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  1. Prob around s7. Around Pennys career plot. I’m glad they reversed it though.
  2. I genuinely thought the episode in S7. When Leonard thought his relationship with Penny was over. And I recall Sheldon asking him if it’s over. Johnny performance in that one scene was prob the best acting ever in this show. Johnny made you genuinely feel Leonard was uncertain.
  3. This day 13 years ago. 2009 Feb 9th. The Maternal Congruence Aired.
  4. She was very public with her personal life. Johnny was a more reserved person I sense. Thankfully it did not effect the show.
  5. It’s already 2022 in NZ. So happy New Years.
  6. Season 4 was my fav Lenny. As while they weren’t together. It was the first time we saw Pennys perspective. And her true feelings. Season 6 was great as far, as Character development is concerned. 7-10. I feel once Prady stepped back as a head writer. They were diminished some what. S12 was ok.
  7. Im currently watching S3 on Netflix. Bit of nostalgia haha. I remember watching that season while I was studying. It’s funny though I miss the community within the show. Then I miss the show itself.
  8. Bit of a throwback. Almost 12 years ago. The Maternal Congruence aired.
  9. So it was September 24th 2007, 14 years ago this week. TBBT debuted. Leonard first met Penny
  10. Lol, I think that is just pointless speculation. I doubt it. More likely like the statement suggested. Careers steering them in different directions. Cliched. But common.
  11. It's getting strong reviews. Good to see her play another character after playing Penny for years.
  12. Been watching a lot of Roseanne lately. Really enjoying Johnny as David. Probably still the most nuanced performance of his career.
  13. The joke about Luther was in regards to Penny's promiscuous behavior.
  14. In some ways it is why Amy and Bermadette added alot of depth to the Penny character. She was the typical girl next door. Obviously written from a men's point of view.
  15. I was just thinking with the current climate. With Corona. How funny would of a tbbt episode been on it? Be interesting. Because we know how germa phobe Sheldon was. You would think he would freak. But he would actually be more equipped then any of the other characters. Bit like in season 4. When he Downloaded his body into a virtual robot. I imagine be a bit like this...
  16. bit of a bump to this thread. But liked this from the special johnny and kaley did.
  17. Yeah its not the warm fuzzies Lenny. I guess I just remember it for the character development. But I understand why its not a favorite.
  18. Made me think whats everyones top 6 favorite Lenny episodes ever? 6. The Romance Resonance 5. The Boyfriend Complexity 4. The Maternal Capacitance 3. The 43 Pecurality 2. The Recombination Hypothesis 1. The Bath Item Gift Hypothesis
  19. We should do a big bang theory watch party on this forum one day lol. I kinda miss the show and its community.
  20. Cheers for the birthday messages guys. 32. Getting old lol.
  21. I think The Cooper Extraction Season 7. Showed that was highly unlikely lmao.
  22. I always wondered if the cat wasn't "alive". Which of course was a metaphor for Lenny having a sexual attraction. The whole premise, is reliant on the cat being alive.
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