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Found 38 results

  1. My lastest Shamy AU One Shot. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12205523/1/The-Trundle-Reaction For a period of about 24/48 hours, somehow my initial draft overwrote the original published final version when I went back in to correct some spelling and grammar mistakes. The story has been updated to fix the issue. I apologize to anyone who read the draft and got confused by the continuity issues and errors. It was never meant to be seen. However, for those that did, I know you appreciate the work and rework that goes into creative writing and understand.
  2. Hi guys! So I just published a new fanfiction. Do people still read fanfiction anymore? I have no idea. Well if you do: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12189514/1/To-The-Moon It's gonna be a Shamy multi-chapter romance/drama fic with the other characters for supporting. It's actually a cross-over fic between BBT and one of my all-time favorite video games. I'm just so in love with the story and it fits so well in the BBT universe that I had to do a crossover. With major differences, of course, because I have to make the story fit with Shamy and make it my own! I hope you guys like it. If there is any confusion with the first chapter: don't worry. It will make sense soon enough. And I will also answer any questions. The game this is based off has an absolutely beautiful soundtrack. Take a listen here if you want to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Snl67XsI6Is
  3. After lots of discussion in the Shamy thread, Lionne suggested there should be a poll on the above question.
  4. This is just a silly question I was thinking about while driving to work this morning. So a lot of us fan fic authors have written a scene with Shamy's "first time". Now that their first time happened on screen (which I thought was very tender, sweet and very them), I was wondering did you see any coincidences between what you wrote, and Shamy's actual first time on screen? In my completed fics, I only had them have sex in one of them - the Fight Aftermath. But I had a few snippets which I thought were a bit similar to the show. From Fight Aftermath (just before coitus): <snip> Sheldon returned to the bedroom in a plain white t-shirt and his pyjama bottoms. He turned off the lights to his room and turned on his bedside lamp. He quickly got into bed and looked over at Amy. Her face was flushed red, her arms were full of goose bumps. Her hands were slightly shaking. “Amy what wrong?” he asked concerned. <snip> Got the white t-shirt, and Amy with goosebumps because she was nervous! Check! <snip> “To get back to our conversation, I guess even though I visualize stuff, I’m still scared that I am going to screw up, and I hate being anything less than perfect. " <snip> Well Sheldon told his fears to Amy, while in the show, he was telling Professor Proton. But he was worried about screwing up also. (half check?) <snip> Amy looked at Sheldon and brushed a stray hair off his forehead. “Sheldon, I’m really scared too, I mean really scared. I practically had a full blown panic attack after our strip counterfactuals game the other night.” Sheldon looked surprised. “Really? You’ve been the one pushing us to be more intimate. I thought that you were ok with everything.” “I do want to be more intimate, but you have to remember, that this is so new for me too. I’ve never done any of this before either. " <snip> Amy telling Sheldon her fears of the "unknown". Check! Well, then my fic diverges, as they start talking a bit of Star Trek and then it's off to the races. <snip> “When I asked you to stay over tonight, I wanted to do exactly this. I wanted to hold you in my arms all night. To kiss you. To see you smile. That is what I wanted.” Sheldon said as he caressed Amy’s neck. “That’s what I want too. I want to fall asleep in your arms, wake up in your arms and stare into those beautiful blue eyes of yours. Let’s make it so.” Amy said. “Captain Picard!…Good Lord woman, you drive me wild. Don’t get me thinking about Star Trek….I’m having enough trouble with fantasies…” “Are you going to boldly go where no man has gone before?” Amy laughed. “Stop it!” Sheldon grabbed her pillow and whacked her with it. They both burst out laughing. “Come here” He pulled Amy towards him and wrapped his arms around her. He looked at her intently, and then reached over and turned off the lamp. “Resistance is futile, Amy, resistance is futile.” He softly placed his lips and hers, which melted into a passionate kiss. “Yes it is, Dr. Cooper, yes is it….” <snip> I bet a lot of us have accidently touched on scenes that were very similar to the real deal. I would love to read about yours!
  5. So, I bit the bullet and decided to open up this topic for discussion for those who want to discuss their views of feminism, its definition, and how they feel it affects their viewing of TBBT. This thread is for those who want to express themselves openly without feeling they have to stay on the topic of a particular character or ship. Mayim published an article on GrokNation where she addresses the language and cultural assumptions about sex. Reading commentary over the past several days has made me realize that my views on feminism, especially in relationships, are quite skewed. Perhaps others feel the same way. The purpose of this thread is to gain perspective, not to try to convince another to change his/her view. Please keep the conversations civil and respect each other's opinions . It's okay to defend one's position, but please do so respectfully without attacking or insulting another for having a different POV.
