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Found 336 results

  1. I'd catch an episode here or there, but now I'm in it for the long haul and getting caught up. But, I wanted to share what actually pulled me into BBT. http://www.facebook.com/HangoverTheory They're releasing it in Episodes on YouTube through next week. http://youtu.be/cF3xhyeVIiU And does Sheldon ever wear the same shirt twice? Just curious LOL
  2. Hey guys, just wanted to give everyone a heads up about a new interview with actor Kevin Sussman who plays Stuart on the show. In the interview Kevin talks about his favorite movies, working on the show, who the Stuart character is to him, as well as the BBT adult film parody that's out there. It's a very funny interview with him. you can check it out here: http://blog.tvstoreonline.com/2013/05/actorwriter-kevin-sussman-talks-about.html
  3. "The Spoiler Alert Segmentation" – When Sheldon and Leonard fight, it affects Penny and Amy’s living arrangements. Meanwhile, Raj takes care of Mrs. Wolowitz while Howard is away, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Feb. 7 (8:00 – 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Episode Guide | Wiki
  4. The Decoupling Fluctuation - When Sheldon learns that Penny is thinking about breaking up with Leonard, he tries to intervene. Meanwhile, in space, the other astronauts pick on Howard, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Oct. 4 (8:00 - 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Episode Guide | Wiki
  5. I want to suggest that Sheldon becomes addicted to couponing and get the gang involved on a major shopping trip so he can feed and cloth a home less shelter perhaps after a God experience bought on by his mother who gets sick or something alone that line.
  6. New to the site.. Love the show. One of my fav bands Muse, latest release a concept album "The 2nd Law of Thermodynamics" is outstanding. I just invision Penny listening to them, Sheldon questioning and the whole gang being involved til they have the group on the show. Endless possibilities, even educate all of us a little more. Just a thought.
  7. What does Sheldon Cooper think about Rajesh Koothrappali and Bernadette Rostenkowski in terms of intelligence? I remember Sheldon noticing that Bernadette understood what he did (his work), but does that mean he thinks she's smart? With Raj talking more freely, giving our Shelly more to judge him about, I need to know, was this addressed in an episode? (Does anybody know/Has anybody watched an episode where S's opinion of Raj's intelligence was addressed?)
  8. "The Santa Simulation" - Sheldon revisits some Christmas memories during a game of Dungeons and Dragons, while Penny, Bernadette and Amy try to find a girl for Koothrappali when he joins the girls for ladies' night, on THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Dec. 13 (8:00 - 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Episode Guide | Wiki
  9. Seciom

