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Found 49 results

  1. Went to see Dwayne Johnson's San Andreas.During the trailers,Entourage the movie was shown, and in San Andreas,Caltech played a pivotal role in the movie's plot. With some TV series made into movies,would you like to have a The Big Bang Theory movie?
  2. Who do you most want to see introduced in the next two seasons, or who are you most excited to see/meet?
  3. WELCOME BIG BANG THEORY FANS! TO THE FIRST ANNUAL BIG BANG THEORY TOURNAMENT!!!! In this tournament, we will have challenges based on different categories and have the winner decided by popular vote! Once the people have spoken, that character will be the winner of that round! Each category will be separated into rounds (Starting, Semi-final, Final Round) in a single-elimination torunament style! For our first category, we have a traditional fighting round. The matchups are as follows: Leonard Vs. - Leonard Howard Penny - Vs. Raj - Bernadette - Vs. Amy - Sheldon - Vs. Emily - The rules are simple: The contestants fight in a chosen location (For example, the apartment or the comic book store) and have a bareknuckle and environmental brawl until one of them falls unconscious or gives up. Neither are allowed to bring weapons and NO FIGHTING TO THE DEATH! When the winner has been chosen, I shall edit the topic accordingly. Leonard has won the first round! Next, we have Penny in a fight with Raj, who can become somewhat of a womanizer when he's drinking(Unless we're speaking later seaons). This could become a nightmare for Penny or a dream come true for Raj(maybe, if he isn't too busy getting kicked in the groin). Out of these two, who do you believe to be tougher: The shy indian boy from India OR The sarcastic alcoholic eyecandy from Omaha Cast your votes in the ballot.... NOW!
  4. Sheldon doesn't seem to hold Penny to the same intellectual standard as Leonard does. Sheldon also seems to blame a person for spreading a lie rather than the person who is going to fall for it. Both Sheldon and Leonard have dealt with penny and the psychic thing. However Sheldon didn't seem to take out his disbelief on penny he took it out on the Psychic basically saying "Shes a dishonest con-artist that is misleading people in order to swindle them out of their money"(Im paraphrasing). He seemed to mostly take it out on the psychic reader. Where when Leonard heard it he took it out on Penny mostly. Now Sheldon did insult Penny in this episode a few times but it was about different things and he didn't take to heart as much as Leonard did. Sheldon just thought it was kind of silly. Leonard for some reason took Penny's ignorance as insult to his intellectual integrity. Now Sheldon seems to have simply accepted Penny is not as smart as them. Leonard seems to expect more from her despite this fact. Sheldon also seems surprised when Bernadette knows what hes talking about. As though he didn't expect her to have any idea what he was talking about.
  5. I noticed something. Sheldon ends up attracting women without really trying and generally he doesn't want to do anything with them. When Howard and Raj and Leonard try to get women they are not always able to do so.
  6. I want to discuss what exactly happened to Sheldon during the improvisation episode and why did it bother him so much? Where spoc comes to take him to the future.
  7. I noticed something. When Leonard went out with Amy since Sheldon wouldn't when Leonard said he had a good time Sheldon Got the impression Leonard was interested in her and got upset with him for it. However when Amy kisses Penny and is drunk Sheldon doesn't seem to really care at all.
  8. Post what you believe is the funniest Sheldon moment here. I like the drunk piano moment.
  9. What character from the show would you marry?
  10. Does Leonard hold in his hands the power to become a supervilian? Interesting article about controlling the weather with laser beams:- http://www.examiner.com/article/laser-to-control-weather-scientists-believe-laser-can-create-rain-for-droughts
  11. This was posted in the Spoiler thread for Season 7: "Sheldon has proven that when push comes to shove he's the best friend of all the members of the group can ask for. He has swallowed his pride, and done more for his friends then anybody else. He may be an OCD psycho but he's their when they need him." Interesting supposition. Hard to prove though. I did a quick review after season 6 to point out all the times Sheldon was in any way selfless and all the times he was selfish and a terrible friend. What we are shown has a ratio that favors "asshat" by a tremendous margin. Since Sheldon's character is suppose to be annoying, immature and self absorbed that's perfectly fine. We only see Sheldon doing and saying horrible things to the other characters because that's what he is suppose to do during the 20 minutes of air time. That's his job on the show. Here are some of the few "good friend" items that I found (and I give him credit even when he did it grudgingly): The Barbarian Sublimation - Helped Penny out of a career crisis with gaming. I don't care if he did not want to do it, I'm giving him credit anyway. The Loobenfeld Decay - got Leonard out of potential hot water with Penny by inventing an elaborate lie for him to tell. The Tangerine Factor - The cat is alive! The Work Song Nanocluster - Penny Blossoms with manufacturing support from Sheldon The Financial Permeability - Loaned Penny money when she foolishly blew her rent on Kurt's bail. Yes, Leonard ended up the pained hero but Sheldon started it. The Gorilla Experiment - teaching Penny physics. It ended with him using her to insult Leonard but what can he do? Sheldon being Sheldon. The Staircase Implementation - Kept Leonard's secret about who broke the elevator and may have saved his life. Big ups for this. The Irish Pub Formulation - Once again helping Leonard lie. The Decoupling Fluctuation - "Please don't hurt my friend" The Fish Guts Displacement - Amy needed that TLC. The Hofstadter Insufficiency - Comforts Penny as she is depressed when Leonard is away. The Romance Resonance - Makes Amy his medical contact. Yes, I know but I am going to count that anyway. The Occupation Recalibration - Tells Penny he supports her in her career struggle. I know he does not follow through and later shows complete indifference when she is in tears when her car dies but he said the right thing for that day anyway. The Mommy Observation - makes a real attempt to befriend Howard. There are probably a few that I missed but those are the major "civil Sheldon" moments. He is a complete ass clown most of the time which pretty much cancel out his Good Friend actions but the writer give him a few times a season that he seems to care about others.
