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  1. Hey guys, I'm new. Quite honestly, this question is the main thing that motivated me to make this account. So... I like Amy a lot, even now, but I liked her so much more in the beginning. When she was still robotic like Sheldon, it made the Shamy scenes more intense and adorable because they were both so hesitant and lost about their feelings. Now she's just way too emotional and sexual (in other words - HUMAN), and she's constantly chasing after Sheldon. I feel like it would've been so much cuter if BOTH of them were still robotic, and the writers simply made Amy more verbally express
  2. Everybody loves Sheldon Cooper, myself included, so I am wondering how many of you would watch an entire series dedicated to Sheldon Cooper and all his antics? Any thoughts on this or is it just a preposterous idea?
  3. Given that comic books are a huge part of the guys' lives, and Superman probably gets more references than any other comic book character ( plus of course Sheldon's ubiquitous Superman t-shirts) it stands to reason that Man of Steel would have a profound impact as a talking point. Personally, I see an episode where half the gang love it and half the gang hate it. Maybe call it the " Red trunks discrepancy" in reference to Superman not wearing red trunks over his tights anymore (the changes in the classic Superman costume). Anyway, what do people think. OUt of the gang, who
  4. Here's what she posted on FB: Andrea Libman Three people came up to me @EdmontonExpo to tell me they love my work in @BigBang_CBS - time to cast me as Bernadette's sister! What a good idea! She's perfect!
  5. Why do you think The Big Bang Theory has been so successful to a number of different audiences?
  6. The show has hinted a few times that Amy is actually very pretty, wouldn't it be cool if just once Penny gave Amy a make over, just to see the guys reaction?
  7. Considering the rollercoaster ride of the Leonard and Penny relationship, would you lose faith in the show if the writers decided to break them up again? I only write this because in other shows of this style, the two people you hope to get together in the end do not always end up as such, i.e. "The Wonder Years". So that being considered, what would be your reaction?
  8. Penny is in community college. Will she graduate inside the show's timeframe? That'd be cool. I read something about two or three year US colleges courses but the part-time university undergraduate program's I have heard of run six years. Can they make this a big deal and a win for her later down the track?
  9. I have noticed that from season 1 forward that the show has portrayed Penny as a problem drinker. It has been said that in the original pilot that the Penny character was supposed to be very darker, and that they decided to go with a more cheerful outlook for the character. I wonder if this has changed, the writers seem to be focusing on the Penny character as having less and less control: for instance, drinking alone, blacking out and not remembering what happened the night before as when she woke up with Raj, and other classic examples of alcoholism. Does anyone else see this as becoming
  10. So I was thinking... As we all know it was meant from the start of the show for Leonard and Penny to go out, fall in love, etc. etc. Is it possible that Penny's second name hasn't been revealed, and will never be revealed because it will soon change to Hofstadter?
  11. Pleas write the scene that was funniest and best from the whole season 6. A scene you really remember Mine was Sheldon's Domino Orgasm, haha. I just cant stop watching this on youtube!! Here is the link by the way - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f2OTXYpVl0I
  12. If you have the chance to enter in the body of one of these character for 24h and be able to interact with all the characters of TBBT, Who would you like to choose and why ?
  13. Who do you think is the most attractive female character?
  14. Hi Folks, I am new here as I only recently, by way of my wife, became a fan of BBT. Great show. Sheldon is by far my favourite. Anyway, with that in mind I thought of a episode concept that I REALLY hope they use because I think it would be hilarious. I am sure you have all heard stories of the random innocuous dude somewhere who works some entirely too ordinary 9-5 job (like a postman or mechanic or whatever) who also just happens to be insanely smart. Whether this is more urban myth than truth is up for debate (I prefer to lean toward the truth side), but these so called people are u
  15. How has this not been created yet? HOW? Appreciation thread for the flawless character that is Bawwwy Kwipke.
  16. I am not saying who I think has the most sexy male voice (as I do not want influence anyone with my opinion...) I've listened to TBBT show very carefully and I now who has it What about you?
  17. While in the park I was thinking to myself < if a collapse when joggingI I wish for one of the actors from TBBT to rescue me > Hoping that one of them is just nearby of course. I'd be worried if Sheldon was the only one around if I was in an emergency situation! He makes too much fuss about anything. Leonard has more sense and won't get in his way to help me. Whereas Howard would probably come onto me because I'm female, and Raj wouldn't talk to me. As for Penny and Amy, well perhaps a male would be better to help me? Because if I was to collapse for example and for some reason had to
  18. A thread for discussion about the character of Amy Farrah Fowler.
  19. A thread for discussion about the character of Bernadette Rostenkowski.
  20. A thread for discussion about the character of Rajesh Koothrappali.
  21. A thread for discussion about the character of Howard Wolowitz.
  22. Tripper


    A thread for discussion about the character of Penny.
  23. A thread for discussion about the character of Leonard Hofstadter.
  24. A thread for discussion about the character of Sheldon Cooper.
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