  6. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11670697/1/The-Emotion-Culmination I just published the first chapter of my next story expanding the scenes from Episodes 9.10 and 9.11 Thank you in advance for the reviews and suggestions. I look forward to feedback.
  7. I've published the first chapter of my next Shamy FF. Spoiler Alert: Contains some S9 spoilers based on information released from the tapings, but not yet aired. Warning: The first chapter is kind of a downer, but it is a set up for good stuff to come later, I promise. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11512549/1/The-Discussion-Resurgence
  8. Chiany

    Shamy Soundtrack

    Since we probably are going to get many good & bad moments, I want to continue this thread during season 8. My feelings about the Shamy relationship at the moment, are captured perfectly in this song. It's a dutch song, but I'll post a translation below: Shit, I am crazy about you but still things aren’t go so good right now and I should be away from you. But that’s insane, because I find the right path together with you. A real woman, one I really trust. But still, sometimes I get really scared. And that’s weird, my whole life is like a test for you. It’s kinda cold, If I tell you I love you, what would happen? Please understand how difficult this situation became. It causes tears to fall, costs days and years of our lives, it tears us apart, but still neither of us want to give this all up, so we keep on trying, our head held high. You and me, yin and yang, marked for life. We are in a zone just the two of us, no one really knows what it is. We were going for a dream together, but the road disappeared in the mist. We’re bad together We’re perfect together. We ruin things together. We’re still together just the two of us. We’re worse together. We’re perfect together. We are everything that should not be, what doesn’t fit, what can’t be, but completely under the spell, of each other. Ey, shit there were many chances, both took a chance, but both messed up a chance. I don’t count on chances, they play games with my heart. I’m tired of chances, baby, dance with me tonight. We waited far too long, tried for far too long, To really make this work. I just don’t have the strength. And am to weak at the moment, too keep fighting for us, honey. Let’s be fair, we both underestimated this. But I don’t want to admit, baby I do have baggage, your objection, I don’t want them I don’t want to fight, I want the vibe of our beginning. To give so much love, you think you’ll never find that again. We are in a zone just the two of us, no one really knows what it is. We were going for a dream together, but the road disappeared in the mist. We’re bad together We’re perfect together. We ruin things together. We’re still together just the two of us. We’re worse together. We’re perfect together. We are everything that should not be, what doesn’t fit, what can’t be, but completely under the spell, of each other. We are unclear, Time to become clear. That goes for me, and for you, we both know why we do this. We’re bad together We’re perfect together. We ruin things together. We’re still together just the two of us. We’re worse together. We’re perfect together. We are everything that should not be, what doesn’t fit, what can’t be, but completely under the spell, of each other.
  9. If you plan to go Spoiler free in Season 8 like me, please join me here to discuss Pasadena's favorite power Couple!
  10. Below is a link to the best Shamy moments over the past four years since the first fateful meeting of those two characters on May 24th, 2010. This story was inspired by all of your wonderful Shamy fan fiction stories that I have had the pleasure of reading and have enjoyed tremendously, that have uplifted my spirit, and given me hope for the future of the characters that we all love so much! I had wanted to post this on the 24th, the actual anniversary of their first meeting, but that didn't work out, so I’m posting it on my fiftieth birthday instead. Anyway, enjoy all, and thank you for your beautiful stories!!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4OUnkfhmdopNThlR2lWNktNeE0/edit?usp=sharing
  11. Below is a link of the best Shamy moments over the past four years since the first fateful meeting of those two characters on May 24th, 2010. This story was inspired by all of your wonderful Shamy fan fiction stories that I have had the pleasure of reading and have enjoyed tremendously, that have uplifted my spirit, and given me hope for the future of the characters that we all love so much! I had wanted to post this link on the 24th, the actual anniversary of their first meeting, but that didn't work out, so I'm posting it on my fiftieth birthday instead. Anyway, enjoy all, and thank you for your beautiful stories!!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4OUnkfhmdopNThlR2lWNktNeE0/edit?usp=sharing
  12. This is something I've been curious about for a long time. OTP stands for "one true pair" This is copied directly from the shipping(fandom) Wikipedia page. OTP - Short for "One True Pairing"; to deem a ship OTP, one is declaring their deep emotional investment in it; perhaps he or she feels that the characters involved in the relationship are meant for each other above all other relationships they may be put in by others I want to know if the Shamy fans on here, ship them as their OTP or not. To be clear, my interpretation of OTP is that you ship Shamy over any other couple in any other fandom. As in if only one couple in the entire fiction world could be together you would pick them. For me Shamy is definitely my OTP. There's never been a couple that I've read fanfics for, looked at fan made videos for, and of course joined a forum to talk about them constantly. The only other couples I've been slightly obsessed with are Lois and Clark in Smallville and Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter. Please share who your OTP is. Note: Please don't make this an argument about what couple is the greatest. Everyone has the right to their own OTP. A Shamy shipper who doesn't say Shamy is their OTP does not make them any less of a Shamy shipper.
