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  1. Really? The Series Finalie aired here day after it aired in the states lol.
  2. I don't think the idea or concept from the writers behalf was bad. Just their overall execution was really off. Pennys pregnancy despite being planned, was really fan service. But hey I prefer that ending, then say Leonard Dream Sequence ending.
  3. Well Johnny and Kaleys connection post their break up was prob the single best thing that happened to the show. How many stories are their are about co stars who dated. But then coulden't stand being around each other. IT could of gone that way. But it is a testament to J and K as people they got through all the struggles of their break up. And at the end of it found a life long friendship.
  4. I think their is a sense of anti climatism. Now the show is done. I prob wont watch for a while. I know when Friends ended. I diddn't watch the show again for years.
  5. Had a satisfying ending. Should appreicate that. Most shows cannot say that.
  6. I’ll prob binge watch the show one day. I was on S7. But I miss the early seasons haha. Always good to rewatch the origins of a series. Knowing how it ends. You could argue a more safe ending compared to a Friends or How I met your mother etc. But pacing was almost seem less by finalie. I’m like that with shows. I need to know how it ends. Until I decide it’s worth investing. With TBBT. It was by the end trying to find a circuit in a black hole.
  7. No. But Penny was single. Leonard just got out of a serious relationship with Penny
  8. Shock Value can work if approached properly. I was actually more bothered by 8x24 then 4x24. Penny was always susceptible to promiscious hook ups, particularly while intoxicated. 8x24 they really threw Leonard under a metaphorical bus. But of course all worked out in the end.
  9. I don’t think ppl well change their minds much on the much maligned episodes 4x24 & 8x24 hahaha.
  10. I like the idea of an after the show discussion thread. Where you can discuss past seasons and episodes. Might be a way to keep the forum active.
  11. Cheers man 31 I’m aging like a fine wine haha. Going too see Rocketman tonight.
  12. TBH I am prob going to miss the community around the show, more then the show it self. It really has brought people from all walks of life. Not one person I have ever meet has ever not at least watched one episode of TBBT. I Think that is its legacy, its Diversity.
  13. It is like the food channel in here all of a sudden lol. To add something more to the Penny pregnancy discussion. I Think if you take out 12.03. IT is not really that bad. In the other corresponding episodes, as some pointed out. Pennys opposition to children was not as adament as she was in 12.03. I Think the Penny character always had very maternal instincts. From her maternal relationship with Sheldon. To how she kinda become the mother hen of the group later in the series. I mean heck if they went for Penny can't have kids. That would of least had some emotional connotations. Or they could of explored her relationship with her father more. How he always called her his "little slugger". From a psychological stand point, she might be afraid of being a mother. And the expectations that comes with it. But unfortunately the writers put so much of their creative energy into the "Nobel Piece" prize plot. IT just kinda felt Leonard and Penny, and the rest of the characters were afterthoughts. So when Penny got pregnant in the series final. It was almost like I Said fanservice, in the sense of immediate gratification. But without the feeling of having a full stomach lol.
  14. I feel like the LP Pregnancy plot in the finalie was fan service. IT is like having a nibble on a bone. That is fully bare. Yeah that is nice, but I am still hungry. If your a supporter of that dynamic, you were largely unsatisfied. It is true Sheldon And Amys Nobel Prize had more construction, and detail. Then Lennys pregnancy plot. Heres out it went Penny: I am not sure I want kids. Leonard: Sweet as! Penny: Oh damn I am pregnant! Leonard: OMG I love you so much!
  15. Interestingly here is the IMDB ratings for Series Finals. 1. Breaking Bad 9.9 2. Six Feet Under/Scrubs 9.8 3. Hannibal 9.8 4. Friends 9.7 5. The Leftovers 9.6 6. The Office UK 9.5 7. Downtown Abbey/Mad Men 9.3 8. House 9.2 9. 30 Rock/Sopronas 9.1 10. Firefly 9.0 11. The Wire 8.8 12. Deadwood 8.7 13. Lost 8.2 14. Seinfeld 7.7 15. The Good Wife 6.0 16. Girls 5.8 17. Dragon Ball Z 4.9 18. Dexter 4.7 19. Game of Thrones 4.4 20. House of Cards 2.7 The Big Bang Theory: 9.6 Of course that is the problem with a Democracy. IT is subjective. How I met your mother left a bad taste in the audiences mouth. Although I loved it personally. TBBT left in such a great way.
  16. Here is a contrast of when Leonard and Penny first meet. Vs their last scene.
  17. Everyone knows Sarah and Freddie Prince Junior is married LOL.
  18. TBH this may not go down well with some posters here. But Raj got What he deserved by the end. He was a Douche through out the series. he diddn't deserve a long and lasting relationship. And nor should he been rewarded as such.
  19. I think he’s just trolling. But yeah it’s getting really passe and old now. I mean those could be great ideas for Fanfic Series Final. But what’s cannon? No.
  20. Fun fact the actress who played Dharma (Jenna Elfman). Also played Alan’s love interest in the first season. So yeah anything’s possible. But yeah probably not for a while. Maybe just me but pretty sure she was wearing that top in the pilot? Maybe a different top but it’s similar definitely. Seems a ton of detail was put in continuity with the first episode. In the first episode Leonard invites Penny for Lunch. And the end of the episode he proclaims prob the most famous line of the series “Our babies we’ll be smart and beautiful”. And the final scene was Lenny together Delierious.
  21. Technically they just established the strongest Spinoff in concept. With Penny being pregnant. The show could start from their. And Lenny moving to Nebraska possibly. Not that I Am that keen on a spinoff idea. Maybe 5 years from now. We see them almost in a Everybody Loves Raymond Situation. Where they have twins. And they have been married for over a decade now. I guess the problem is that too conventional? I mean TBBT originality even if it slided into more clichied over the years. Was it's selling point. But Johnny and Kaley of course have this innate chemistry. Maybe the premise could be they do indeed move to Nebraska. And settle down on the farm where Penny grew up. Great comedy comes from conflict. Seeing Leonard in a different setting could be funny.
  22. Personally I Don't think Penny should of dated a professional athlete of some kind. I mean when you look at Bath Item. The whole point of her character growth. Was the fact she was always looking for a Strong Man to look after her. But she started to outgrow that idealistic notion. They always protected Leonard and Penny's relationship. And I Do not think that would of been a good decision imo.
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