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Found 32 results

  1. Greetings. Just wondered who actually designs the Soft Kitty image?.....the one that we see on all the merchandise?...anyone know? Kenny.
  2. Greetings all, I'm very happy to have found this board. I am a huge fan of the show, like all of you. My favorite character is Howard, simply because he is so delightfully perverted. Anyway, knowing that Howard is my favorite character, my son bought me a Howard Bobblehead as a gift. Imagine my surprise when I opened the package and found this inside. I actually called and spoke to the distributor and was told that they had heard of no other ones like this and that it was probably one of a kind and worth millions They were so nice that they wanted me to keep this one and sent me another for free. I have the two of them sitting side-by-side. It is so cool to see the exact same character with a different name on each. Anyway, I thought everyone would get a kick out of my "one off" Howard Bobblehead.
  3. As we are big fans of the Big Bang Theory, we've decided to produce some BBT shirts for sale at our store; high quality, yet remarkably low prices... actually, the t-shirts are the lowest prices I've been able to find on the internet, or the world for that matter. ENJOY! -------------------------------- Standard Cotton T-Shirts -------------------------------- 73 Shirt http://www.epicdelusion.com/73-Shirt-p/bb02l.htm Periodic Table Shirt http://www.epicdelusion.com/Periodic-Table-p/pt02l.htm ------------------------------------------------------------- Bella Rib Cab Sleeve. Soft style, Premium Shirts ------------------------------------------------------------- 73 GIRL Shirt http://www.epicdelusion.com/73-Shirt-p/gs03.htm SECURE SITE, CERTIFIED. https://www.epicdelusion.com
  4. We have teamed up with StylinOnline.com to give away a pair of these officially licensed Sheldon and Leonard plush & t-shirt packs. The packs include an 11-inch plush of the character along with the matching t-shirt for you. Enter the contest now for your chance to win!
  5. With the holiday season fast approaching, we have launched our Big Bang Theory Gift Finder to help you find great gifts for the geeks and Big Bang Theory fans in your life this Christmas. The gift finder lists officially licensed Big Bang Theory tees and merchandise, the DVDs and Blu-rays, Sheldon Shirts, along with other geeky t-shirts and toys. Check out our Big Bang Theory Gift Finder You may also be interested to know a line of official Big Bang Theory holiday decorations has just been released. There are Sheldon, Soft Kitty and Bazinga-themed Christmas stockings and ornaments. Have a look at the new Big Bang Theory Christmas decorations.
  6. I picked up the season 5 Blu-ray/DVD combo pack on release day at Best Buy. Normally, when I go to bed, I put in a disc & hit repeat in case I fall asleep. Anyway, after realizing the Blu-rays will not repeat the entire disc (only episodes), I switched, and put the DVD versions in the player. Anyway, disc 2 always freezes at the 6:03 mark, when Leonard & Penny are discussing what movie to see. I returned the set to Best Buy, and the replacement did the exact same thing at the exact same time. I returned it once more, and again, the same thing. Unfortunately, the last time I returned it, the store was out of the combo pack, so now I only have the DVD set. Has anyone else had this problem, as it seems odd that three different sets have had the same issue?
  7. Hi everyone, I have noticed that the site adveretises some of the things that have appeared on the show. But, did you know that The Comic Book Store that appears on the show, even has its own site (even though it doesnt actually exist)? The show has produced the site, as if it is real, for fans to actually buy the things they see in Stuarts comic book store, as if it were real. The site is advertised on the counter of the store. This is the site: http://www.thecomiccenter.com/ If you look around the site, you will see what I mean. So, not only would you be buying comic book memorabilla, but also Props from the actual show. For example, when Leonard was dating Stephine, you may remeber that his Bat Signal went missing after she 'moved in' without him knowing. Well, now you can buy this on 'Stuarts' site. I think this is a genius idea by the show and it is something I have never heard of a show doing before.
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