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  1. Tonight's episode, "The Gyroscopic Collapse"
  2. i would guess that this prop is from early in the shows run, some of the information is changed by later episodes -- much as a two year old kiss suddenly becomes canon. I noticed that there is no Fountain Ave in Pasadena maybe they have to insert bogus info on prop documents avoid them being seen as a illegal forgery of an official document as opposed to a movie prop.
  3. If you look back on Johnny's Instagram about two years ago he posted a picture of the driver's license that the prop department created for Leonard, It gives his DOB as March 14, 1980...
  4. Accomplishing a task and accomplishing a task proficiently are two different things. Consider a sober individual walking upstairs and unlocking their front door, contrasted with an inebriated (past the .08 legal level) individual doing the same, most people would be able to pick out the drunk. From what I remember of the scene, Penny was already more intoxicated than Raj (comedy TV loves a sloppy drunk). It is unknown how much more drinking would have gone on; if Penny stopped with that last glass we saw her take, her BAC level would have continued to rise.
  5. The fact that Penny did not have a memory of the prior evening's actions is the definition of a blackout. Blackout does not mean passed out or unconscious. People are able to do complicated tasks, such as driving a motor vehicle, while not forming any short term memories of the act. There is some evidence that the rate that the BAC increases plays more of a role that simply the total BAC reached. Females can be more susceptible to experiencing blackouts due to there body size, and generally lower levels of body fluids to dilute the alcohol.
  6. If I remember correctly, the rumor was the season 3 breakup was due to the need to stretch out the Lenny storyline because they got a new 3 year contract. Maybe this is insurance that if the show is renewed for 2 -2 1/2 season, Lenny can separate and spend the new two years talking past each other (it was hilarious the first time). They get to reconcile, or not, in the final 3 minutes of the C storyline in the last episode.
  7. So Mary can be rude, insensitive to others feelings, lacking a functioning filter and is convinced that her way of doing things is the correct way. I wonder if that's a genetic trait that's being passed down?
  8. In earlier season Sheldon's demeaning comments came from being clearly portrayed as socially clueless. The same remarks are now delivered with a tone and smirk that seem voiced with the clear intent to wound.
  9. Stolen/faked vs. her choice would seem to be an important distinction.
  10. I always notice that Kaley is not giving him any help in that scene, her left hand is resting on top of his shoulder not around his back as it would be if she wanted to help stabilize the two of them; when she drops the purse, her right arm is so loose you can tell she is trying to be total dead weight. She must have enjoyed doing that.
  11. And more recently in The Separation Oscillation. Sheldon buy them tickets for a week end San Francisco as a wedding present, plans all the things they are going to do and say "We're going to have so much fun". Got to admit Sheldon continually seeing himself as permanently entwined in Lenny's relationship is so funny....so, so funny .
  12. I half expected that scene to end with Sheldon pushing the trash can with the box and golf ball inside of it into his storage unit.
  13. They're nerds, somebody dangled a free shiny nerd trinket (the movie) in front of them and they jumped at it. They teased Raj, they all tease each other, all the time. Absent any convoluted reasoning that maybe they knew Raj would blow them in, apparently they simply felt guilty about taking a two hour movie hiatus regretted their actions and apologized and tried to make it up to them. That's growth. Someone else tells their girlfriend they are going to start cleaning out their storage unit and accepts he statement that she is proud of him; the last image is the golf ball rolling back into the storage unit.
  14. Kaley has been a working actor for 23 years and Johnny has been a working actor for 29 years. Again, how does one define a "successful" acting career?
  15. One noticeable difference is that in the examples that you point out, the one who "lacks compassion" doesn't "win". There was always a cost to being the bully.
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