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Found 49 results

  1. How would she do? What do you think .. :D Could she learn some basics to work as an assistant.
  2. ARE Shamy Belle and the Beast, with Sheldon heroically fighting off his curse and with Stuart as Gaston? And has Leonard been the errant prince, striving to.. um... "climb Rapunzel's tower". LOL.
  3. Leonard suffered greatly physically for Sheldon's delivery of a "teachable moment". Could this affect Amy's relationship with her sweet baboo. She seems rational and she might wonder if this is how he would deliver lessons to their children, that she hinted at wanting in The Tenure Turbulence. Not to mention he's smacked her. I'm not getting it. She seems like a perfectly nice person. Why isn't she or when will she be, drawing a line.
  4. I believe one of the limiting factors for "levelling up" the characters is the adorable main set, that embodies the concept of the show ie the esoteric "others" living amongst the mundane. Could they retool the show by killing the sets and rebooting and not lose the love? OR would that be like killing of a loved character, and this is not Walking Dead or Game of Thrones so it would be a shark jump?
  5. why do raj and stuart have become depressing characters ? why can't they be funny sceintific and witty like before seasons but raj talking to women and their character developement be more but in a funny way
  6. This show is hilariously, ridiculously inaccurate in regards to the rules of attraction. While looks aren't everything, it's sickening that hot women are fawning over super skinny, dorky losers who have no game and no confidence. This doesn't happen in real life. Sheldon is ridiculously skinny and anti social, and is definitely not attractive to most women. Same with the rest of the cast. What fantasy world does this show take place in, where gorgeous blonds are competing for the affection of these skinny loser beta males? I thinks it's condescending to women to portray this. The male equivalent of this happening would be like Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman fervently competing for the affection of frumpy, plain, or fat women. It just doesn't happen. Not only that, but women seem to be a central theme in this show. It seems like there's always a beautiful girl involved with these losers, it's not just a few episodes; it's the majority. It would be one thing it they simply just looked like skinny losers, but made up for it with an amazing, witty personality, but that isn't the case. They're absolutely anti social and offensively bad at female interaction. This is spreading the message that super skinny losers who would choose a Star Trek marathon over a smoking hot blond, have a very good chance of being in a meaningful relationship with said hot women. News flash: skinny and short, awkward Beta Males are as unattractive to women, as super obese women are to men. Would you find a show about Hugh Jackman who actively courts Rebel Wilson to be an accurate portrayal of our society today? Of course not, and yet that's exactly what is happening on the Big Bang theory, and it's almost sickening. Not only that, but most of the guys, Sheldon in particular, are very brittle and abrasive, condescending and rude to most women on the show, or at best, spineless and have the behavior associated with a beta male who has zero game in regards to female interaction. If this were the real world, women would want nothing to do with these skinny. This show is offensively bad in regards to showing the exact opposite. These losers are almost portrayed as God's gift to Women. These adorable chicks wouldn't be spending tine with these losers, and certainly wouldn't be interested in them romantically. This show can't go off the air fast enough. Cliff notes: Skinny = unattractive, especially to hot blonds who could have any man in the world Abrasive,rude and Brittle personalities = unattractive Choosing video games and Star Trek over hot women = MAJOR TURN OFF This show is completely out of touch with how geeks really are. Terrible, tacky, unrealistic show that needs to die.
  7. here is the reality of bigbang theory in academia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SBmxsRpI5A
  8. I know what I like about Sheldon Cooper, and also what I don't like about him. I'm wondering, for all of you Sheldon fans out there, what do you like about him so much? Why do you BBT lovers feel like he is such a popular character? And if you're not a Sheldon Cooper fan feel free to explain why you don't like him; what makes him unappealing to you?
  9. I made this topic based on .... post in the Mayim topic: This completely hit me last night. Wouldn't Henry Winkler be great as Amy's father? Actually, he'd be great as Leonard or Howard's father too, but Mayim saw him first! So here we can discuss who you would like to see play one of the parents who haven't been revealed yet.
  10. I think Howard and Bernadette are stealing the show. I love those characters and the way they have evolved during the years contrary to Leonard (the insecure nerd act is getting old) and Penny (the stupid blond bimbo act is getting old). She has been working at the Cheesecake factory for ever. She was studying at the community college but, what is happening with that? Can't she have a little breakthrough? Not something improbable or incredible but, a little role in a play, or a career change where she discovers what she really wants to do, something we all have experienced. Give her some depth don't be so sexist. Each time I see Kaley Cuoco on the show, she looks to me like she'd rather have all of her toe nails pulled rather than to be there. I don't buy Leonard and Penny's relationship, no chemistry there anymore. As for Sheldon, I know that his character is not supposed to change but, after 7 seasons I find it boring because his lines are too predictable. Yes, even last episode's ending (SO7E06), I didn't believe it one second. Things happens in life, everyday, all the time, even to the people with the most organised routines and stubborn minds. Let's be frank, even Raj and Amy are pretty dull. I wish I could see some positive changes in all characters, like we have seen for Howard and Berny, as I find the show a bit repetitive these days. Here we have a group of friends in their mid-twenties (season 1) going into their thirties (season 2) and nothing is really happening to them, nothing tangible. It is in our twenties that we experience a lot and grow so much as a human being. Why not them? For exemple, Leonard is sent to do researches on a boat in the North Sea. What are the results of such an expedition at a psychological and emotional level? Did he grow out of it. No. What did he gain? Nothing. So why sending him there? In comparison, Howard did grow out of his experience in space, he became a more mature and responsible being. I also think Bernadette and Howard's characters are evolving so well because, indeed, Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch are fantastic actors and multi-talented people. finally, please, I am entitled to my opinion as everybody else, I am not imposing it on anyone, just expressing it. You are entitled to think differently, it is fine and I am OK with it. So no hate and don't tell me not to watch it if I don't like because, it is NOT what I am expressing here. Thanks. Cheers.
