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Found 72 results

  1. As a huge fan of Sheldon, to me there are 3 kinds of episode for BBT: The one that Sheldon is not the centre of attention, or he is portrayed neutral The one that Sheldon is made fun of; (e.g. S07E07) and the one that Sheldon is cool (e.g. S07E09) Can anyone list out all the Sheldon is cool episode so I can rewatch those all the time
  2. Is it just me or is anyone else annoyed by the amount of plastic they use on this show?? I know it's just a show and the whole getting takeaways is their thing but its A LOT of plastic. Plastic knives, forks, water bottles and plates in the cafeteria (where really in a college you'd get the real stuff) and they drink out of water bottles and not glasses at home and then there's obviously all the takeaway stuff going on? Would they not all be smarter than that as scientists and bring reusable water bottles places and use regular utensils and plates in college? Just wondering? Save the planet n'all no??
  3. Hello, new here. I`m sheldonmistress and I love the big bang threoy. My favorite character is Sheldon; he is really funny. I didn`t realize how funny that show was until I was in my room one night and caught the first episode. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pilot. When Sheldon and Leonard had to get Penney`s tv back and the two of them came home with no pants. HILARIOUS!!!
  4. The last time Sheldon used the word "Bazinga," it was on episode 22 of season 5. It was nowhere in season 6. Have the writers permanently removed it or will we hear it in season 7?
  5. Plot line: Amy is desparate. She obtains/steals an experimental aphrodisiac and erectile dysfunction drug from her lab. She invites Sheldon over for dinner per obligations of the boyfriend-girlfriend agreement. Her plan is to spike the food and finally get Leonard to commit to an intimate relationship. But there is a complications. Leonard invites Leonard and Penny along to protect him from any possible advances that Amy has hinted at. (don't worry about grammar). Amy has already prepared the meal with the aphrodisiac laced into the main course. She can't back out or find a good excuse so they all eat the love potion. Leonard and Penny immediately feel the affects and excuse themselves, rushing back to Penny's appartment. Perhaps they don't even make it home using backseat of the car to succumb to the love potion. Leonard is affected also. He has had a glass of wine at Leonard and Penny's insistence so he thinks it must be the wine talking, but he to is overcome by the drug and whisks a near fainting Amy off to bedroom for a long night of "coitus". That night when Leonard and Penny make it home the love making continues and weakened by the drug Penny proposes to Leonard. The aphrodisiac is only good for 4-6 hours ala Viagra. When the drug wares off Penny has decided she has made a big mistake. In the meantime Sheldon is making excuses to go over to Amy's appartment and is continuing to get Amy into bed, making up rational excuses to continue having "coitus". Penny gets together with Bernadette and Amy to discuss her conundrum, how to back out of the marriage proposal without breaking up with Leonard. Amy finally confesses to her machinations, and Penny now knows why she proposed, and is going to use the drugging as the perfect excuse to back out of the marriage proposal. But of course Sheldon can't find out. But of course he does. No one is good at keeping a secret. When Leonard tells Sheldon the marriage is off, Sheldon's curiousity is expressed in 20 questions that Leonard finally throws up his hands and tells him about the aphrodisiac laced meal. Sheldon is furious. He marches over to Amy's appartment with Leonard and Penny in tow and confronts Amy with her deception and threatens to end the relationship, in scathing terms. Then Amy halts his attack with the fact that the drug wore off the night he ate the laced food. Everything after that was all Sheldon's doing. Sheldon now has to face his human frailty that is only meant to happen to the common people and not him. He sits on Amy's couch bewildered and simply ends with the phrase "Oh" .