  12. ARE Shamy Belle and the Beast, with Sheldon heroically fighting off his curse and with Stuart as Gaston? And has Leonard been the errant prince, striving to.. um... "climb Rapunzel's tower". LOL.
  13. How would she do? What do you think .. :D Could she learn some basics to work as an assistant.
  14. It makes me wonder after reading various comments on all internet platforms which describes Sheldon as a dictator/control-freak/tyrant. We all know he likes getting his way. What Sheldon wants, Sheldon gets. I know some will say that this is one of his characteristics that makes Sheldon, well, Sheldon. But I wonder for the sake of character growth, would you want to lessen Sheldon being a spoiled brat or do you think that takes too much away from his character? There are times that he is completely oblivious that what he is doing is hurting other people and I just don't see the other characters being happy about that in the long run. At some points, I feel he is crossing the line a tad too much with the things that he does. His obsession with being in control is definitely part of his identity but life is not realistically like that and I for one, would love to see an episode wherein Sheldon overcomes some sort of losing/rejection (I don't count the one with Kripke because in the end, he still believed he won over him by telling about the Shamy fabricated sex life) where he actually comes to terms with it completely. Anyway, would love to hear all of your insights.
  15. I believe one of the limiting factors for "levelling up" the characters is the adorable main set, that embodies the concept of the show ie the esoteric "others" living amongst the mundane. Could they retool the show by killing the sets and rebooting and not lose the love? OR would that be like killing of a loved character, and this is not Walking Dead or Game of Thrones so it would be a shark jump?
  16. why do raj and stuart have become depressing characters ? why can't they be funny sceintific and witty like before seasons but raj talking to women and their character developement be more but in a funny way
  17. This show is hilariously, ridiculously inaccurate in regards to the rules of attraction. While looks aren't everything, it's sickening that hot women are fawning over super skinny, dorky losers who have no game and no confidence. This doesn't happen in real life. Sheldon is ridiculously skinny and anti social, and is definitely not attractive to most women. Same with the rest of the cast. What fantasy world does this show take place in, where gorgeous blonds are competing for the affection of these skinny loser beta males? I thinks it's condescending to women to portray this. The male equivalent of this happening would be like Ryan Reynolds or Hugh Jackman fervently competing for the affection of frumpy, plain, or fat women. It just doesn't happen. Not only that, but women seem to be a central theme in this show. It seems like there's always a beautiful girl involved with these losers, it's not just a few episodes; it's the majority. It would be one thing it they simply just looked like skinny losers, but made up for it with an amazing, witty personality, but that isn't the case. They're absolutely anti social and offensively bad at female interaction. This is spreading the message that super skinny losers who would choose a Star Trek marathon over a smoking hot blond, have a very good chance of being in a meaningful relationship with said hot women. News flash: skinny and short, awkward Beta Males are as unattractive to women, as super obese women are to men. Would you find a show about Hugh Jackman who actively courts Rebel Wilson to be an accurate portrayal of our society today? Of course not, and yet that's exactly what is happening on the Big Bang theory, and it's almost sickening. Not only that, but most of the guys, Sheldon in particular, are very brittle and abrasive, condescending and rude to most women on the show, or at best, spineless and have the behavior associated with a beta male who has zero game in regards to female interaction. If this were the real world, women would want nothing to do with these skinny. This show is offensively bad in regards to showing the exact opposite. These losers are almost portrayed as God's gift to Women. These adorable chicks wouldn't be spending tine with these losers, and certainly wouldn't be interested in them romantically. This show can't go off the air fast enough. Cliff notes: Skinny = unattractive, especially to hot blonds who could have any man in the world Abrasive,rude and Brittle personalities = unattractive Choosing video games and Star Trek over hot women = MAJOR TURN OFF This show is completely out of touch with how geeks really are. Terrible, tacky, unrealistic show that needs to die.
