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Found 72 results

  1. Below is a link of the best Shamy moments over the past four years since the first fateful meeting of those two characters on May 24th, 2010. This story was inspired by all of your wonderful Shamy fan fiction stories that I have had the pleasure of reading and have enjoyed tremendously, that have uplifted my spirit, and given me hope for the future of the characters that we all love so much! I had wanted to post this link on the 24th, the actual anniversary of their first meeting, but that didn't work out, so I'm posting it on my fiftieth birthday instead. Anyway, enjoy all, and thank you for your beautiful stories!!! https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B4OUnkfhmdopNThlR2lWNktNeE0/edit?usp=sharing
  2. I have written a number of sequences showing if Leonard's father had become part of the series. The link is https://sites.google.com/site/leonardsfather/ Please read and let me know what you think. I will be updating it frequently.
  3. i just came across the unaired full Pilot episode.. and i know many of us have just seen it in parts... here is the link [link removed]
  4. This is something I've been curious about for a long time. OTP stands for "one true pair" This is copied directly from the shipping(fandom) Wikipedia page. OTP - Short for "One True Pairing"; to deem a ship OTP, one is declaring their deep emotional investment in it; perhaps he or she feels that the characters involved in the relationship are meant for each other above all other relationships they may be put in by others I want to know if the Shamy fans on here, ship them as their OTP or not. To be clear, my interpretation of OTP is that you ship Shamy over any other couple in any other fandom. As in if only one couple in the entire fiction world could be together you would pick them. For me Shamy is definitely my OTP. There's never been a couple that I've read fanfics for, looked at fan made videos for, and of course joined a forum to talk about them constantly. The only other couples I've been slightly obsessed with are Lois and Clark in Smallville and Ron and Hermione in Harry Potter. Please share who your OTP is. Note: Please don't make this an argument about what couple is the greatest. Everyone has the right to their own OTP. A Shamy shipper who doesn't say Shamy is their OTP does not make them any less of a Shamy shipper.
  5. I know AU's aren't too popular, but I'm very confident in my story line and I hope you Shamy fans will give it a chance. Amy Fowler, a sullen woman with a dark past, moves to a small town to start fresh. After exploring the woods behind her new home, Amy stumbles upon a secluded world full of intrigue, creativity, and headed by a mysterious man named Sheldon. But she soon learns that escaping her painful reality to be part of Sheldon's could endanger her life. *Total AU, OOC Shamy & other TBBT cast* http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9597492/1/Moving-Pictures
  6. Is Sheldon really a child? Is that what the cast all sees him as? In the newest episode(Spoiler) Amy trys to make him feel better by giving him strawberry milk. Sheldon replys a "Child's beverage" is not going to fix anything. Leonard and Penny talk about how they taught him "Stranger danger". Leonard offers to take him to legoland to fix things. Penny says that he is a grown man and he can go by himself. Leonard says sheldon looks like a grown man and references "Freaky friday" and penny gives Sheldon a kiss good bye and tells him to "Be safe and call them". (The rest not spoilers) This first thing leads to a previous episode where Amy tries to make him like her more by using things from Sheldon's childhood to make him like her. She made him spaghetti with hot-dogs and strawberry milk. Penny takes Sheldon to Disney land and try not to fight in front of Sheldon. When Leonard and Penny do fight Leonard ends up getting upset and runs to hide at the comic book shop. Bernie gets Sheldon to go to listen by yelling at him like he was a small child. She says "Its ok i know how to deal with stubborn children". Leonard sends Sheldon to bed saying that he will be sleepy for work. He convinces Sheldon to go to sleep because he wants to sleep with Penny. Leonard takes Sheldon home from the ball Pit and the security says he knows a person with special needs. Amy refers to Sheldon as a "Sexy Toddler" in one episode(Which is actually an incredibly creepy remark if you think about it.) Now his mother treats him like a child but its his mother and generally parents always see their kids as kids. No matter what age they become. Howard is actually living with his mother in the beginning and his mother babies him but most of the other cast does not deal with Howard as though he is a child. A lot of times they seem to deal with Sheldon as though they are dealing with a moody child. Also Bernadette said to him "I am telling you now I am not going to be your mother" to Howard in an episode.
