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Found 57 results

  1. Because we are getting "maybe" spoilers from CC http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/comic-con-big-bang-theory-season-7-spoilers-589247
  2. I hate you but I don't hate you. Here is a tag to the S8 finale that will certainly be my escape from tax declarations, internship reports and uni papers. UGH GUYS! :D This contains spoilers so consider yourself warned! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11202140/1/The-Transgression-Acclimatization
  3. So this is my little story in reaction to Thursday nights episode I hope you enjoy. It contains a few spoilers so beware, and is Shamy heavy. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11014920/1/The-Fan-Fiction-Reaction
  4. OFFSCREEN SHAMY MOMENTS I started this list last year. Help me complete cause you know offscreen Shamy is my favorite Shamy. We can also use the space to discuss what they do off screen. 4.1 What do you communicate about? Well, my work in physics, her work in neurobiology and most recently the possibility of our having a child together. 4.3 What the hell are you guys playing? It's a game we invented. It's called counterfacturals. Although for the record, on one occasion she licked her thumb to remove raspberry jelly from the corner of my mouth. 4.13 So will you and Sheldon be sharing a room? No, we discussed it and we decided that we didn't want to jeopardize are relationship by getting to know each other too well. 4.15 Well that explains those puzzling camel race photos on your facebook page 4.16 Sheldon told me about Leonard dating Rajesh's sister 4.17 Sheldon are you alright? When last we spoke, you were going to take a taxi home from Raj's, but according to Facebook you just checked in to the Chessecake Factory 4.21 I don't see why that's surprising, I excel at so many things you had my sourdough bread. 5.3 Wouldn't you want to bring Sheldon? I would, but the last wedding we went to was a disaster. He behaved like a child the entire time. It's not my fault you said that there would be other scientists there my age. 5.8 Last night I was strongarmed into an evening of harp music and spooning with an emotional Amy Farrah Fowler. Hey cuddles! Yes, cuddles. We cuddle. Grow up, Leonard. 5.12 She'll see right thru that. We go to the zoo all the time. She knows my kola face. 5.18 He showed up in the middle of the night, I foolish thought that it was some sort of musical booty call. Thank you for letting me sleep on your couch. There's only so many times a woman can say "How about the bed?" 5.19 Give him the silent treatment. No, he loves that. Our record for sitting in a room together and not speaking to each other is six and a half hours. He said it was a magical evening. 5.23 Believe it or not Amy has embarked on a campaign to increase my feelings for her by making me happy. It's awful. This morning she arranged for me to be a Amtrak junior conductor for the day. It's usually only open for children. She got them to make an exception. 6.1 Have I ever told you you look like a sexy praying manthis? Yes, everytime you drink alcohol. 6.2 That's from Sheldon. He told me he had it engraved. So you actually see you and Sheldon getting married someday. Not someday in exactly four years, but don't tell Sheldon, He's still a flight risk. Can't help you kid! Whenever, I'm around Sheldon I feel like my loins are on fire. 6.5 Last night I gave Sheldon my best come hither look and he responded by explaining how wheat came to be cultivated. 6.6 You know when we buy the Planters deluxe mix she eats all the brazil nuts so I don't have to look at them. She's a unique blend of saint and squirrel. 6.9 For hours, fortunately I couldn't understand most of it because he was wearing that stupid robot mask Before I park, come in the backseat. I want to show you something I had done today. Alright, color me intrigued. What do you think? I think you are high on paint fumes. Boy, that's a lot of band aids. 6.10 Amy's taking me to a memorial service. I need to get you down for a nap for some reason that vaporub gets you all fired up. I'm going to draw you a soothing bath. Where's your bath thermometer? I don't have a bath thermometer. I'm going to draw you a nerve wracking bath of indeterminate temperature. Amy, would you be strong enough to bathe yourself or do you need my help? I'll tell him tomorrow. Mama needs a bath! While you were sleeping, I took a cheek swab and had it cultured in the lab. 6.13 Sheldon doesn't believe in brunch. He can't stand being at a table where one person is having an omelette and another person's having a sandwich. 