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  1. [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    Their is also a case for the first seven seasons was a long term story arch for Lenny since the pilot. Well they or won't they. Leonard chasing Penny. Then around Season 5-7 we saw Penny's point of view. The writers may think their story is done and/or ran out of ideas for them. The latter seems more suitable.
  2. [Spoilers] The "Dark" Lenny Thread: Season 11

    If this was Season 6. I Don't think most Leonard and Penny fans would even notice if they were holding hands. But seeing the quality or even the quantity of Lenny has significantly declined the past four seasons. I think even these little things, are big things now.
  3. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Kaley is engaged. Not that has anything to do with their lack of intimacy. But maybe a factor. I don't know. I Can't say I have even noticed their lack of kissing. But that is just me. I would love more pillow talk though. Maybe that could happen if they start thinking seriousley about having a baby. I see Penny giving birth in the series final though.
  4. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    It seems like Katie has left the building
  5. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    I am having a strong feeling. Their well be some kinda pregnancy plot for Lenny in the season finalie. They are dropping too much hints for me to think otherwise. A Pregnancy Scare Cliffhanger could be a good thing to discuss over the summer .
  6. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Just wondering when is the season finalie expected to air. I know it is a while off. And they are no where near taping it yet. But it well be sooner then you think. This year it was March was it not.
  7. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Look none of the couples are perfect. But I Don't think Sheldon would be a good husband no. Just way he is built. Are Leonard and Penny perfect? LOL not by any means at all. But they are realistically written. And that is what I enjoy about the relationships on this show. Shows like HIMYM you see couples come and go. Bed Hop e.t.c. I like in this show their are steady and consistent couplings with Lenny and Shamy. OF course their is no abuse going on. But I just can't accept Sheldon treats Amy like a princess LOL. I am sorry he does not. And nor does Leonard treat Penny like a princess. IT is not some fairytale Romantic Comedy that is for sure.
  8. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    That is not evidence Leonard likes Sheldon. Just evidence the show writers elevating Sheldon above everyone else again. Operative phrase "I guess I need him too". Leonard and Sheldon NEED each other. That does not neccessarily mean they like each other. If I was Leonard I would struggle to like Sheldon. The Bitcoin episode would of been the last straw for me personally in our friendship. And as for Sheldon treating Amy like a princess? HAHAHAHAHA I have heard it all now. But moving on. Funny some bring up Season 7. As I recall in the finalie. Amy had a mikshake ready for Sheldon. And he left her in the lurch. And went off on his adventures for the summer. So can't say that was princess or royal treatment LOL.
  9. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    This says it all as far as Penny being happy with Leonard, and loving Leonard
  10. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I can't recall Penny ever treating Leonard like dirt. Anymore then Leonard treating her like a trophy wife. Sheldon consistently treats Amy like Dirt. ITs an imbalanced relationship. That is the difference. Amy has to drug Sheldon. That should tell you enough. I don't see any indicator Penny is unhappy with Leonard either. She seems very happy this season.
  11. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    I woulden't even consider what Leonard did cheating tbh in reterospect. He had a drunk, messy make out where he chipped his tooth. Did not sound like a pleasurable experience tbh. The show only made it up basically out of thin air. And created an imaginary tangent on the timeline to create unorganic drama imo. As for Penny being a long suffering wife. IF she was so suffering why is she still with Leonard. Why would she care enough to change her behaviour based on what Leonard said? That does not sound like suffering to me. Penny's career is pretty stagnent. Bernadette cannot even leave her bed atm LOL. I Think Lenny seem like the most happiest and stable couple on this show right now. Have to wait to see how they write Shamy as a married couple. But based on Howardette and Lenny. They clearly struggle.
  12. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Shelnard is the cornerstone of the show. But they have grown apart the past few seasons. And yes i agree Friends is my fav sitcom of all time. Simply because I grew up with it. And it shaped alot of my life. We used to have to sing the theme song in primary LOL! But even I can admit the show had very conventional storylines. But I also loved that. It was such a universal show. But TBBT i fell in love with because of its very unconventional storytelling and unique dynamics. I feel this Shamy wedding planning storylines is just very conventional plot lines. Which has marred the show past four seasons. But that is just me. Sheldon took care of Amy once when she was sick. Sheldon well never be the perfect boyfriend. Because of how he is built. Sheldon is far from perfect. We all know that. Amy has absurd expectations imo when it comes to Sheldon being her partner. Sheldon reguarly has everything in their relationship on his terms. I have said it is a very imabalanced relationship. I Don't think it matters if Sheldon has never cheated. Leonard reguarly through out the series has been Penny's ideal partner. When he bought her a Car in Season 7. I even remember in S8 it was suggested Amy was jealous of Leonard and Penny's relationship. They have more intimacy. But like you said their are tons of important things that make you a good partner. I just don't think Sheldon well ever be one. I Think you well find all of the guys are not perfect in their respective relationships. Very least Sheldon.
  13. [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 11

    Fyi it was this day December 14th, 2009 (For us Kiwis, 13th for you guys) 8 years ago the Christmas episode in Season 3 The Maternal Congreunce aired. Little Throwback
  14. [Spoilers] Season 11 Discussion Thread

    Ehhh I am not sure about that. Amy sure doesen't like it when Sheldon acts entitled. Or for example dismisses her work e.t.c. And she always tries to model Sheldon into the perfect little boyfriend. I can't say their imbalanced relationship is all an elaborate rouse to throw the audience off, for what ever reason LOL. But yeah they have so much potential with this Shamy wedding planning. They could also apply their maths and scientific methods to Amy's wedding dress. OR the Cake. Or the Arrangments. OR the Seating Planning. OR the guest list. OH boy the story possibilities, that could definately refreshen this whole franchise up, and def not be conventional at the same time at all!