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  1. Activity as predicted is starting to Decline. Natural with the show now over. This show has been such a massive part of my life. Since I was 18. My life was study watch Tbbt lol. And I don’t see it changing just because they have stopped production of the show. But Emmy nominations released tomorrow. What’s the chances of a nomination? Friends won in 2002. And was nominated in its final season in 2004. Tbbt might, with the nostalgia of its final season. We’ll see.
  2. Really? The Series Finalie aired here day after it aired in the states lol.
  3. I don't think the idea or concept from the writers behalf was bad. Just their overall execution was really off. Pennys pregnancy despite being planned, was really fan service. But hey I prefer that ending, then say Leonard Dream Sequence ending.
  4. Well Johnny and Kaleys connection post their break up was prob the single best thing that happened to the show. How many stories are their are about co stars who dated. But then coulden't stand being around each other. IT could of gone that way. But it is a testament to J and K as people they got through all the struggles of their break up. And at the end of it found a life long friendship.
  5. I think their is a sense of anti climatism. Now the show is done. I prob wont watch for a while. I know when Friends ended. I diddn't watch the show again for years.
  6. Had a satisfying ending. Should appreicate that. Most shows cannot say that.
  7. I’ll prob binge watch the show one day. I was on S7. But I miss the early seasons haha. Always good to rewatch the origins of a series. Knowing how it ends. You could argue a more safe ending compared to a Friends or How I met your mother etc. But pacing was almost seem less by finalie. I’m like that with shows. I need to know how it ends. Until I decide it’s worth investing. With TBBT. It was by the end trying to find a circuit in a black hole.
  8. No. But Penny was single. Leonard just got out of a serious relationship with Penny
  9. Shock Value can work if approached properly. I was actually more bothered by 8x24 then 4x24. Penny was always susceptible to promiscious hook ups, particularly while intoxicated. 8x24 they really threw Leonard under a metaphorical bus. But of course all worked out in the end.
  10. I don’t think ppl well change their minds much on the much maligned episodes 4x24 & 8x24 hahaha.
  11. I like the idea of an after the show discussion thread. Where you can discuss past seasons and episodes. Might be a way to keep the forum active.
  12. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday!:drinks:

  13. Cheers man 31 I’m aging like a fine wine haha. Going too see Rocketman tonight.
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