  11. Hey guys, I'm new. Quite honestly, this question is the main thing that motivated me to make this account. So... I like Amy a lot, even now, but I liked her so much more in the beginning. When she was still robotic like Sheldon, it made the Shamy scenes more intense and adorable because they were both so hesitant and lost about their feelings. Now she's just way too emotional and sexual (in other words - HUMAN), and she's constantly chasing after Sheldon. I feel like it would've been so much cuter if BOTH of them were still robotic, and the writers simply made Amy more verbally expressive of her feelings. Any thoughts?
  12. I have noticed that from season 1 forward that the show has portrayed Penny as a problem drinker. It has been said that in the original pilot that the Penny character was supposed to be very darker, and that they decided to go with a more cheerful outlook for the character. I wonder if this has changed, the writers seem to be focusing on the Penny character as having less and less control: for instance, drinking alone, blacking out and not remembering what happened the night before as when she woke up with Raj, and other classic examples of alcoholism. Does anyone else see this as becoming a major trait for the character and do you think this will become addressed in the show in a storyline?
  13. Pleas write the scene that was funniest and best from the whole season 6. A scene you really remember Mine was Sheldon's Domino Orgasm, haha. I just cant stop watching this on youtube!! Here is the link by the way - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2OTXYpVl0I
  14. The show has hinted a few times that Amy is actually very pretty, wouldn't it be cool if just once Penny gave Amy a make over, just to see the guys reaction?
  15. Why do you think The Big Bang Theory has been so successful to a number of different audiences?
  16. Given that comic books are a huge part of the guys' lives, and Superman probably gets more references than any other comic book character ( plus of course Sheldon's ubiquitous Superman t-shirts) it stands to reason that Man of Steel would have a profound impact as a talking point. Personally, I see an episode where half the gang love it and half the gang hate it. Maybe call it the " Red trunks discrepancy" in reference to Superman not wearing red trunks over his tights anymore (the changes in the classic Superman costume). Anyway, what do people think. OUt of the gang, who would have liked Man of Steel, who would have hated it. I see Sheldon and Raj hating the film and Leonard and Howard loving it. Sheldon would be stuck on orthodox elements of Superman that were changed for the film, whereas Leonard would see not wearing one's underwear on the outside as an advantage. Anyway, what does everyone else think ?
  17. Considering the rollercoaster ride of the Leonard and Penny relationship, would you lose faith in the show if the writers decided to break them up again? I only write this because in other shows of this style, the two people you hope to get together in the end do not always end up as such, i.e. "The Wonder Years". So that being considered, what would be your reaction?
  18. If you have the chance to enter in the body of one of these character for 24h and be able to interact with all the characters of TBBT, Who would you like to choose and why ?
  19. How has this not been created yet? HOW? Appreciation thread for the flawless character that is Bawwwy Kwipke.
  20. So I was thinking... As we all know it was meant from the start of the show for Leonard and Penny to go out, fall in love, etc. etc. Is it possible that Penny's second name hasn't been revealed, and will never be revealed because it will soon change to Hofstadter?
  21. Who do you think is the most attractive female character?
  22. I am not saying who I think has the most sexy male voice (as I do not want influence anyone with my opinion...) I've listened to TBBT show very carefully and I now who has it What about you?
  23. Hi Folks, I am new here as I only recently, by way of my wife, became a fan of BBT. Great show. Sheldon is by far my favourite. Anyway, with that in mind I thought of a episode concept that I REALLY hope they use because I think it would be hilarious. I am sure you have all heard stories of the random innocuous dude somewhere who works some entirely too ordinary 9-5 job (like a postman or mechanic or whatever) who also just happens to be insanely smart. Whether this is more urban myth than truth is up for debate (I prefer to lean toward the truth side), but these so called people are usually high level members of genius societies, knowing far more than someone in their profession should about completely unrelated topics and possessing advanced degrees in seemingly random subjects. This is the sort of dude that needs to use in a Sheldon centered episode. Summary: Sheldon meets a completely ordinary person who turns out to be smarter than him. His attempts to sort this out end badly and entertain his friends to no end. Detail: I imagine it going sort of like this: Sheldon goes out on some business, complaining about some inferior mind and how they know nothing and he knows everything, basically being his egotistical, superior self. Then, random mailman dude tromps by doing his job and just happens to overhear Sheldon doing his thing. He stops, interrupts Sheldon and gives him a piece of his mind. Sheldon dismisses him as a know-nothing but the fellow persists and challenges him. They soon begin a heated conversation that evolves into a discussion on some very cerebral topics. They then part ways in complete disagreement on all matters discussed. Sheldon, now worried, investigates the various things discussed and discovers, much to his horror, that the mailman was right (in most cases). He then drives himself mad trying to figure out how this is possible while complaining to his friends about this strange encounter (much to their extreme entertainment). Furthermore, he tries to find this mysterious mailman again (whether he does or does not find him could be an interesting subplot) to get the answers he desires. What you do with this at this point is up for debate (I imagine Sheldon's head exploding somewhere in here). Thanks for reading! Silvercat
  24. While in the park I was thinking to myself < if a collapse when joggingI I wish for one of the actors from TBBT to rescue me > Hoping that one of them is just nearby of course. I'd be worried if Sheldon was the only one around if I was in an emergency situation! He makes too much fuss about anything. Leonard has more sense and won't get in his way to help me. Whereas Howard would probably come onto me because I'm female, and Raj wouldn't talk to me. As for Penny and Amy, well perhaps a male would be better to help me? Because if I was to collapse for example and for some reason had to be rushed to A&E...
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