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  1. Shamy dominate screen in percentage just them is interesting. Alot more then Lenny.
  2. Dungeons and Dragons
  3. They well probably focus on Sheldon like they did on the 200th..
  4. Ugh Short Hair lol. Thing with Sheldon is change in dynamic yes. He used to be kinda the straight man in a way. When he was reacting to Leonard. IT is when the show was great. He was just some guy the characters had to put up with. Now he takes up alot of room. I think they saw the characters popularity. And decided to push him. Not realizing. It was his relationships with Leonard and the guys, and Penny, and Amy, and everyone else that made him so much more endering. The fact they put up with this guy. Especially Leonard. It makes you think why? IT was charming lol. Recent episode last season as it is now. Property Division is it. Sheldon made a homeless person played by Christopher Llyod. The Doc! I mean, are they kidding? You spend all that money... Anyway. And Lenny just took it. Sheldon's behaviour has become intolerable. But what is even more outrageous is his friends enabling of it. They are just as guilty. The beleivablity of the show has become an issue for me. They write Lenny like they are some kinda inconvineince. I miss how Lenny would have this secret code, and unspoken language. Where Leonard would be like I well tell you later. Imagined them having secret conversations to 3 am haha. Problem is the writing not the acting. Monica and Chandler got great married life plots. It helped that their was more of a balance in the show. Their is just not a lot of room left in the show for anything else when it is so revolved around one character. And now that is not hating on Sheldon, that is just more of a reflection on the writing changing.
  5. This thread is a haven for the disgruntled Lenny shippers. Why are Sheldon fans coming in here defending him anyway lol.
  6. I remember Charlie Sheen saying "You don't want to get stuck in yourself". That is exactly what has happened. Their is a chance Sheldon could be oversaturated. From a marketing stand point. Why woulden't they produced a Sheldon Centric show. To coincide with the Young Sheldon Prequel on around the same time. Unfortuanately that means the rest of your show and it's characters become cannon fodder.
  7. Maybe Mayim wants to kiss Jim lol? Is that what your saying. I suggest she was being disengenious.
  8. That is a personal opinion. I personally find Sheldon winy and annoying. But even if you thought or the whole world thought Leonard was the most interesting character then Sheldon. That is beside the point. The point here, is the show should not revolve around one character. It is incongural. Their should be more balance and consistency like their used to be. I don't care how compelling some find Sheldon. IT is not The Sheldon Cooper show. It is The Big Bang Theory. Even though Leonard at times is not the primary character or focus. The show was always seen from his point of view. I can't say that now. Group episodes like Love Spell, Love Car Displacment , Scavanger Hunt e.t.c. Just won't happen anymore. Most of the plots are driven through Sheldon. I miss the friendship dynamics too, not the couples dynamics.
  9. Yes I felt around Season 7. When they made the decision to shift the show to Shamy being the romantic leads. And The Romantic Hero and Herione of the series. And relegating Lenny and Johnny and Kaley to a supporting role. I have no idea who made that decision. I always thought Shamy were better as this alernative, quirky couple. You need to attract peoples mainstream sensibilities. That is Lenny. I mean I don't have any figures. But I have a feeling most of the audience who were watching from 2007-2011 have tuned out. Dragging out Lenny getting married, Shamy having sex. Just tuned out a subset of the audience who never returned. Most likely outgrown the show. Which I think most of us have. So yeah I would agree the problem is Amy. Has been for a long time. I love Mayim. And I do like Amy. But in a comedy sense. I do find her dull and boring. Jim and Mayim just don't have any on screen chemistry. i know I know Shamy and Mayjim fans right now are chasing me with pitch forks hahaha. But from a comical stand point, they just don't. So I agree it was inexplicable that they made Shamy the romantic lead. I mean going on Social Media I don't think anyone cares about Shamy. I see mostly everyone asking for more Lenny. But unless things change in S11. That ship has sailed. I don't see them getting divorced though. I mean if they were going to get divorced, they would of by now. Last time they broke up was S3. And CBS Sitcom Marrages rarely get divorced. ETA: Some one mentioned S8 or S Hate. That S8 finalie may possibly top S4 finalie. For absloute abandoment, and absolute recklessness. The fact that, story made it out of the writers room. And who ever came up with the idea of Leonard cheating, and lying about it for two years, even working with her. Should of been fired on the spot. I mean genius! This well make up for this bad season, we well get our audiene back were geniuses! I remember seeing a video on youtube, those top ten ones. Top ten decisions writers should be fired for. Lenny S8 finalie was #1 . The writer who ever responsible for that haneous crime. Should oof at least been shut down straight away. As it is it was prob Lorre lol. So that was not going to happen. The fact it made it on tv. In the first place. MY God, how embarrasing. We all know it was just fake drama to counter the Shamy break up. They are clearly willing to push their protagonist Leonard down a stream without a paddle. For a snickers wrapper lol. Since then I have just had a sour taste in my mouth in regards to this show. Apart from all the other 1000 reasons why this show has gone down hill fast. S8 finalie is at the core of it. Do you have a time machine? Can we go back to 6.24. And tell them to marry Lenny. OR don't marry them lol. Nope. To me that was the start of character assaination. If they got a machine gun and killed Leonard. Hell if they actually killed Leonard off in the S8 finalie. That would be a better outcome then what we got. IT was that bad. And now we have to put up with incongruous jokes. That make no sense, nor are they funny. Simply because of how far they have developed both characters. Like Wore me down jokes. Leonard is a lazy husband. Penny is a digruntled housewife. Do those characterizations really fit Lenny? I mean if someone told me in Season 6. When Lenny get married. Penny would be deconstructed to his domesitcated, depressed housewife. I woulden't beleive you. I seriousley would not. I expect her to be a fun wife. Not this watered down, shadow of her former self. Leonard too. He has changed. Too.
  10. Yeah but it is a sitcom. Alot of it is exagerrated. I more saw the running joke if their ever was one. That she was down on her luck, and never caught a break
  11. Well it was clear this season, Lenny were still centre piece couple of the show. When they all hanged out at 4A. They may not be the primary focus anymore. But they still hold a secondary glance haha. But yeah agree just have to go on Social Media too know that. Were nearing the full transformation of The Sheldon Show. And then you got another show based on Sheldon as a child. It is serious overkill.
  12. Their was no running joke. She got parts all the time. Part in NCIS. That Play. Remind me of a so called running joke. The writers have never pursued that part of her character. It is different if she becomes a spokesperson for her company. Your shifting the goal post their. Good at it, bad at it. Same thing. IF the writers want her to have acting success she well. Has nothing to do with a running joke. As it should be.
  13. When did Kaley say that?
  14. I don't think the show had any real plan beyond the guy chases girl from across the hall. Well it is clear they diddn't haha. So it not like it was a conciouss decision or anything. It was clearly pre determined. Writing obviousley has shifted with them. The jokes they make about Lenny. "Wore her down". Doesen't have the same effect. Because of how they developed the characters. So I don't think it is a matter of their are no stories. More of the case TPTB have never even entertained the notion of writing Lenny as a married couple. Just Cannon Fodder.
  15. According to GM Police they have arrested a 23 year old man in South Manchester. From what I have read. It seems Isis are behind it. Disgusting. It is the world we live in. Prayers for everyone who lost their life to such a senseless act. I mean Children died in their for what? Nothing.