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  1. Lots of people hate Sheldon because the show is written that way. From the beginning, Leonard was written as the "straight man" (comedy term for the guy in a comedy team who is effectively the stand in for the audience. The normal character whose is the butt of jokes and the observer for the antics of the "comic(s)". Thus the audience was always intended to sympathize with Leonard in general and his pursuit of Penny in particular. And despite Sheldon's obvious affection and support of Leonard, Leonard has frequently been the object of his derision and arrogant dismissals.
  2. I disagree. Penny is written as having a good deal more common sense and (aside from her sex life) more maturity than Rachel was ever shown to have.
  3. This thread covers several episodes over several seasons so I'll put it here. 1) What ever happened to Alicia the hot, actress that moved in upstairs whom Penny had the knockdown dragout brawl with? (that Penny looks like she lost)? 2) Did James Earl Jones take Sheldon to Tijuana? He seemed mightily enthusiastic for the trip. 3) What happened after Sheldon and the gang fled with the movie reels to "Raiders of the Lost Ark" with the missing 21 seconds ? 4) Did Kripke and everyone else at Caltech ever find out that Sheldon and Amy were not having sex? 5) What happened to Howard and Raj after they bluffed their way into the house with America's top models posing at cable (or satellite) repairman? 6) Did Sheldon ever hang out with Bernadette's father any more? Both of them seemed to enjoy their time together at Thanksgiving.
  4. Don't know if it has been mentioned but something I've always wondered. What happened after Sheldon and the guys fled with the new cut of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" film? Did they get away? Did the "nerd crowd" catch up with them? Did Sheldon eventually drop the movie in order to escape (highly likely).
  5. Well, if you want to talk realism, there is no possible way that someone like Howard would ever be requested by NASA to travel to the International Space Station for the physical limitations alone that he has shown in the show. Also, the idea that NASA would want to mount a telescope that was so difficult to install that ONLY ONE guy in the United States could do it is ridiculous. Historically, NASA likes redundancy. They prefer to only use equipment and procedures that several different people can be relied upon to install or maintain. Look at the Hubble Space Telescope. IIRC about 10 different astronauts have performed both routine and major work on it. Likewise it is utterly unbelievable that Leonards one night stand with the North Korean woman would become known to the U.S. govt. and get him kicked out of any military related program forever. For that matter, Leonard's relationship with a foreign national from India (Pria) might have done the same.
  6. Not enough cardio obviously. Though when rock climbing with Kripke he managed to keep pace until passing out.
  7. Howard managed to pass his physical to become an astronaut so I have few doubts he could pass a military physical. Sheldon has been noted in various episodes as being significantly physically stronger than Raj and Howard.
  8. I don't have a clue whether this is the right forum but I've been meaning to ask the following: Several Big Bang Theory episodes have ended with big things going on that were never directly resolved. For example. 1) The episode about the missing 21 seconds of Raiders of the Lost Ark ended with Sheldon fleeing across the parking lot carrying the movie reels with him while theother guys tagged along and a bunch of outraged fanboys led by Will Wheaton in hot pursuit. What happened after this? Obviously Sheldon had no way of watching the movie himself. 2) When Sheldon and Raj got into their "war" at work the episode ended with Sheldon's office blowing up with Raj inside due to hydrogen sulfide. Raj declared "this isn't over". How did their war in the office eventually resolve itself? 3) Sheldon and Amy started their "rumor experiment" where they started a rumor that they were having sex (and ended with the claim that Amy was pregnant). When did they ever tell the rest of the gang the truth about this? 4) Kripke and others at Caltech thought Sheldon and Amy were having sex. Sheldon allowed this belief to continue as it made problems with his work look better by giving it an understandable explanation. Did, and when did Sheldon correct this assumption? He seemed to no inclination to do so at the end of the episode? Thoughts.
  9. I read in TVGuide I think that in the aftermath of their "first time" that in a surprise twist it was going to be Sheldon and not Amy that can't get enough sex.
  10. I loved how it showed Sheldon actually worrying about how things would go even though he fully understood the the "mechanics" of it And Professor Protons reaction when Sheldon said "I think they call it their 'junk'" was priceless.
  11. This episode and the two before it has pushed me to the verge of giving up on The Big Bang Theory. Yes the episodes are well made and the story isn't that bad. My problems: 1) The episodes are just not funny anymore. Back just a few seasons ago about every third episode had some literally fall down laugh hysterical moments. Even if the overall episode wasn't that funny they had some hilarious moments. Such as "The Precious Fragmentation" which wasn't that funny but the thing about Raj accidentally giving the Aquaman action figure a hand job was hilarious. 2) The episodes overall seem to lack direction. Marriages are often the death of television shows and I fear that the writers had no clue as how to handle TBBT with Penny and Leonard now a married couple. Maybe next week will be better.
  12. A solid episode though given that arguably the Leonard/Penny wedding Is the ultimate event of the series it is actually pretty understated. Sheldon's rage at Amy was somewhat of a surprise. Especially how cutting his remark of "those eggs you re carrying have a use by date". Which one can say shows how Sheldon views marriage. Ultimately about children (and by inference, sex).
  13. Five years later does anyone know what happened to the ring? Though to me the biggest laugh was Raj inadvertently giving Aquaman the hand job.
  14. Has anyone mentioned yet that Keith Carradine appears again as Penny's father Wyatt in the third episode of the ninth season? Per Carradine's Wikipedia entry.
  15. I was just watching a rerun of the Tenure Turbulence and I was surprised it was fully two seasons ago! Was there any indications at all as to who had gotten the tenured position? Leonard, Raj, Sheldon, or Barry Kripke? Of course I'm sure there were more up for it than just those four. Although I would put Kripke as having an edge given his work being superior to Sheldon's and his superior ability to suck up.
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