  7. Sheldon doesn't seem to hold Penny to the same intellectual standard as Leonard does. Sheldon also seems to blame a person for spreading a lie rather than the person who is going to fall for it. Both Sheldon and Leonard have dealt with penny and the psychic thing. However Sheldon didn't seem to take out his disbelief on penny he took it out on the Psychic basically saying "Shes a dishonest con-artist that is misleading people in order to swindle them out of their money"(Im paraphrasing). He seemed to mostly take it out on the psychic reader. Where when Leonard heard it he took it out on Penny mostly. Now Sheldon did insult Penny in this episode a few times but it was about different things and he didn't take to heart as much as Leonard did. Sheldon just thought it was kind of silly. Leonard for some reason took Penny's ignorance as insult to his intellectual integrity. Now Sheldon seems to have simply accepted Penny is not as smart as them. Leonard seems to expect more from her despite this fact. Sheldon also seems surprised when Bernadette knows what hes talking about. As though he didn't expect her to have any idea what he was talking about.
  8. I thought it would be funny if Sheldon and Amy end up having intercourse that Sheldon doesn't enjoy it and says something like "I don't see what everyone keeps going on about" and than Amy feels terrible and confines in penny to figure out what she did wrong. Than Amy trys ridiculously hard to be attractive for sheldon and does a bunch of wacky things such as try and dress up as wonder-woman and puts on too much make up and fails miserably at every attempt since sheldon just doesn't get what shes trying to do. Yet gives her some approving comment but not the type of reaction Amy wanted. Than at the end of the episode either Amy or Penny bluntly tells Sheldon exactly what they are trying to do.
  9. http://www.buzzfeed.com/kaitlynnknopp/20-things-we-can-learn-from-sheldon-cooper-de8z I found this article and I wanted to know is there any lessons you learned from shows? http://www.buzzfeed.com/awesomer/adventure-time-is-making-you-a-better-person Here is one for Adventure time as well.
  10. I just put this under spoilers. I wasn't sure if it counted. I Added the Spoilers prefix this time. I loved watching a just PennyXSheldon episode. These two characters are so cute together. I think I would like to see more Shenny focused episodes even if its not PennyXSheldon dating. They really compliment each others personalities. Also noticed Amy pointed out the connection Penny and Sheldon share. I love what sheldon told the psychic. "Im clearly an annoying person and have problems with both genders".
  11. With all the Amy x Howard talks in the forum, I briefly thought about what if Sheldon matched up with Bernie. When I went to bed I ended up dreaming about it. The dream went like this: The four guys were drunk and shirtless. They tried to squeeze together in one bed trying to sleep while talking to each other. Then Sheldon confessed that back then, I think he said college, he had met Bernie and they slept together. (which doesn't make sense since Sheldon is really young when he went to college and couldn't have met Bernie) And then Howard looked at him in shock. And it kind of became clear to them why Bernie and Sheldon don't talk too much. I was so frickin' happy when I woke up and it wasn't real. I soooo cannot forgive the writers if they do that for realz. I can't believe I celebrated my 100th post with this nightmare... LOL EDIT: I was not expecting a lot of people to respond and I didn't know other people had wacky dreams too. If any more of you guys have crazy TBBT dreams, feel free to share~!
  12. I want to discuss what exactly happened to Sheldon during the improvisation episode and why did it bother him so much? Where spoc comes to take him to the future.
  13. Sheldon as a pranks mixed Soap, Iodine and Peroxide. Since Iodine is the catylist its not included in the equation. In the show as well as live demonstrations of this experiment you see the substance getting very hot. If its really gets hot enough for steam coming off of it wouldn't it burn everyone it was dropped on in the room?
