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  1. bit of a bump to this thread. But liked this from the special johnny and kaley did.
  2. Yeah its not the warm fuzzies Lenny. I guess I just remember it for the character development. But I understand why its not a favorite.
  3. Made me think whats everyones top 6 favorite Lenny episodes ever? 6. The Romance Resonance 5. The Boyfriend Complexity 4. The Maternal Capacitance 3. The 43 Pecurality 2. The Recombination Hypothesis 1. The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
  4. We should do a big bang theory watch party on this forum one day lol. I kinda miss the show and its community.
  5. Cheers for the birthday messages guys. 32. Getting old lol.
  6. I think The Cooper Extraction Season 7. Showed that was highly unlikely lmao.
  7. I always wondered if the cat wasn't "alive". Which of course was a metaphor for Lenny having a sexual attraction. The whole premise, is reliant on the cat being alive.
  8. Throwback. 12 years ago, Lenny first date.
  9. Same with Passive Agressive Bernadette. They toned her demeanor down after a while.
  10. Yeah the math bothered me more then Penny is promiscuous.
  11. Clearly they thought the promiscuous Penny jokes were funny. But they wore thin pretty quickly.
  12. Anyone miss the show? Now it has nearly been a year since the series ended. Not neccessarily maybe the last few seasons lol. But more the community, and fandom within the show. This place is like a ghost town these days. Which is natural with a show no longer on TV.
  13. Prob more of the case of succumbing to fanservice. They wrote themself into a corner I believe. That process was more or less, Penny embracing the idea of motherhood. I guess same with Penny embracing Leonard.
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