  6. Pleas write the scene that was funniest and best from the whole season 6. A scene you really remember Mine was Sheldon's Domino Orgasm, haha. I just cant stop watching this on youtube!! Here is the link by the way - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2OTXYpVl0I
  7. I mean he's a smart guy?? Why ubuntu? He could AT LEAST be using arch or maybe gentoo.Or linux from scratch right?
  8. Hello, I've been watching the Big Bang Theory for a really long time and I completely love the show. I especially like how the characters are really into comic books and even dress up in their favorite action heroes from time to time. However, one things has always puzzled me, why is it that they never talk about Steve Austin (i.e., the bionic man played by Lee Majors in the 1970s). I mean, here is another type of action hero (grant it, he's not a comic book hero), but a hero none the less. For a character like Howard on the show, I'm sure that he would idolize him just as much as Sheldon idolized Spock. In fact, it would be kind of interesting to have Sheldon and Howard debate over who would win if both Spock and Steve Austin were trapped on a deserted island (or planet). And who know, maybe there could be an episode in which Lee Majors would make a guess appearance on the show, just as other actors have in the past. Only in this case, instead of just being just Lee Majors (the actor), he could secretly be the bionic man by saving Sheldon from a falling shelf in one of the physics labs (using his bionic arm), or seem to appear in two places at once (because of his bionic speed). Everyone else on the set would just see him as Lee Majors, but it would be something that would just freak out Sheldon. I'm sure the writers of the show could come up with more bizarre and much more humorous situations for Lee Majors to be a part of on the show than what I have written here. I think that having the Bionic Man on the show for one or even two episode would be great. What do you think?
  9. Why do you think The Big Bang Theory has been so successful to a number of different audiences?
  10. I was reading some of the threads on the show forum , came across a comment about Sheldon becoming more animated as the seasons went on. Deadpan expressions are replaced by clownish/animated expressions.... I agree with that and I think there are many examples to prove the same. Now what do you guys think??
  11. How many of you think it would be odd to see Sheldon in a 'proper' relationship. Question is.. who would it be? I would imagine it would be Amy.. just because of there relationship at the moment. Could you imagine anyone different? Or if a new character came along and was made for Sheldon.. what characteristics would she have? :D
  12. Over the last two years, I had noticed a change in popularity of the characters, particularly Sheldon. There was a time, when he could do no wrong but now there seems to be complaints. This newer Sheldon is not quite as popular. And since some people want proof if you voice an opinion now, I have attempted to get what little I can. There is a poll on the main site which asks casual visitors (you don't have to be a member) who their favourite character is. Lucky for me, the infamous Tripper archived the old poll, when he updated the site. Which presents an opportunity to compare old and new statistics. Of course, the new poll doesn't have as many votes at 28,698 to 90,031, but the percentages are what counts. The old poll was archived in Sept 2012. The new poll was started from then. I rounded the figures. Sheldon from 66% to 49% (26% down) Penny from 12% to 20% (40% up) Leonard from 10% to 16% (38% up) Raj from 6% to 5% (17% down) Howard from 6% to 4% (33% down) Amy coming in at 4% (new) Bernadette coming in a 2% (new) Stuart coming in at 1% (new) The old poll did not include the new characters but as they are only taking up 7% of the vote, this doesn't account for the big shifts. Penny's popularity as favourite character has gone up the most, with 19.5% of the vote, rounded up to 20%. Closely followed by Leonard. Sheldon, Howard and Raj have taken the biggest hits. Sheldon is still the most popular at 49% but he used to hold a massive 66% of the vote. So yes, I was right in sensing a drop. I will compare this again next year and see how these figures are moving. Another interesting thing to note (which I suspected) was the even bigger drop, in those who chose Howard as their favourite. The polls : http://the-big-bang-theory.com/polls/viewpoll/11/Who-is-your-favorite-character/archive/ http://the-big-bang-theory.com/polls/viewpoll/43/Who-is-your-favorite-character/
  13. I have added a short item to the Tales of Leonard's Father, his encounter with Steven Hawking. I think Leonard would probably want to sink into the floor during it. The URL is https://sites.google.com/site/leonardsfather/home/7-dick-meets-steven-hawking This is part of a whole site devoted to Leonard's father, seven stories so far.