6.15 I even stopped wearing lip gloss cause you said it made my mouth look too slippery. 6.19 The other day at Whole Foods he spent an hour optimizing the cheese aisle. 6.20 You better have a good excuse this time because trimming qtips to fit your ears right is obvious nonsense. 7.2 He's mad at you too.He says you are the succbus that led his friend astray. 7.3 Sheldon never let's me listen to music in the car. He doesn't want to be mistaken for a gang member. 7.4 When you told me I was going to be losing my virginity. I didn't think you meant showing me Raiders of the Lost Ark for the first time. The last time you made an unscheduled video chat, there was a curly fry in your regular fries and you thought someone might be trying to slip you a mickey. 7.5 That's right I'm in a boy/girl relationship with this cute little lump of wool. It's a physical relationship too hand holding, hugging, even on hot days. Play you cards right and I'll let you drive me past the lot where the buses park at night 7.6 Could be anything, last time he was like this he figured out electron transport in graphine. The time before that he was making a list of who's allowed in his tree fort if he ever gets one. I still can't believe I didn't make the cut. Guess who's getting an article written about him in Physics Today. I'll give you a hint, you measured the diameter of his suspicious mole yesterday.
  5. Here are the taping reports kindly posted to this forum and other websites by fans of The Big Bang Theory who were lucky enough to attend a taping. This thread is locked so only taping reports can be posted here. Any comments on taping reports should be made in the or the spoiler versions of the Ship Zones. Please remember that taping reports are summaries of what fans saw taped and that a taping report may not fully represent the story or tone of an episode. Storylines and quotes may not read the same in a report as they will appear on screen, so please bear that in mind when reacting to a taping report.
  6. I noticed a number of call backs to the show's first 7 years in the first 5 episodes. I made this thread to discuss them throughout the season. I have a list in my head. Episode 8.1 Sheldon is his underwear from Episodes 1.1, 3.19, 5.2, 6.9, 7.12 Bathing Suit Area from Episode 6.14 Raj's mother's bad marriage from Episode 7.7 Episode 8.2 Sheldon's love for koalas from Episode 5.12 Cute couple names originated by Raj from Episode 4.1 Howard's non-Doctorate status Fig Newtons from Episode 3.10 The Gorilla Experiment Episode 8.3 Penny exclaims "That's hawt" when witnessing the Shamy in action from Episode 5.12 Sheldon dislikes curly fries from Episode 7.4 (Maddie) Quidditch in Griffith Park from Episode 7.21 Episode 8.4 Penny not liking Amy from Episode 4.3 Amy befriending Penny process from Episodes 4.13 - 4.24 Raj and Penny's naked night from Episodes 4.24/5.1 Sheldon's affinity for tea and cookies and a special someone from Episode 5.2 Episode 8.5 Penny moves in September 24, 2007 from Episode 1.1 (MTBigBangTheoryFan) Wolowitz's affinity for robotic girlfriends and prostitutes from Episodes 4.1, 6.5, 6.12 Amy's yellow shoes return from Episode 4.22 (Hazelra7) Penny love to drink and throw up on roulette wheels in Vegas from Episode 6.23 Leonard's one pull up - almost from Episode 6.6 Sheldon watching The Lake House and hating it from Episode 2.9 (Tensor) Mag lift technology from Episode 6.5 Drunk Bernadette chewing on straws from Episode 4.21 Raj's girl who does his eyebrows from Episodes 6.1 Episode 8.6 Sheldon missing the "good old days" when he didn't understand sarcasm Leonard's "g-g-ghost" from Episode 5.5 Sheldon's inappropriate googling process from Episode 6.10 (vonmar) Episode 8.7 BBT counts women affections in mississippis Leonard does this in Episode 2.23 Episode 8.8 Penny's play over the bowling alley from Episodes 2.17, 3.12, and 5.13 Cousin Jeanie dating Stuart from Episode 3.8 Sheldon's pressure to have sex from Episode 7.23 Sheldon struggling with a brain parasite from Episode 4. (Rachelshamyfan) Episode 8.9 Episode 8.10 Fun with Flags is back for the whole episode from Episodes Sheldon refers to his own missing FwF episode for Black History Month from Episode BONUS: Within episode callbacks!! The popping sound of the cork and Sheldon not being prepared for it Amy pressing the record button on the camcorder Roger Abbott sounding like Roger Rabbit and we didn't find out who framed him
