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Found 3 results

  1. Just wanted to put this out there because this story NEEDS to be discussed. What does everyone think? Is anyone dying from these delaying updates like I am? Are there people out there who eat each chapter like its candy? OMG, this woman can write. Here is what I like about the story: 1. Covers issues on the show that I would love to see come to light like: A. Sheldon's lie to Kripke B. Sheldon's acerbic behavior to Amy in Season 6 C. How much Sheldon takes Amy for granted 2. Explores previously unexplored (or little explored) areas of fanfiction: A. We get a clear id
  2. OK. I just finished this one. Loved it. I also read the other 1 she wrote which wuz awesomesauze too! I looked and looked, but it don't seem like she wrote anymore. Am I wrong? Are there other stories like this one because the ones I came across weren't as good. Help! I am in need of more shots of my new addiction--shamy fanfics!
  3. We have a celebrity this week, Misophonia, start asking your questions!! Special guideline this week... No Fan Fiction related questions... Thanks. A couple of guidelines: 1) This is an absolutely zero debate zone. 2) Follow-up questions are heavily encouraged. You are also encouraged to discuss things you find you have in common 3) Some people will be more open than others about sharing real life details. Please respect that. 4) It is not off-topic to explore something about a person like a hobby or cultural differences as long as they don't mind answering. 5) We post about TB
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