  14. What does Sheldon Cooper think about Rajesh Koothrappali and Bernadette Rostenkowski in terms of intelligence? I remember Sheldon noticing that Bernadette understood what he did (his work), but does that mean he thinks she's smart? With Raj talking more freely, giving our Shelly more to judge him about, I need to know, was this addressed in an episode? (Does anybody know/Has anybody watched an episode where S's opinion of Raj's intelligence was addressed?)
  15. Hi, I've sculpted Raj, Howard and Leonard from the Big Bang Theory, and made them available in a full color sandstone material on shapeways. With this, they need no painting as they are already colored. Shapeways distribute from US and Europe, great news for US and European customers. Here are the links to purchase: Raj: http://shpws.me/nFbF Howard: http://shpws.me/nuO7 Leonard: http://shpws.me/nF8Y To complete the crew, someone else sculpted Sheldon, available here: http://shpws.me/lGaC Not many will be sold, because of the fair usage. Thanks!
  16. A little short one-shot to enjoy for the holiday: The Turkey Drive: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8727241/1/The-Turkey-Drive Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!
  17. Sorry, wrong link. I will post the story later today.
  18. Who, according to you, would be the ideal mate for Raj? (Other than Siri and Wolowitz )
  19. MrsToad

    Choo-Choo !

    So, in my mutual love for trains,I'd thought I'd start a thread to see if anyone shared our love for trains as well...or,at least had any train-related things they luuuurve. I have two things. One, the movie "Throw Momma From The Train" HILARIOUS and: Anyone else love riding trains,reading about trains, talking about trains? Pleasey please don't let me be the only train lover here !!!!
  20. First of all I love The Big Bang Theory, I'm 40 years old and an intelligent hominade so naturally I despise so called "reality tv" and its getting difficult to find any fun, escape fiction, sit-com television anymore, so kudos to the team that brings us this gem. Until this came along I thought I was going to be stuck watching re-runs of Friends until I was eighty years old. At any rate, all that being said I believe that the character Sheldon Cooper is classic Aspergers Syndrome case and I wonder if the writers of the show are onto it, it seems to me that theyr'e writing him into that mold more and more, which is great I think, I hope they make the diagnosis on the show someday, it'll open a whole new line of possibilities for the character. I know to that his mother had him tested, as they say, however; alot of professionals miss aspergers diagnosis, a somewhat milder form of autism, and they where more apt to miss the diagnosis when the character would have been a child. They did add from the lips of his mother: "although I wish I would have followed up with that specialist", a qoute by Sheldon's mother that excited me because it seems they may have cracked a window, so to speak, on the possibility of revisiting a mental illness. Its the only aspect of the show that kind of bothers me, his friends are smart and theyr'e have been numerous medical doctor characters who never suggest Aspergers. It seems obvious to me, at any rate, I was wondering if someone else has noticed this?
  21. Imagine this scenario: Bernadette Likes Raj (Supposition) Raj Likes Bernadette (He confessed this in Season 5) Raj Likes Howard (He does, many of his actions and statements prove it) Howard Likes Raj (He does, his actions prove it but he isn't able to show) Bernadette Likes Howard (She obviously does, he's her husband) Howard Likes Bernadette (He obviously does, she's his wife) This would be REALLY messed up, the three of them fighting for each other with multiple emotions What say?
  22. Ok. I'm new here. And only the good lord Stephen Hawking knows why I haven't joined a TBBT forum until now, as I've watched the show from when it first aired, and subsequently probably watched each season 10/11 times over. I digress. My question is, what are people's thoughts on Amy?... Personally, I dislike her character. She bores the hell out of me. I get that she is supposed to be a female Sheldon...but in a world that has a proper Sheldon, why do we need another version? Her character is annoyingly unlikable, and I find her encroaching more and more into the episodes. I run the risk of being told the STFU here but I just wanted to know what other die-hard fans thought of her. ...
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