  7. As the season is winding down, I thought that since many of us like to bang our heads against the wall with the above question, we should have a topic to discuss and analyze any interesting plotlines that you feel are suddenly dropped and/or ignored far too often and make you wonder "Where is this all going?". A place specifically devoted to debating continuity issues and rant freely about what frustrates you. Plots to do with any character or ship (friendly and romantic) relevant to S7 are welcome! Spoilers allowed. Possible topics: Penny's job? Tenure? Shamy, what are they doing? Lenny: what's up with these proposals? What are they doing with Raj? What's up with Amy at Caltech? And more!
  8. Here's my way of honoring the late Leonard Nimoy through the love of the Shamy. I wasn't sure if I should post it, but Hazelra7 convinced me to do it. I hope you enjoy it. The Spock Remembrance FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11086065/1/ AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3469268
  9. Just wondering as it was clear to anyone Penny and Amy grew apart a bit in S7, and Amy and Bernadette grew closer due to their many commonlarities. Should Penny bond with someone else, maybe Emily? After their initial tension that well most likely fade (Although Emily maybe phased out). I don't know about you but I enjoy Penny and Amy scenes, and enjoy their friendship, although I saw nothing wrong with Penny's indifference to Amy in the finalie, I still want some bestie time lol how lame is that. One of the reasons Penny's perception of failure is so obvious to her, is her closest friends are such scholars. Maybe getting Penny friends like her well give her perspective.
  10. A whole lot of shows are returning after a hiatus from the holidays, many are starting up new seasons, and some new shows are entering into the fold. Here is a complete guide to show you premiere dates for each and every show on the docket.
  11. FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10916154/1/The-Shamy-s-Christmas-or-How-Sheldon-Learned-To-Love-Mistletoe Ao3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/2847428
  12. I have a new WIP up at Fanfiction.com. I am going to work through my feelings about the season finale taping report. It's called the Make-up Inefficacy. I've just posted chapter 2. The current story is going to be told from Sheldon's point of view, while the story of Amy's summer is going to be told in a series of flashbacks. And I just watched Frozen for the first time last night. So now Amy's theme song for the story is "Let it Go".
  13. As heavily requested, here is the Shamy Season 8 positivity thread. All things happy in the land of Shamy. Enjoy!
  14. If you haven't read the lastest taping report, DONT READ THIS POST.... okay.. okay? Good, Now, what do you all think the Shamy ILY's means for Fan Fic? I have read numerous ones like how this went down, but I think we are talking about Sheldon admitting his love and URGES with Ass slaps and all? In one Episode! It's like the writers took us to Disneyland on our birthday, with David Tennent on free cotton candy day!! I can see some scenarios that now explore the build up to marriage BEFORE sex. I used to think Shamy might get busy before marriage. And now, I wonder.... Love to know what you all think?
  15. This thread is to post positivity for Shamy's future and possible circumstances for the end of S7
  16. Will the possible oncoming conflict drive a stake into Raj's heart, separate the gang for episodes and mean we might see a third Emily. Is it too soon to shout the sky is falling? Or will he be forced to admit he had too much to drink and a good woman took the hit for him to save his pathetic vanity. Wadda ya reckon QuickDraw?
