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Found 46 results

  1. Sheldon's opening lines before the Skype tear fest were: "Hello.Listen, I've been thinking a lot about relationships and how difficult they can be, and I think...." What do you think would he have said if Amy didn't interrupt him?
  2. So this is my little story in reaction to Thursday nights episode I hope you enjoy. It contains a few spoilers so beware, and is Shamy heavy. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11014920/1/The-Fan-Fiction-Reaction
  3. Figured I'd post my most recent endeavor, The Proximity Manifestation (or RPM for short) here! I hope you all enjoy! Read here!
  4. Here's my way of honoring the late Leonard Nimoy through the love of the Shamy. I wasn't sure if I should post it, but Hazelra7 convinced me to do it. I hope you enjoy it. The Spock Remembrance FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11086065/1/ AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3469268
  5. Sorry about the wait. I think I'm just too picky or major perfectionist, but this is one story I can't mess up for you all. Enjoy and let me know what you think. It was supposed to be one chapter, but it just evolved into more. I am thinking maybe three chapters. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10815995/1/
  6. FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10916154/1/The-Shamy-s-Christmas-or-How-Sheldon-Learned-To-Love-Mistletoe Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2847428
  7. This is the Spoiler Free Leonard and Penny thread for season 8.
  8. Hello everyone ! Here is the season 8 thread for "Rajily" shippers. Since we're not a lot (I hope we will be more at the end of this season), this thread will be spoiler free. "Everybody is WELCOME !" Here is the link of the previous thread (season 7), if you want to catch up what you missed. If you're not convinced yet but want to give this ship a try, here are few things we can say about Raj & Emily relationship: 1. Compared to the other ships in the show, their relationship is "simple" No drama, no "I don't know if I love you or not", no "I don't know if we're gonna be intimate one day", no "breaking up" ... Their relationship is real and we can't deny the alchemy between them. 2. Because they're going at their own pace Too early for an ILY but they're already sleeping together. Too early for the three little words but they do care for each other. And when something is not okay, they just talk ! 3. Because they are different ... And complementary. They can learn things to the other thanks to that. 4. Because they have their own personnality That's what I like the most about them. Yes, Raj isn't perfect and yes, Emily can be really creepy. And I admit ... I love that. And I think I'm not the only one. That's all folks (for the moment) Feel free to post here and once again, WELCOME !
  9. This is a new thread to celebrate Penny and Sheldon - a great ship and also entirely probable in the forthcoming seasons. We'll discuss this relationship and also how it positively can happen.
  10. As heavily requested, here is the Shamy Season 8 positivity thread. All things happy in the land of Shamy. Enjoy!
  11. Starting the season 8 Sheldon and Penny thread. Note that this thread is spoiler free. To discuss spoilers for them, see the
  12. If you haven't read the lastest taping report, DONT READ THIS POST.... okay.. okay? Good, Now, what do you all think the Shamy ILY's means for Fan Fic? I have read numerous ones like how this went down, but I think we are talking about Sheldon admitting his love and URGES with Ass slaps and all? In one Episode! It's like the writers took us to Disneyland on our birthday, with David Tennent on free cotton candy day!! I can see some scenarios that now explore the build up to marriage BEFORE sex. I used to think Shamy might get busy before marriage. And now, I wonder.... Love to know what you all think?
  13. I'm a Shamy fan, but I really can't believe there's no Howard and Bernadette Thread at all! After episode 6, there should definitely be one!!! I mean you guys gotta admit, that song was the sweetest thing ever!!! Here's the lyrics: http://popwatch.ew.com/2013/10/25/big-bang-theory-howard-song-lyrics/
  14. Starting the season 8 Raj and who he ends up with thread. Note that this thread is spoiler free. To discuss spoilers for them, see the If, during the season, Raj becomes a couple with someone, we'll change the name of the thread.
  15. Hey, I don't know if anyone has started a topic like this before. But I guess I just think there's room for lots of Shamy song suggestions on this forum!
  16. I've created this thread with Tripper's permission. If you want to talk about the various things you like about the couple, good things you think are happening with them, or just in general, want to post something positive about the couple, thats why this thread was created. Please do not snipe or say derogatory things about any of the other threads. That is not the purpose. This thread does not prevent anyone from posting things you like about the couple or debating someone else's opinion of the couple in the Season 7 Leonard and Penny Thread or in the Season 7 Spoiler thread. This will be a spoiler free thread, this way everyone can post, without worrying if they are spoilers they may see. Usually, it's around two week from getting spoilers from the taping to when the show airs. I think we can wait for that long, and if not, there are the spoiler threads. If there is something you don't like, something that bothers you about the couple, or you don't the direction the show has them moving in, Please put those comments The Leonard and Penny Season 7 spoiler thread, the Season 7 spoiler thread, or the character or episode threads. Thanks
  17. Starting the season 8 Howard and Bernadette thread. Note that this thread is spoiler free. To discuss spoilers for them, see the
  18. Welcome on the Raj & Emily thread, please take a sit and enjoy the ship Yes, we don't know yet how will evolve their relationship. Yes, we don't know if at the start of season 8, they still will be together Yes, we don't know if she's the one for Raj. (I'm still wondering where Yvette the vet disappeared) But let's give them a try. Because: Yes, Emily is pretty, a little bit crazy and sometimes scary. But she has a personality, she's not scared to share what she thinks or how she feels. That's a good point. Yes, Raj is still this lovable, I-don't-know-how-to-talk-to-women-without-freaking-them man. He is sensitive but he can also be funny as hell (that's my opinion here) They just seem to be happy together and even if they are different/complementary, they have a lot of to share together. When I saw the last episode (7x23), I was so sad when Raj saw Emily with an another man ... But after that, I was so happy Emily just took time to explain. And then, the kiss ... I was like "owww, little lovebirds, so cute !!!" ​I'm glad she let him a chance ! I'm so happy for Rajesh !!!! Welcome in the show Emily !
  19. Alright so i thought i'd start off the Leonard and Penny thread now that the Season 7 part of the forum is up and running! Yeah, so, how cute are these two? Yeah, totally.
  20. Well, I figured it wouldn't hurt to start this thread since others gave the idea in the spoiler thread. Discuss what you need to about The Shamy! Although, some how I'm not sure it will make a difference in the spoiler thread. LOL. Worth a try... Monique
  21. Before I start off let me just say that I understand that not everyone is a fan of the romantics that seem to be taking place more and more as the new season progresses. I'm get it, everyone has their own opinions and knows what they want to see. there's nothing wrong with that. Myself on the other hand, I got into the show because of the L/P relationship. I saw a couple episodes of season 3 on tv and was hooked immediately. I loved how they interacted with eachother, how a l "nerd" like Leonard managed to get a women like penny, and just all around the way the way the show portrayed a relationship like this. Not only that but it gives off a sense of hope almost. I understand its a TV show but hey, if a guy like lenoard can pull off a girl like penny, hell... maybe theres hope for the rest of us in the world after all haha. Anywho, as I've been browsing the site, i have found that i haven't be able to talk about the L/P relationship as much as i would love to be lol. So i figured i would start a topic where everyone (who wanted) could just discuss the movements, evolution, problems, fights, scares, emotions, and anythign else that happens between the two. A topic dedicated to talking about where we think the relationship will go, if it will last, and if not will it ever be fixed? Maybe its weird but i just love this couple and wanted a topic that any time i looked at a post i would know the general idea of it is L/P
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