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  1. I think she realized her depth of feelings for Leonard in the S2 Finalie. But as we know when Leonard declared her love for her in S3 The Wheaton Recurrance. She did not reciprocate. As she was not ready. I personally think she fell in love with Leonard in S6. The Holograhpic Excitation. Around that time she was having doubts again about their relationship. And with Bernadette encouragement. She went to his work, and she was reminded of why she fell for Leonard his mind. He offers her something no other guy can.
  2. I still hold hope for a Leonard and Penny spinoff. Of course huge risks involved. But with them both having production companies. So I Could see it happening. But of course both may want to pursue other projects.
  3. I have never understood the Shipping Wars. Shamy and Lenny are both unique and phenominal in their own way.
  4. Yep pin this lol. Particularly on the baby thing. The whole “our babies we’ll be smart and beautiful”. Was nothing more then a set up joke. I don’t think it was a long term goal for the series. Leonard’s goal was Penny. Penny’s goal was to become a big star. She grew up. Now lives in bland compromise. That’s the key to happiness. Acceptance and Denial. So their was really no real obligation from the writers to deliver children. Maybe no one agrees with me, that’s fine. If Shamy get pregnant and a Nobel prize. I think that would be just overkill.
  5. Yeah your probably right, but it is the series final. May as well bring back all the past characters. It should be a celebration, not a wake hopefully. Yeah I Think as far as succesfull relationships goes Lenny is pretty high up their. Kids thing only thing that hamstrings their relationship. They are young, have solid careers, are not restricted by any other variables. Have their indepedence. So all good.
  6. Not really. IT maybe an hour. But with the ton of Advertising bound to be in the Series Final. Everyone wanting an ad spot. The episode well prob end up being 25-30 mins. So we've got an half an hour to fill in alot of culmination to storylines. I Think it is more likely Shamy win the Nobel Prize then a pregnancy. They have barley referenced a Shamy baby, other then a couple of episodes. They have frequently had more focus on The Super Assymtery plot and Lenny baby.
  7. One of the best recurring characters in sitcom history. I know she is mostly hated. But she is a great principal character, who gives the Leonard character a ton of sympathy.
  8. I Think I Always wanted the Elevator to be fixed. That would be a funny tag. I think Shamy well probably get the nobel prize inexplicably but alas. I Think Penny well still give birth. But it is also just as likely she won't. I Think Penny well get a job offer, and Leonard and Penny over the last 7 episodes, well go house hunting. I Think it would be funny when they are all leaving the Apt Unti. They all go in the Fixed Elevator. And it breaks down LOL. I Think then you could have a few flash forwards. Like 20 years later. Then I would love the final tag. To have a Nerdy Girl move in next door, And Two Good Looking Guys say Hi and camera fades black.
  9. I Think it makes sense if you look at the premise. The theme they were going for was Lenny driving off into the sunset without Sheldon. I Don't think this was about acknowledging the worth of the show as a collective. They had the whole cast on Ellen. I Think the audience knows how important the whole cast is.
  10. I see no problem with Just Johnny and Kaley on the cover. Let’s be honest their dynamic was the premise. The whole series is predicated on their relationship. I actually wouldent of minded a Shelnard cover. Or Leonard/Sheldon/Penny. They are the big 3 end of the day. In any respect, I love the cover. Feels very serine and fateful. Feels like Leonard and Penny are driving off into the sunset starting their new life’s. I too wonder if that we’ll be the tag in the finalie.
  11. Admitably the shows writing has really taken a nose dive over the years. But these characters have been in my life since I Was 19. I remember coming home after a tough year in 2008, studying away. And being in my room, and this show The Big Bang Theory came on for the very first time in NZ. I Was like Bridgett! LOL. I fell in love with the shows refreshing breakdown of sitcom tropes. So be bittersweet when the show ends. Its funny I grew up with Friends in the 90s, when I was still in Primary School lol. Never thought another Generational Sitcom would come along like TBBT did.
  12. I don't think its superficial her reasons. I Think she is very insecure. And is still really effected by her own childhood and upbringing. She also see's how Beverly raised Leonard. And of course she is a free spirited independent. So that probably has alot to do with her decision.
  13. This season has not been that bad. Really solid episodes. I enjoyed the Halloween episode. And I have enjoyed the past two episodes. I doubt the finalie well be revolved around Shamy. Being the final episode they well want to wrap up all the long running storylines. I still maintain Penny well give birth in the finalie.
  14. I Think I have posted here before. But some of my all time Favs. Curb Your Enthusasim Seinfeld Friends I Love Lucy Family Ties All in the Family Married With Children 3rd Rock from The Son How I Met Your Mother Two and a Half Men Fraiser Mom Taxi Everybody Loves Raymond
  15. Quite possible for Howards Father to show up in the series Final. Which would make sense to wrap things up for that character, bit of drama too. Seeing they can easily wrap this show up in one episode since Season 7. They could easily wrap up long term storylines in the finalie. I think Penny well give birth, I am not sure about Shamy but who knows. I Think Penny well get a job offer, I Think the Elevator well get fixed. I always suggested be funny. IF when they are leaving. Lenny find an house, and get ready to leave Pasadena. And they all go in the fixed Elevator. And it breaks down LOL. Then you would have some flash forwards. I would also love a tag at the end. Kinda like when the credits roll after a movie. They cut to a reimaginaing of the first scene between Shelnard and Penny. This time you've got a Hot Guy, and Two geeky girls come across and say Hello. Camera Fades black....
  16. Bit of a Throwback. It was this week March 14th 2013. The Closet Reconfiguration aired. One of my all time favourite Lenny episodes.
  17. 3ku11

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  18. The idea of Shamy having children seems highley experiemental to me. I fear Sheldon would be like a Lite Beverley. I Feel Leonard would want to erase his childhood, and is desperately seeking a connection. That he never had with his own Mother growing up. So to me the story of the narrative is Leonard seeking that kinda depth that he has never had in his life. Fullfulment. So that is why I Think it makes sense to me Leonard as a father, more then Sheldon. Hypothetically if Shamy have kids, for whatever reason. I think Leonard is entitled to feel jealous. I don't think he is a wuss for compromising in his marrige. I thought it showed great courage and strength. And showed how much he loves his wife, more then he wants children. But he is a human being, not a robot. Its natural. As it is I Think Penny well give birth by end of the series, I am predicting.
  19. I loved their scene, fav part of the episode! This late in the run to see Leonard confront her. And she opened up to him was surprising I got to say. Thats what I said in the other Lenny thread. I think this could be a major plot line for the series final. May lead to Penny getting a big job offer. Could mean Penny is offered a job and she has to commute. And Leonard and Penny need to make a decision about it.
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