  14. Heey... First time attempting to write fanfiction (please be gentle!) Anyway, I thought I'd do a mock teleplay focusing on Sheldon's train romp after season 7 finale, and using some of the ideas I've gathered from conversations with friends about what could have caused Sheldon's ADORABLE quirks. I'm gonna paste it here for now, as I'm still trying to get my bearings with my new fanfiction.net account. As soon as I have it up I will delete the text and put up the link instead. But please, let me know if this is something you like or find intriguing, and I will hopefuly find time to continue to write this out :3 Also, please suggest tags for this before I upload it to fanfiction.net... I feel like a clueless noob there . Here we go! Chapter 1: The set is a daytime shot, inside of an Amtrack Coastliner. Sheldon enters the cabin and, after brief consideration, sits hugging his satchel instead of putting it in the overhead compartment. He shuffles a bit in his seat as people walk by looking for an empty seat. A teenage boy stops beside him. Kid: Is this seat taken? Sheldon: Yes. The kid sits in another seat. Everyone settles and he seems relieved to have been left alone. He takes out his phone, glances at the time and sets it down instead of putting it away. The train pulls out of the station. A woman about his age, but wearing clothes that seem too young for her age turns over the seat in front of him and leers. He tries to hide his discomfort and fails miserably. He doesn’t look at her directly but before long she speaks. Woman: Hello… Shelly. Sheldon looks up in utter shock and his jaw drops as realization dawns on him. Sheldon: What are YOU doing here? Woman: Is that any way to greet me after so long? What’s the matter? You look like you saw a ghost. Sheldon: No offense but you’re really the last person in the world I want to see right now, and that’s saying a lot, since I’m practically on a mission to get away from every single person I know, even the ones I actually like. Woman: Your words, they cut. After delivering these words dryly, the woman continues to regard him guardedly, but with curiosity. Sheldon (standing up): Well this was… something, now excuse me… Woman: Sure, move, the only empty seats are next to a six-year-old, and another one next to dreadlocks with the strong patchouli scent. Or next to me, of course (she pats the seat next to her with a look of derision) Sheldon sits back down, sneering. Sheldon: This can’t be a coincidence, last I head of you was you were living in Arizona. Woman: That was almost twenty years ago Shelly, you haven’t exactly kept up with me. Not that I blame you or anything. Well… a little. She tries to smirk but snaps back to a poker face when she gets no reaction from Sheldon. Both characters are silent for a few seconds. Sheldon looks down contemplatively; the woman keeps looking at him like she’s trying to read him. Woman: Anyway yeah, it’s not a coincidence I’m here. And you know there’s only one person who could have sent me. Sheldon: I never thought people could get so desperate so quickly. Woman: You bailed almost two months ago. Sheldon: I did NOT bail; I needed some time for contemplation. Not that I owe YOU any explanations. Woman: Ouch, stop, you wound me deeply. Sheldon: Let’s not drag this out any more than we have to; just give me your message, or your warning, or words of safe passage through the underworld or whatever it is they sent you to give me. Woman: Are you really in that much of a hurry to send me away? You’re not the least bit curious as to what’s become of me? Sheldon: Correct, I have far too much on my mind right now without adding ancient quarrels and long-forgotten devastation to the mix. Woman: So you have enough with the present quarrels and devastation that you’re making worse by running away… AGAIN? Sheldon (starting to lose his composure): I did NOT run away back then, I left the country to pursue my higher studies. And I owe you no explanation Gris, no more than you owe me. We are what we are, like we inadvertedly were back then. I have absolutely no interest in bringing up that part of my past again. So please, I beg of you, tell me what you have to tell me and then GO AWAY! Gris (after a few seconds of thought): You changed. I mean, I don’t blame you, maybe I’m also too close to myself to realize how little of that girl you once knew is left but… damn! They both look away from each other and meditate silently for a few seconds. Gris: Your mother sent me, to give you this. Gris throws an envelope at him. He opens it and looks at the content, a plane ticket. Sheldon: Why? Gris: Didn’t say… You’ll just have to find out. Now go ahead and make your phone call before whoever gets worried. Sheldon: How did you know I have to make a phone call? Gris (turning around to sit down): You’ve been white-knuckling your phone and obsessively checking the time while we’ve been talking. (Over her shoulder) Have a good life, Sheldon. Sheldon, after a few beats, composes himself enough to dial Amy’s number.
