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  1. It’s already 2022 in NZ. So happy New Years.
  2. Season 4 was my fav Lenny. As while they weren’t together. It was the first time we saw Pennys perspective. And her true feelings. Season 6 was great as far, as Character development is concerned. 7-10. I feel once Prady stepped back as a head writer. They were diminished some what. S12 was ok.
  3. Im currently watching S3 on Netflix. Bit of nostalgia haha. I remember watching that season while I was studying. It’s funny though I miss the community within the show. Then I miss the show itself.
  4. Bit of a throwback. Almost 12 years ago. The Maternal Congruence aired.
  5. So it was September 24th 2007, 14 years ago this week. TBBT debuted. Leonard first met Penny
  6. Lol, I think that is just pointless speculation. I doubt it. More likely like the statement suggested. Careers steering them in different directions. Cliched. But common.
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