  13. I thought it would be funny if Sheldon and Amy end up having intercourse that Sheldon doesn't enjoy it and says something like "I don't see what everyone keeps going on about" and than Amy feels terrible and confines in penny to figure out what she did wrong. Than Amy trys ridiculously hard to be attractive for sheldon and does a bunch of wacky things such as try and dress up as wonder-woman and puts on too much make up and fails miserably at every attempt since sheldon just doesn't get what shes trying to do. Yet gives her some approving comment but not the type of reaction Amy wanted. Than at the end of the episode either Amy or Penny bluntly tells Sheldon exactly what they are trying to do.
  14. I noticed something. When Leonard went out with Amy since Sheldon wouldn't when Leonard said he had a good time Sheldon Got the impression Leonard was interested in her and got upset with him for it. However when Amy kisses Penny and is drunk Sheldon doesn't seem to really care at all.
  15. I have a new WIP up at Fanfiction.com. I am going to work through my feelings about the season finale taping report. It's called the Make-up Inefficacy. I've just posted chapter 2. The current story is going to be told from Sheldon's point of view, while the story of Amy's summer is going to be told in a series of flashbacks. And I just watched Frozen for the first time last night. So now Amy's theme song for the story is "Let it Go".
  16. Heey... First time attempting to write fanfiction (please be gentle!) Anyway, I thought I'd do a mock teleplay focusing on Sheldon's train romp after season 7 finale, and using some of the ideas I've gathered from conversations with friends about what could have caused Sheldon's ADORABLE quirks. I'm gonna paste it here for now, as I'm still trying to get my bearings with my new fanfiction.net account. As soon as I have it up I will delete the text and put up the link instead. But please, let me know if this is something you like or find intriguing, and I will hopefuly find time to continue to write this out :3 Also, please suggest tags for this before I upload it to fanfiction.net... I feel like a clueless noob there . Here we go! Chapter 1: The set is a daytime shot, inside of an Amtrack Coastliner. Sheldon enters the cabin and, after brief consideration, sits hugging his satchel instead of putting it in the overhead compartment. He shuffles a bit in his seat as people walk by looking for an empty seat. A teenage boy stops beside him. Kid: Is this seat taken? Sheldon: Yes. The kid sits in another seat. Everyone settles and he seems relieved to have been left alone. He takes out his phone, glances at the time and sets it down instead of putting it away. The train pulls out of the station. A woman about his age, but wearing clothes that seem too young for her age turns over the seat in front of him and leers. He tries to hide his discomfort and fails miserably. He doesn’t look at her directly but before long she speaks. Woman: Hello… Shelly. Sheldon looks up in utter shock and his jaw drops as realization dawns on him. Sheldon: What are YOU doing here? Woman: Is that any way to greet me after so long? What’s the matter? You look like you saw a ghost. Sheldon: No offense but you’re really the last person in the world I want to see right now, and that’s saying a lot, since I’m practically on a mission to get away from every single person I know, even the ones I actually like. Woman: Your words, they cut. After delivering these words dryly, the woman continues to regard him guardedly, but with curiosity. Sheldon (standing up): Well this was… something, now excuse me… Woman: Sure, move, the only empty seats are next to a six-year-old, and another one next to dreadlocks with the strong patchouli scent. Or next to me, of course (she pats the seat next to her with a look of derision) Sheldon sits back down, sneering. Sheldon: This can’t be a coincidence, last I head of you was you were living in Arizona. Woman: That was almost twenty years ago Shelly, you haven’t exactly kept up with me. Not that I blame you or anything. Well… a little. She tries to smirk but snaps back to a poker face when she gets no reaction from Sheldon. Both characters are silent for a few seconds. Sheldon looks down contemplatively; the woman keeps looking at him like she’s trying to read him. Woman: Anyway yeah, it’s not a coincidence I’m here. And you know there’s only one person who could have sent me. Sheldon: I never thought people could get so desperate so quickly. Woman: You bailed almost two months ago. Sheldon: I did NOT bail; I needed some time for contemplation. Not that I owe YOU any explanations. Woman: Ouch, stop, you wound me deeply. Sheldon: Let’s not drag this out any more than we have to; just give me your message, or your warning, or words of safe passage through the underworld or whatever it is they sent you to give me. Woman: Are you really in that much of a hurry to send me away? You’re not the least bit curious as to what’s become of me? Sheldon: Correct, I have far too much on my mind right now without adding ancient quarrels and long-forgotten devastation to the mix. Woman: So you have enough with the present quarrels and devastation that you’re making worse by running away… AGAIN? Sheldon (starting to lose his composure): I did NOT run away back then, I left the country to pursue my higher studies. And I owe you no