    Never Eat

    Have you notice that when they are eating they only play with the food but never eat it.
  10. I think there should be some way of introducing a version of the show's theme song song using Yoda's grammar... "In a hot, dense state the whole universe was..." Maybe an episode where the guys hear the show's theme song and decide it needs work - and revise it into Yoda-grammar. What do you think? Anyone able to revise the whole song into Yoda-correct grammar?
  11. When is the Second half of big bang theory season six returning to the uk. It suddenley disssapered and hasnt been heard of since. And we cant wait to catch up again.
  12. Hello everybody, Does anyone know the names of all the posters from Howard's room? Maybe a prop inventory available somewhere? I'm interested in finding out what some posters depict, especially the one circled with red in the image I've attached I would really appreciate some help on this one, Thanks
  13. Raj starts dating a drop dead georgeous african american girl. The only thing is that she charges 500 dollars for coitus. Raj does not care because he comes from money and he makes a substantial wage, but not ready to divulge this information to his friends. He carries a picture of her, but his friends are skeptical as to her existance, especially Penny. Penny is uppermost on his mind, because of her street smarts grants her the best person to obtain the information that he is not ready to give. The whole gang wants to meet this mystery woman, especially Penny. Her charater is evolving as as a protector of the group with street smarts which seems to elude the scientists. Raj does not have much of a social life, so when Raj startes saying that he has other plans, Sheldon goes nuts. Raj's girfriend has clients, but she is really starting to like Raj, not as a trick but as a person. Penny finally succeeds into Raj and his girlfriend eating at her restaurant, but promised not to be there. Penny figures a promise is something to be broken if it is important enough. Meeting Raj's girlfriend is most important to Penny. When Penny brings the Bill, Raj's girlfriend says ( I'll take that. ) This is where Penny makes one of her great facial expressions. I am not sure what just happened here, but I will find out. Penny invites Raj into her apartment, and she tell the rest of the group to stay out in her most commanding voice that the whole group totally understands. Raj tells her every thing, and that he is very happy, and could she find it in her heart to leave things alone. We are talking about Penny the Protector. Street smarts at hand, she finds Raj's girlfriend. All the way over, she is trying to convince herself to just talk, no violence just talk. They meet and Raj's girlfriend knows right off that Penny means business. She tells Penny that Raj is a great guy, and she is beginng to have feelings for him. She is very confused because this is no way to conduct business in her line of work, and now asks Penny's advice what to do. So far the only thing I can think of is to pay for everything when I ask him out. It is now time for Penny's what is going on expression. The tables are not turning, but spinning. Raj's girlfriend says I could use a drink. Penny inquires are you asking me out so I don't have to pay?
  14. how about having Stacey and Clinton come do a episode of what not to wear on Amy and let her look good but of course she wont like it and revert Thy did her in real life once
  15. My order 1 - The Holographic Excitation 2 - The 43 Peculiarity 3 - The Re-Entry Minimization 4 - The Higgs Boson Observation 5 - The Santa Stimulation 6 - The Extract Obliteration 7 - The Fish Guts Displacement 8 - The Date Night Variable 9 - The Parking Lot Escalation 10 - The Decoupling Fluctuation 11 - The Habitation Configuration
  16. Shledon in the final scene of episode 14 in season 6 is working with Kripke in his office. Sheldon seems to have more than work on his mind as you can see on his whiteboard. its so funny.
  17. Sheldon should focus on work more and stop spending time with Amy so much.
  18. Unsure if anyone has asked this yet, but do we know when Episode 14 hits the airwaves?
  19. I know I'm jumping the gun a few years but I've been thinking about what should happen in the very last episode of the last season, hopefully many years from now. I was watching an interview with Penny where she said she hopes the series ends with her and Leonard getting married. Here are afew things ihope will happen in the series finale. I hope Sheldon loses his virginity with Amy, Howard gets his doctorate, Rajesh suffers a lab accident that gives him full ability to talk to attractive ladies, Penny gets offered a role on a regular series that conflicts with getting married, Bernadette has a baby, Leslie Winkle gets a Nobel prize related to the formula she fixed on Sheldon's whiteboard after sleeping with Leonard and Stuart has a customer unknowimgly trade a rare multi-million dollar comic for something mundane making him an instant millionaire. What do you want out of the very last episode ever?
  20. I re-watched The Cushion Saturation and I could not find this scene, was it deleted?
  21. What tablet was Sheldon using in this episode? He was playing words with friends with Hawking and its not an iPad.
  22. Just an idea because I want to see the cast and get autographs but I think Sheldon and the gang should be unleashed on the UK public as I feel this would make a cracking show.not everyone's cup of tea but just an idea,if not UK then somewhere else. What you all think? @jmclean1982(twitter)
  23. This has been on my mind a lot recently and I just kinda wanted to share my thoughts with everyone to see what you think. In the episdoe where Sheldon can't get a hair cut and goes into hippy mode playing bongo drums and not caring about the rules anymore, why did he hesitate so much before he finally let Penny cut his hair? He snubbed the roomate agreement, didn't care if people sat in his spot anymore, and was being a bad boy who didn't respond to the controlled, organized world he created. Wandering around with bongo drums he ends up at Amy's house. Why did he sleep on the couch? If he was being such a rebel, why didn't he crawl into bed with Amy? Then when they all finally ganged up on him and told him Penny could cut his hair for him-- he said penny did not have the credentials needed to cut his hair.. seems like something of a contradiction. All of the sudden he cared about structure again? What happened to his chaotic persona for that time? You'd figure such a free spirit would let anybody cut his hair--even if it was just some random pedestrian on the street. It's a paradox. What say you?
  24. In the episode where Amy is sick with a cold and Sheldon comes to take care of her. On the back of her couch is an afghan that looks exactly like the same afghan that was the couch cover on Roseanne. Anyone confirm this?
  25. WOLOWITZ DISCOVERS THAT HE CAN'T ESCAPE HIS MOTHER EVEN IN SPACE, ON THE SIXTH SEASON PREMIERE OF THE BIG BANG THEORY, THURSDAY, SEPT. 27 The Date Night Variable - With his friends on dates, Raj must face his loneliness. Also, Wolowitz is caught in an argument between Bernadette and his mom, even while he's in space, on the sixth season premiere of THE BIG BANG THEORY, Thursday, Sept. 27 (8:00 - 8:31 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Episode Guide | Wiki
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