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Found 32 results

  1. I was looking at the bloopers this morning, when I realized that the woman who played Amy's mother in the Skype at the end of "The Desperation Emanation" (it played last night, so thats why i probably noticed), in two of the blooper scenes. The first one, is when she is seen behind Sheldon in the first group of "Bullwhip and Fedora" mess ups. The second time is when she is seen behind Leonard, in both clips, when Leonard is talking to Alex. So it appears that Amy's mother is usually available to tape.
  2. The Big Bang Theory has submitted the following two episodes for Academy consideration for the Emmy's: The Egg Salad Equvialency The Closet Reconfiguration I know they will get another submission opportunity if nominated to add a third episode. I hope they add "The Love Spell Potential' because it was a good one with all the cast as well. Actors I don't think get to submit unless they are nominated. Once nominated they submit for actual voting.
  3. I know that John Ross Bowie ( Barry Kirpke ) does not have a speech impediment.....are his lines typed with the impediment or is he that good an actor?
  4. Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone a heads up about a new interview with actor Kevin Sussman who plays Stuart on the show. In the interview Kevin talks about his favorite movies, working on the show, who the Stuart character is to him, as well as the BBT adult film parody that's out there. It's a very funny interview with him. you can check it out here: http://blog.tvstoreonline.com/2013/05/actorwriter-kevin-sussman-talks-about.html
  5. Last night I bought this script "signed by the cast" at the Juno's charity auction only to get home & find out the COA isn't real, & the company who issued it (fantactics.net) doesn't appear to be reputable. I was trying to figure out who the signature's are supposed to be but 99% of things on ebay are fake & no help. I did find some Kunal Nayyar signatures similar to the one in the top left but this one only has 1 Y. I also found this auction that has Jim Parsons & Kaley Cuaco's signature's that look like the one's on my script but the item location is the same place this Fantactics COA company is from! Even if those 3 were all real I'm left with the loopy one on the right side that looks similar to some Simon Helberg ones but this one clearly doesn't start with an S. And this one in the middle looks like it starts with a R or a K then has an O or a Q I searched the complete cast & crew lists on IMDB & can't figure out anyone they could possibly be. I'm trying to get ahold of the charity cuz I know they said they had a list of who supposedly signed it but in the meantime I thought I'd ask here because I'm sure you guys have seen real cast autographs. Thanks in advance for any infor you have
  6. Hey guys check this out, I stumbled upon this charades app while looking for something I could play with my little sister, and all of a sudden I noticed the one and only Howard Wolowitz in the game! You can 'unlock' and guess his pre-acted charades (along with many other celebs). I catch myself laughing out loud more often than not. The game is called Charades For Good, it's a simple little game to kill some time, and its free too! I found the video on the game company's website, so without further adieu I present to you Simon Helberg! Simon playing charades: http://bit.ly/16Y12A7 check out the game if you want to see more of him! Enjoy! :D edit: found links to the app, give it a try for yourself: iOS: http://bit.ly/14oe9L8 Android: http://bit.ly/Xc72n3
  7. Kunal Nayyar best known for his role as Rajesh Koothrappali on the number one network television sitcom for three years, The Big Bang Theory and Gupta in movie series, “Ice Age” will be hosting Maharajas of Comedy in NYC on Feb 15th and Feb 16th!! Filmed in front of a live audience, comedians will give the audience their views on being South Asian in America. You'll hear personal stories of growing up, their families, their experiences, dating and a variety of other subjects. Performing Comedians include Dan Nainan who has recently performed for President Obama, Anish Shah, Kabir "Kabeezy" Singh, Mark Saldana,and Paul Singh, and, live via tape from India, Papa CJ will deliver a special message. Shows: Friday February 15th 8:00 pm Saturday February 16th 7:00pm Saturday February 16th 9:00 pm Tickets: http://www.maharajas-of-comedy.com/
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