explanation Gris, no more than you owe me. We are what we are, like we inadvertedly were back then. I have absolutely no interest in bringing up that part of my past again. So please, I beg of you, tell me what you have to tell me and then GO AWAY! Gris (after a few seconds of thought): You changed. I mean, I don’t blame you, maybe I’m also too close to myself to realize how little of that girl you once knew is left but… damn! They both look away from each other and meditate silently for a few seconds. Gris: Your mother sent me, to give you this. Gris throws an envelope at him. He opens it and looks at the content, a plane ticket. Sheldon: Why? Gris: Didn’t say… You’ll just have to find out. Now go ahead and make your phone call before whoever gets worried. Sheldon: How did you know I have to make a phone call? Gris (turning around to sit down): You’ve been white-knuckling your phone and obsessively checking the time while we’ve been talking. (Over her shoulder) Have a good life, Sheldon. Sheldon, after a few beats, composes himself enough to dial Amy’s number.
  17. I usually watch the new Big bang theory but I guess I missed this episode. Apparently he kisses amy at a restaurant. What season is this episode from? I would like to know so I can buy the season. If anyone could help me that would be great! Thanks!
  18. Okay, so I finally caved and decided to write a Shamy fic. The reason I was so apprehensive is because I normally write very emotional stuff, and writing the smart-sounding language in TBBT is quite a daunting task. But anyways. I'm giving it a go. Chapter 1: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10139291/1/What-We-Have Rated M for later chapters. I'm just kinda laying the groundwork right now. To be completely honest, I'm not 100% sure where I'm going, but I have a few ideas. :D
  19. This thread is to post positivity for Shamy's future and possible circumstances for the end of S7
  20. This has been puzzling me for a while, ever since I became involved with this fandom, I always wondered, does it have a name? what to we call ourselves as a group or individual fans? I always Imagined us being called "Bazinga Geeks" or "Bazinga Nerds" or "Sheldon Cooper's C-men" what kind of name are we known as? It would be fun Wouldn't it!
  21. Much like there are Shamy moments that I like to re-watch again and again, there are Shamy fanfic moments that I like to re-read again and again. My favorite Shamy fanfic moments in no particular order. All the credit goes to the amazing authors. All these stories are incredibly good, and you should take the time to read them all. These are moments that stuck with me and I will sometimes go back and re-read these random moments. Let me know if you have any favorite Shamy fanfic moments that you like to read again and again. 1) The Vegas Interpretation by Sheps888 End of chapter 8, It is revealed that Amy is Sheldon’s biggest turn on Why I like to read it: I love that they play Jeopardy together (my favorite game show) and I love the tie breaker game. Sheldon knows so much about Amy and then the end is just so perfect. It’s one of the first fanfic things I ever read and it turned me into a Shamy fanfic fanatic. 2) The Vegas Interpretation by Sheps888 Chapter 20, Sheldon and Amy are making out on his bed. Why I like to read it: It’s incredibly sweet to me and I love that they take their time making out instead of getting right into coitus. I also love when Amy talks about Sheldon and her whole speech that ends with “That’s the most amazing love story I could ever hope to be a part of”. 3) The Vegas Interpretation by Sheps888 Chapter 22, Amy realizes the papers under his bed are hers. Why I like to read it: To me I can feel Amy’s pain as she opens up the safe and I get such an amazing aww moment when she realizes they are hers. It’s probably the one I re-read the most. It was a perfect way to end the story. 4) The Mendacity Revelation by Misophonia Chapter 16: You Can’t Handle the Truth, Sheldon tells Amy why he kissed her, Why I like to read it: I love the way the author describes the feelings Sheldon had to get him to kiss her. “I kissed you because I wanted to so badly I couldn’t see straight”. 5) The Paradigm Shift Observations by jesterkoops Chapter 10: The Paradigm Shift Culmination, Sheldon can’t help but kiss Amy 3 times. Why I like to read it: When Sheldon says “I’m really sorry, I just… I can’t…” , my heart drops and then he says “I can’t leave it at two…”, I get all giddy inside. Amy will definitely put his love of repetition to good use someday. 6) The Parentage Realisation by shamy4ever End of Chapter 5 into Chapter 6, Sheldon realizes he is a father to four year old twins. Why I like to read it: I’m a sucker for a Shamy fanfic with kids in it. Personally I don’t think they will have kids on the show, but I like the idea and turn to fanfics to read about it. The emotion in these chapters and Sheldon realizing he is a father to twins is incredibly moving. 7) The Family Reunion Probability Theorem by Misophonia Chapter 38, Sheldon tries to find the perfect way to tell Amy “I love you” and it couldn’t be more perfect. Why I like to read it: I’m pretty sure I want Sheldon to say “I love you” more than I want Sheldon to kiss Amy. I love how much thought he put into saying it and even got some advice from Raj. I love this story and the “I love you” part is the best part of the story.
