Bernadette, who never exhibited these traits but turned out to be a decent mother and still a successful career woman. So what's really stopping her?” “When Penny was introduced, she was portrayed as the stereotypical blonde. Sheldon mocked her intellect (granted he does this to everyone) and most of the time she just lets him. However, as she started hanging out with the gang and found real friends in Amy and Bernadette and a boyfriend who really loves her, Penny started to change - dressing up more modestly, growing up, and getting a real job. While she still mocked her nerdy friends, she also actually tried to fit in the group. However, although she's changed her lifestyle and appearance to better suit her friends, the harsh reality confronts her that she's not as smart as they are. And if she and Leonard have a baby, she may fear that the kids will take after her instead of their father intellectually - a central issue in "The Propagation Proposition." “Penny is street-smart and wise, but she's not as intellectually gifted nor academically accomplished as her friends. As established in early seasons of the show, her family isn’t the brightest as well. While there’s no doubt that Leonard will love his children no matter what, the thought of the public judging her future kids - particularly her stuck-up mother-in-law, Beverly - especially after seeing how cold she could be and how it affected Leonard growing up, may be unbearable for Penny. While Beverly, oddly, likes her, Penny knows how Leonard's mother repeatedly humiliated and cast him aside simply because he doesn't reach her standards. If her kids take after her, there's a good chance that they'll suffer the same fate (or worse). Perhaps he’d rather not have them at all than subject them to the same treatment.” I agree mostly about this. It feels they have undersold the reason Penny doesent want kids. https://screenrant.com/big-bang-theory-penny-no-kids-real-reason/
  7. If that is the direction they are heading ( I doubt it). Pointless to get them married. Should of married them off in the final episode. As it is I don't think TPTB are that creative. Their lazziness saves them LOL. I Don't think they can be bothered trying to break them up. Then reuniting them in what 14 episodes. If Leonard Fathers a child. Then well theirs his outlet.
  8. The only way out. IS if its revealed she found out she cannot have kids. And she was too scared to tell Leonard. But that presents more Questions then Answers tbh. But watch this space.
  9. This whole storyline has been dropped as bad as their wedding was. Remarkable really. They may make the kids thing a gray area by Series end. I do remember they were going to do that with Ross and Rachel in Friends. IS this kids thing a deal breaker? I Don't think so. But it needs to be resolved. I guess you could say they did with Penny what they did with Leonard with the Boat Kiss in a way. The writing is just as bad.
  10. Per usual 🙄. I dont see any plain evidence Penny is dissastified with Leonard. Based soley on Wore Down jokes. The writers do that with all the Couples. I mean surely if Penny wanted a DU type she had many oppurtunities. I mean in the Halloween episode she seemed pretty into Leonard. IS Leonard physically desireable? Well he was to Alex lol. But maybe not to certain women. But Pennys attraction to Leonard has always mostly been intellectual. I personally don't think this is about Leonards level of appeal at all. Penny gets complacent. It happened in Season 6. And its now been six seasons since then. I think she deeply loves Leonard, she just has never been really good at articulating her emotions.
  11. Yeah it seems Penny is always the bad wolf. And people critique her flaws and short comings in her relationship with Leonard. But it seems Leonard gets off scott free from some fans. He only cheated on her, and lied about it for 2 years apparently. But I Won't go down that road again. We can agree or disagree about the quality of the storytelling and writing in regards to the whole baby topic. But Penny has no obligation to give Leonard a child. This idea she has to change her mind. She doesen't. She has no obligation too. Now it is up to Leonard to decide if he is okay with that, and nothing seems to suggest he is not. First it seems we were annoyed Penny has a problem with Leonard wanting to donate his Sperm. As she never consulted with Leonard. Now the sense I Am getting is oh she should be having a say. As it is I Don't think this story arch is over.
  12. Shoot on Zac and Marissas boat.
  13. I would love if their was a twist and Leonard received the Noble Prize for that work they did a couple of seasons ago. The ultimate Screw you Sheldon. But I hardly doubt the writers would allow their precious Sheldon to lose like that. He has won consistently through out the series. He has never experienced any setbacks or losses. Well it is hard to have a serious sit down talk. When you rush into a marrige on false pretenses. They have always been a spontaneous couple. But your right, Penny has always been lukewarm or indifferent to the idea of having kids. And unless Penny comes to the decision organically on her own. I would not like Penny changing her mind just to make Leonard happy. As it is it seems nothing has changed, and the whole topic has become a gray area.
  14. Hahaha we’ll most of us were saying Penny has no right to stop Leonard Donating sperm. As she never consulted Leonard on her decision not to have kids. This is what I’ve been saying the whole time. They are in a equal partnership. They should be both consulting each other on a major decisions.

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