  18. As BBT is usually very careful making sure things referenced on the show are accurate, especially when said by Sheldon, I wanted to start this thread for anyone who can find any inconsistencies or outright errors with anything Sheldon (or any other character) says. Ill start off with an example I discovered the other day. In S07E02 "The Boyfriend Complexity" Sheldon suggests to Penny that “with your Italian pizza and my Chinese noodles we could play Marco Polo." Marco Polo died in 1324. In S04E09 "The Deception Verification" while arguing with the pizza delivery man about walking up the stairs he states that “pizza dates back to the 16th century”. Therefore Marco Polo had already been dead for some 200 years before pizza was invented. I am not trying to poke holes in or in any way diminish the show. I love BBT and Sheldon is my favourite character, I consider this an homage to Dr Cooper as I'm sure this is the kind of thing he would be correcting in his own beautifully condescending way.
  19. here is the reality of bigbang theory in academia http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_SBmxsRpI5A
  20. The chart on this blog breaks the characters down by MBTI Personality types: http://www.graspingforobjectivity.com/2013/12/big-bang-theory-mbti-chart.html Which one are you? I'm Leslie Winkle! :-/
  21. I know what I like about Sheldon Cooper, and also what I don't like about him. I'm wondering, for all of you Sheldon fans out there, what do you like about him so much? Why do you BBT lovers feel like he is such a popular character? And if you're not a Sheldon Cooper fan feel free to explain why you don't like him; what makes him unappealing to you?
  22. Leonard suffered greatly physically for Sheldon's delivery of a "teachable moment". Could this affect Amy's relationship with her sweet baboo. She seems rational and she might wonder if this is how he would deliver lessons to their children, that she hinted at wanting in The Tenure Turbulence. Not to mention he's smacked her. I'm not getting it. She seems like a perfectly nice person. Why isn't she or when will she be, drawing a line.
  23. I made this topic based on .... post in the Mayim topic: This completely hit me last night. Wouldn't Henry Winkler be great as Amy's father? Actually, he'd be great as Leonard or Howard's father too, but Mayim saw him first! So here we can discuss who you would like to see play one of the parents who haven't been revealed yet.
  24. With all the talk of feminism/equalism on here recently, I stumbled across a site called goodmenproject.com and this one article jumped out at me: http://goodmenproject.com/gender-fight/in-defense-of-demisexuality/ This particular passage stood out:- Demisexuality is about desire and arousal, not just sex and who you do it with. It's not merely that I am only interested in having sex with people I love, it's also that I feel a complete absence of desire and sexual feelings towards everyone else. Ever. What makes me Demisexual is that absence. I posted this link over in the spoilers thread: http://en.m.wiktionary.org/wiki/demisexual The description of a Demisexual -- Like an Asexual, a Demisexual would not see an attractive woman and immediately desire sex, unless, of course, that attractive woman happened to be in a serious emotional relationship with the Demisexual -- sounds rather like a certain Theoretical Physicist. Also, Demisexuals are not aroused by pornography as they feel no bond with the participants. Fascinating!
  25. I think Howard and Bernadette are stealing the show. I love those characters and the way they have evolved during the years contrary to Leonard (the insecure nerd act is getting old) and Penny (the stupid blond bimbo act is getting old). She has been working at the Cheesecake factory for ever. She was studying at the community college but, what is happening with that? Can't she have a little breakthrough? Not something improbable or incredible but, a little role in a play, or a career change where she discovers what she really wants to do, something we all have experienced. Give her some depth don't be so sexist. Each time I see Kaley Cuoco on the show, she looks to me like she'd rather have all of her toe nails pulled rather than to be there. I don't buy Leonard and Penny's relationship, no chemistry there anymore. As for Sheldon, I know that his character is not supposed to change but, after 7 seasons I find it boring because his lines are too predictable. Yes, even last episode's ending (SO7E06), I didn't believe it one second. Things happens in life, everyday, all the time, even to the people with the most organised routines and stubborn minds. Let's be frank, even Raj and Amy are pretty dull. I wish I could see some positive changes in all characters, like we have seen for Howard and Berny, as I find the show a bit repetitive these days. Here we have a group of friends in their mid-twenties (season 1) going into their thirties (season 2) and nothing is really happening to them, nothing tangible. It is in our twenties that we experience a lot and grow so much as a human being. Why not them? For exemple, Leonard is sent to do researches on a boat in the North Sea. What are the results of such an expedition at a psychological and emotional level? Did he grow out of it. No. What did he gain? Nothing. So why sending him there? In comparison, Howard did grow out of his experience in space, he became a more mature and responsible being. I also think Bernadette and Howard's characters are evolving so well because, indeed, Simon Helberg and Melissa Rauch are fantastic actors and multi-talented people. finally, please, I am entitled to my opinion as everybody else, I am not imposing it on anyone, just expressing it. You are entitled to think differently, it is fine and I am OK with it. So no hate and don't tell me not to watch it if I don't like because, it is NOT what I am expressing here. Thanks. Cheers.
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