  22. here is the reality of bigbang theory in academia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SBmxsRpI5A
  23. I can imagine thousands of hilarious scenarios involving TBBT characters and volunteering gone awry. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, Amy, Bernadette, and/or Penny should be shown volunteering somewhere. At least 1 out of 7 people I know in real life volunteer 4 or more hours per month at a hospital, hospice, food bank, Habitat for Humanity, Peace Corps, Big Brothers Big Sisters, or somewhere. I'd expect to see at least 1 out of the 7 main characters in TBBT do some volunteering. [edit Oct28: The question/topic is flawed. Bernadette has mentioned volunteering, but we haven't actually seen it in an episode] [edit Oct28: Sursonica reminded us that Bernadette has mentioned volunteering (Season 5, Episode 11, The Speckerman Recurrence). I had forgotten about that. In the middle of the episode Bernadette says, "Every other week I serve at a soup kitchen downtown". At the very end of the episode, Bernadette steals a pair of boots from a charity clothing bin and yells to Penny and Amy: "It's ok. I serve soup to poor people!"]
  24. Plot line: Amy is desparate. She obtains/steals an experimental aphrodisiac and erectile dysfunction drug from her lab. She invites Sheldon over for dinner per obligations of the boyfriend-girlfriend agreement. Her plan is to spike the food and finally get Leonard to commit to an intimate relationship. But there is a complications. Leonard invites Leonard and Penny along to protect him from any possible advances that Amy has hinted at. (don't worry about grammar). Amy has already prepared the meal with the aphrodisiac laced into the main course. She can't back out or find a good excuse so they all eat the love potion. Leonard and Penny immediately feel the affects and excuse themselves, rushing back to Penny's appartment. Perhaps they don't even make it home using backseat of the car to succumb to the love potion. Leonard is affected also. He has had a glass of wine at Leonard and Penny's insistence so he thinks it must be the wine talking, but he to is overcome by the drug and whisks a near fainting Amy off to bedroom for a long night of "coitus". That night when Leonard and Penny make it home the love making continues and weakened by the drug Penny proposes to Leonard. The aphrodisiac is only good for 4-6 hours ala Viagra. When the drug wares off Penny has decided she has made a big mistake. In the meantime Sheldon is making excuses to go over to Amy's appartment and is continuing to get Amy into bed, making up rational excuses to continue having "coitus". Penny gets together with Bernadette and Amy to discuss her conundrum, how to back out of the marriage proposal without breaking up with Leonard. Amy finally confesses to her machinations, and Penny now knows why she proposed, and is going to use the drugging as the perfect excuse to back out of the marriage proposal. But of course Sheldon can't find out. But of course he does. No one is good at keeping a secret. When Leonard tells Sheldon the marriage is off, Sheldon's curiousity is expressed in 20 questions that Leonard finally throws up his hands and tells him about the aphrodisiac laced meal. Sheldon is furious. He marches over to Amy's appartment with Leonard and Penny in tow and confronts Amy with her deception and threatens to end the relationship, in scathing terms. Then Amy halts his attack with the fact that the drug wore off the night he ate the laced food. Everything after that was all Sheldon's doing. Sheldon now has to face his human frailty that is only meant to happen to the common people and not him. He sits on Amy's couch bewildered and simply ends with the phrase "Oh" .
  25. Hello~! This is my very first fanfic and I really hope you guys like it. I wanted to make a his and her story (Sheldon's side will be posted next week). I'll be updating the 2 fics alternatively. Reviews and feedback are much appreciated. SHELDON LEE COOPER (HIS STORY) AMY FARRAH FOWLER (HER STORY) PROLOGUE PROLOGUE CHAPTER 1: THE FOWLER DISTURBANCE CHAPTER 1: THE COOPER ENCOUNTER CHAPTER 2: THE MOMMY INTERACTION CHAPTER 2: THE MATERNAL FACTOR
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