  17. My favorite friendship to watch on the show is Leonard and Sheldon. Sometimes they fight but they really are the best of friends. This season they're having some good moments. Let's discuss them. I'll start. I'm really excited for Sheldon to hug Leonard. Sheldon acts like he takes Leonard for granted (though we know he doesn't) and it's nice to see the affection he tries to hide be expressed.
  18. There probably should be a separate thread for spoilers and the discussion thereof.
  19. This post contains spoilers through the last episode of Season 7 So I have three ideas for the season 8 premier. The first is more likely then the second. The first theory is. Sheldon returns 1 to 3 month trip around America by train, his hair will be slightly longer, his clothing slightly more mature (rather then brilliantly coloured t's and long sleeve under shirts, he'll wear his darker coloured super hero t's no undershirt, blue and black jeans. Him and Amy have a heart to heart where he apologize, and they remain in their relasionship. He then talks to Penny and Leonard, and says he'll move to 4b, as a "Wedding gift" Penny hugs Sheldon and Leonard thanks. As a sign of friendship Leonard offers Sheldon the leather couch and Sheldon say "No" and then after a moment he say "Let's garbage it, this change. No more spot" we then cut to some place out of the city. Sheldon and Leonard are sitting on their couch, Sheldon in his spot "congratulation Leonard" Sheldon says. "Thanks Sheldon" Leonard replies "To the good times we shared on this couch" Leonard raises a beer, and Sheldon raises a seven up (or was it sprite that he loves) "To my spot" they get up. "I know I didn't say it enough Sheldon. But thank you for being my roommate" "You're welcome, thanks to you as well" The two walk away from their old leather couch, a slightly muted version of the BBT theme plays, as the couch has a montage starting from the pilot episode, where Sheldon describes his spot to Penny. To the last time in s8 Sheldon sat in his spot. The second idea is Sheldon comes back and. Penny explains that She and. Leonard and her are going to live in 4a with Sheldon, and things go back to normal. And the third and probaly least likely is Sheldon returns. He has returned to his more matured vintage Sheldon (for lack of a better term). He gets picked up from the train station by Penny Leonard and Amy. Amy instantly rushes and Sheldon and they share a kiss, the same nearly emotionless clenched jaw kiss they always share (Jim is a good enough actor that his sexual preference wouldn't dictate how he shares a on screen kiss. So clearly The clench jaw kiss was made that way for a reason) They go back to 4a Sheldon is shocked when he returns and the appartment is the same as when he left. Leonard explains. he and Penny haven't decided on their living arrangement (and it's I lied they have yet to make a solid plan for their wedding to). Later that evening Sheldon sneaks across the hall gives a quick quite "Knock knock knock Penny" She let's Sheldon come in and they go through their classic "Penny you're kind of dumb" and "Sheldon you're an ass" banter. Before things switch to a much more serious tone. Sheldon explains that while he missed Amy. He missed all his friends just as much, and asked if that is normal. Penny explains that, it's not normal to miss your significant other as much as your friends. And that if he really did care about Amy in a romantic sense, he would've been insanely happy to see her once again. She continues going on, but as she monologues slows down. And her monologue shifts more obviously to her relationship with Leonard. Ending with "If you don't truly love HIM, then you have to let HIM go because HE deserves to find true love not whatever we have" Sheldon is sitting perefecly still his eyebrow was high on his forehead "Penny I'm not sure we're still talking about Amy and myself" Her eye shifts towards her ring finger, then to Sheldon sitting still "We have to break up with them" She cries "Because they deserve better" and them it ends