  15. Post what you believe is the funniest Sheldon moment here. I like the drunk piano moment.
  16. I noticed something. When Leonard went out with Amy since Sheldon wouldn't when Leonard said he had a good time Sheldon Got the impression Leonard was interested in her and got upset with him for it. However when Amy kisses Penny and is drunk Sheldon doesn't seem to really care at all.
  17. I noticed something. In the episode where Leonard moves in with Rajs sister and Raj moves in with Sheldon the chemistry of Sheldon, Raj and Penny seems to work well in the home but Raj and Sheldon cant work with each other without bickering.
  18. Sheldon in Icarly! This is amazing! I just couldn't believe it when I watched this episode. I love Jim Parsons! This guy is so funny! First watched him in the "Lost my mind" episode of iCarly.
  19. I can imagine thousands of hilarious scenarios involving TBBT characters and volunteering gone awry. Sheldon, Leonard, Howard, Raj, Amy, Bernadette, and/or Penny should be shown volunteering somewhere. At least 1 out of 7 people I know in real life volunteer 4 or more hours per month at a hospital, hospice, food bank, Habitat for Humanity, Peace Corps, Big Brothers Big Sisters, or somewhere. I'd expect to see at least 1 out of the 7 main characters in TBBT do some volunteering. [edit Oct28: The question/topic is flawed. Bernadette has mentioned volunteering, but we haven't actually seen it in an episode] [edit Oct28: Sursonica reminded us that Bernadette has mentioned volunteering (Season 5, Episode 11, The Speckerman Recurrence). I had forgotten about that. In the middle of the episode Bernadette says, "Every other week I serve at a soup kitchen downtown". At the very end of the episode, Bernadette steals a pair of boots from a charity clothing bin and yells to Penny and Amy: "It's ok. I serve soup to poor people!"]
  20. Okay, I know the odds of this ever happening is really, really low except maybe until we are in the finale? But if ever it does work, why would you think so? I always felt that it being broken was some part of narrative in the story. It also gives way for the characters to use the stairs which gives them time to communicate and stuff. But even for one episode, I think it would be interesting to see that elevator working and what difference would it make to the story. Sort of like the Cooper Extraction Episode. But anyway, in your personal thoughts with regards the show, do you prefer the elevator as it is until the end?
  21. It makes me wonder after reading various comments on all internet platforms which describes Sheldon as a dictator/control-freak/tyrant. We all know he likes getting his way. What Sheldon wants, Sheldon gets. I know some will say that this is one of his characteristics that makes Sheldon, well, Sheldon. But I wonder for the sake of character growth, would you want to lessen Sheldon being a spoiled brat or do you think that takes too much away from his character? There are times that he is completely oblivious that what he is doing is hurting other people and I just don't see the other characters being happy about that in the long run. At some points, I feel he is crossing the line a tad too much with the things that he does. His obsession with being in control is definitely part of his identity but life is not realistically like that and I for one, would love to see an episode wherein Sheldon overcomes some sort of losing/rejection (I don't count the one with Kripke because in the end, he still believed he won over him by telling about the Shamy fabricated sex life) where he actually comes to terms with it completely. Anyway, would love to hear all of your insights.
  22. I usually watch the new Big bang theory but I guess I missed this episode. Apparently he kisses amy at a restaurant. What season is this episode from? I would like to know so I can buy the season. If anyone could help me that would be great! Thanks!
  23. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9512614/1/The-Gravitation-Animation Finished the first chapter.
  24. Okay, so I finally caved and decided to write a Shamy fic. The reason I was so apprehensive is because I normally write very emotional stuff, and writing the smart-sounding language in TBBT is quite a daunting task. But anyways. I'm giving it a go. Chapter 1: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10139291/1/What-We-Have Rated M for later chapters. I'm just kinda laying the groundwork right now. To be completely honest, I'm not 100% sure where I'm going, but I have a few ideas. :D
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