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  1. Yeah I don't see how Penny having fear of having kids is a big shock. She never fully commited to the idea. Sure they had a few infrequent conversations. On the backend of episodes. Like "Yeah maybe one day". But I always thought that was a pretty generic wording from Penny. Their was never any substantial evidence, either party had committed to it with full disclosure. Its continuity though. For years Penny had a fear of committing to marrage with Leonard. Now she is non committal. And not certain about kids. .OF course this could change. As pointed out Bernadette hated Children. It was almost a deal breaker for Howard. But they compromised. Similar thing might happen for Lenny. At this stage it seems like Leonard is the one compromising. To Appease Penny. So this maybe not over. It may resurface later in the season.
  2. Is this the first time Leonard has through out the series compromised on something to keep Penny happy? No so I Don't see how this is any different. Of course TR translate on TV Differently. So I well wait till I Watch it. I think alot of this is speculation. Whats the problem? Even if Penny said I Want kids in the 3rd episode. Won't happen till series Final. With 20 episodes. I Can easily see them both committing eventually. Even if that means Penny changing her mind. Or do you want the show to end with them not having kids? Leonard has always been the most committed one in the relationship. So I Don't see how this is a shock. And just because they have sex frequently. And they have not got pregnant. Does not mean they are not Spontaneous. Their First Date, first time the slept together, heck their marrige. Were all spur of the moment decisions. At this stage Penny doesent want Kids. And Leonards compromising.
  3. Continuity if anything. Bit clichied. But hey beats standing behind kitchen island. Penny has fears of commiting to Leonard through marrage for years. Now has fears of wanting kids. I don't their was enough substantial evidence to suggest she wanted kids. Lets not forget they did this same storyline with Howard and Bernadette. She Vehlementally was againgst KIds. Hated them from recollection. But they ended up having 2. So who knows. OF course even if Penny decided she wanted some .Be a long way to wait anyway. Let’s be honest. In theory the idea of kids should of been a discussion well before they got married. But looking at their milestones over the past 12 years. It’s aiways been purely spontaneous. Their first date was spontaneous. When they first slept together. It was spontaneous. When Leonard than, later on Penny said I love you. It was spontaneous. Their decision to get married. Was spontaneous. Where as this is the first storyline you could argue. That really involves them thinking and talking. So I get some bit bummed by this development. But I’m interested in where this is heading.
  4. Yeah I disagree. I really liked what I read. Sounds like as expected Penny is having doubts about wanting kids. Which imo that was predictable. Sure in the past she sporadically. But they never had long conservations about it. It not OOC. Leonards always been the most commited one in their relationship. Penny had a fear of commitment. Now she has a fear of being a mother. It sounds like they well eventually have kids, signs are their. I am fine with this development. I don't see how Leonard compromising his wants for Penny is new. Hes frequently done it through out the series. The angle for now well be "Lenny decide to not have kids". But I would not at all be surprised too see that change by end of series. I stand by it well be unplanned.
  5. or Buffy, Angel, and Spike. I was always Team Buffy and Angel myself :D. ETA: In fact Buffy was not on the CW Network. So scratch that.
  6. 3ku11

    A-Z: TV Shows

  7. TBF I Think most of the cast are happy the show is ending. Partic Johnny and Kaley. Yeah sure, Kaley for instance be sad after being on the show most of her adult life. Since she was 19. But I kinda feel creatively they have clocked out a while ago. Partic the writers.
  8. The Show doesen't need archs to end the show. They could easily end the show in a few episodes. And I agree they prob shouldent write for the majority now. It is actually a good thing it is the last season. To some degree. As no sense of uncertainity. Theirs a real chance they can just now plan out the episodes over time.
  9. 3ku11

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    That’s the same principle for all the characters you would agree than? Shamy bore me. But that’s not to say I hate them. Not sure I agree too that Sheldon interrupting Lenny’s both weddings. Can’t be deemed as in appropriate on Sheldon’s behalf. Because Lenny did not call him out on it. Why would they? They are nice people lol. Have they ever called out Sheldon on his behaviour? I only recall Bernadette ever. I thought the second wedding was worser. He invaded their nuptials. And their vows. Compare this to Shamys wedding. Where it went seemlees with no interruptions at all.
  10. 3ku11

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    Yeah I truely think Sheldon showed one nice gesture towards Leonard. But I saw it no different to when he freaked out in 9x03. The 2003 Approximation. I just think he wanted to maintain the Homeostasis cycle in his life. Although one could argue it was genuine. I Beleive it was. One gesture does not override years of douchery, and ungratefulness. The amount of things Leonard’s done for Sheldon is truely a true friend. But that said I think Leonard knows how he is wired. And he never asked for anything in return.
  11. They should do a episode where the guys get angry at the Netflix rating change hahaha.
  12. 3ku11

    A-Z: TV Shows

    Everybody Loves Raymond
  13. 3ku11

    A-Z All Things The Big Bang Theory


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