  20. Hey Shamy fans! Hopefully I'm doing this poll right... As we discussed in the spoiler thread, we would like to plan to all use one hashtag right after the airing of the season 7 finale on the east coast that sends a clear and poignant message to TPTB that we want to see some positive progress for Shamy in season 8. We will all choose a hashtag together and all use it between 8:30pm EST and 9pm EST on Thursday, May 15 in the hopes that it will become a trending topic on Twitter. We will use this hashtag in many tweets towards TPTB -- in case it does not trend, at least they will still see it in their mentions! In addition, we would also like to draft one or two specific tweets that everyone can schedule to post on their Twitter through Twuffer to post at the same time -- 8:30 pm EST on Thursday, May 15 -- to the head writers. It will include a brief message about what we think of the finale or what we hope for the follow season, and it will include our predetermined hashtag. We can discuss below exactly how we want that language to go. It has to be positive and uplifting -- no yelling or cursing! We want to point out the things that we love about Shamy and encourage them to continue the trend in a positive direction for next season and beyond. We might also decide to do another flurry of tweets between 8:30pm and 9pm PST (11:30pm-12am EST) for the west coast airing. Please vote above with which hashtags you think most accurately represent a positive message as well as a specific one! And discuss below if you have any other ideas, or what sort of tweet you think we should all send out together. And I will edit this post with the specific accounts we will be tweeting to with our message. So far, we think it should include: @billprady @BigBang_CBS
  21. Again, spoilers for the season finale.... Turn back now if you do not want spoilers. Okay- This is going to be my summer hiatus series of one-shots. I'm giving myself until the season premier to come up with 100 different ways for Sheldon or Amy to pick up the pieces of the finale. Yep, 100. Some will be long, some short, mostly -actually all- will be or turn out to be optimistic. There will be no break-up’s in my world. Nada. If you haven't read my stories before, just a warning, it's gonna get fluffy and it could potentially get a bit dirty. "Dirty, dirty, dirty." Hey, with 100 different realities it could happen in one, right? With such a deadline in place I should update pretty regularly. Hopefully this will help the time go by faster. Enjoy. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10295836/1/
  22. Is Sheldon really a child? Is that what the cast all sees him as? In the newest episode(Spoiler) Amy trys to make him feel better by giving him strawberry milk. Sheldon replys a "Child's beverage" is not going to fix anything. Leonard and Penny talk about how they taught him "Stranger danger". Leonard offers to take him to legoland to fix things. Penny says that he is a grown man and he can go by himself. Leonard says sheldon looks like a grown man and references "Freaky friday" and penny gives Sheldon a kiss good bye and tells him to "Be safe and call them". (The rest not spoilers) This first thing leads to a previous episode where Amy tries to make him like her more by using things from Sheldon's childhood to make him like her. She made him spaghetti with hot-dogs and strawberry milk. Penny takes Sheldon to Disney land and try not to fight in front of Sheldon. When Leonard and Penny do fight Leonard ends up getting upset and runs to hide at the comic book shop. Bernie gets Sheldon to go to listen by yelling at him like he was a small child. She says "Its ok i know how to deal with stubborn children". Leonard sends Sheldon to bed saying that he will be sleepy for work. He convinces Sheldon to go to sleep because he wants to sleep with Penny. Leonard takes Sheldon home from the ball Pit and the security says he knows a person with special needs. Amy refers to Sheldon as a "Sexy Toddler" in one episode(Which is actually an incredibly creepy remark if you think about it.) Now his mother treats him like a child but its his mother and generally parents always see their kids as kids. No matter what age they become. Howard is actually living with his mother in the beginning and his mother babies him but most of the other cast does not deal with Howard as though he is a child. A lot of times they seem to deal with Sheldon as though they are dealing with a moody child. Also Bernadette said to him "I am telling you now I am not going to be your mother" to Howard in an episode.
  23. I just put this under spoilers. I wasn't sure if it counted. I Added the Spoilers prefix this time. I loved watching a just PennyXSheldon episode. These two characters are so cute together. I think I would like to see more Shenny focused episodes even if its not PennyXSheldon dating. They really compliment each others personalities. Also noticed Amy pointed out the connection Penny and Sheldon share. I love what sheldon told the psychic. "Im clearly an annoying person and have problems with both genders".
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