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  1. yes when you get nude photos by people you do not know that when you get upset,this was done AS A JOKE by her friend.
  2. like those where stolen pictures this picture is a friend having fun with her.
  3. yes exposure ,not like she and a friend where just having fun.wow is our world this sensitive.
  4. why i found it funny and I think if you use Snapchat you see the filters are an old man pointing out on someones breast.Honestly might not been even that sexual in nature.Brad is gay so I think he did it for fun not sexual enjoyment.
  5. Tacky and teastless ,heck no It is only one boob.Agin this is not 2001 anymore
  6. They should not ,I highly doubt they will see it.It not like she showed the whole thing it is covered up.
  7. that is the big deal wow, she played a joke with her gay friend showed her boobs.Is this 2001?
  8. I bet she is done,even thought summers are nice in Alberta.I think she misses LA.
  9. https://ca.news.yahoo.com/jane-goodall-slain-zoo-gorilla-223216216.html Kaley has another backer.
  10. or you could let her post what she wants to
  11. at the end of the day the parents ARE responsbile for the kid,He was four years old how in the world do you allow a four year old run around in a zoo.Also it seemed the Gorllia was trying to protect the kid.It was the loud crowds that was starling the Gorilla that made him go a bit insane. Kaley has the right to voice her opinon and she was a bit Cattle Decapitation with her last instagram post but she has the rights to post it.
  12. Oh I understand ,if it was up to them they would put in her contract no horse riding .I bet you when she had her accident in 2010 made them a bit nervous. But as I said she is an adult and if CBS or WB hate her Riding then they have to tell her in her next contract talks that maybe no horse riding competition. Just said that.
  13. I understand we all fear the day she might get what happened to Christopher Reeve when he had his horse jumping accident but we need to remember Kaley is a grown women who can make her own choices in life. We all hope she can not get injured as bad as Mr.Reeve did.
  14. Heck she could write songs for band Cattle Decapitation .
  15. I understand metal illness is not a good thing but just because you are trying to commit suicide does not mean you are mentally ill.
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