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  1. Yeah I haven’t posted on this forum in a few years. Barley. Haven’t watched the show much since it ended 4 years ago. But I don’t think there was any suggestion, that Leonard took advantage of a “drunk” Penny. Most likely they had unprotected sex, or Penny forgot to take the pill. I mean this is the same Leonard who diddnt take advantage of A drunk Penny in season one. I don’t think he’s changed that much, that a 10 season old Leonard would take advantage of his wife, so yeah absurd. As for the show ending. I think around season 2 they decided to make Sheldon the focal point. I always see Leonard as Jerry. Playing it straight, everything was seen from his pov. But no denying Jim Parsons was the breakout star of the show. I think he prob from what I’ve read, had more to do with the series ending.
  2. Penny was always promiscuous. But it was interesting when they did that episode when Leonard went out with an older woman, to win a grant for the university. I mean no one bats an eye, when an older man dates a younger woman. But god forbid it’s the other way round.
  3. We’ll imo it says a lot about the misogyny in the writing. Charlie Harper in Taahm slept with a hundred woman. Cool and Sauve. Penny sleeps with roughly ten guys. Excuse my French, portrayed as a slut. The episode in s4. Where Shamy analyze her love life says it all.
  4. Just bought the book. Great read. Interesting Tibit about the process of the pilot and casting. Johnny turned down the role 4 times. He was on Broadway at the time. Diddnt want to be cast as nerdy anymore. But was convinced after reading the script.
  5. Prob around s7. Around Pennys career plot. I’m glad they reversed it though.
  6. I genuinely thought the episode in S7. When Leonard thought his relationship with Penny was over. And I recall Sheldon asking him if it’s over. Johnny performance in that one scene was prob the best acting ever in this show. Johnny made you genuinely feel Leonard was uncertain.
  7. This day 13 years ago. 2009 Feb 9th. The Maternal Congruence Aired.
  8. She was very public with her personal life. Johnny was a more reserved person I sense. Thankfully it did not effect the show.
  9. It’s already 2022 in NZ. So happy New Years.
  10. Season 4 was my fav Lenny. As while they weren’t together. It was the first time we saw Pennys perspective. And her true feelings. Season 6 was great as far, as Character development is concerned. 7-10. I feel once Prady stepped back as a head writer. They were diminished some what. S12 was ok.
  11. Im currently watching S3 on Netflix. Bit of nostalgia haha. I remember watching that season while I was studying. It’s funny though I miss the community within the show. Then I miss the show itself.
  12. Bit of a throwback. Almost 12 years ago. The Maternal Congruence aired.
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