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Found 74 results

  1. When Sheldon and Amy finally engage in sex, Sheldon's response is one that no one would have expected. Rated M Ch. 1 https://m.fanfiction.net/s/10212060/1/
  2. Okay, I don't really know how things go on in here but, based on my observation (golly,I'm overthinking this!), anyone can create a thread about their fan fics, right? Here's mine, with 8 chapters so far: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10339613/1/The-Robot-Restoration This is about Amy returning to her robotic self as a result of Sheldon's departure. It's my first time to write a full-blown story (and fiction for that matter) so I'd really like to hear your comments about it. For instance, is my story-telling weird or difficult to understand? Or are the chapters too short? Or is the drama too much?--anything, just let me know what you think. I also had an outline for the story and before I watched the season finale, I pretty much know where my fic's going. But, after the finale aired, I had too many feels and decided to redo it. I'm now a little confused on how to proceed. Do you like the direction I'm taking so far?
  3. Any clue when would the bloopers be out? From the taping reports i really want that second kiss episode of Shamy & the episode where she dresses like the christian school girl! Lol... i am sure they would be hilarious & cute! ♥. Which ones do u guys wanna see in the bloopers?
  4. In case any of you are interested, I wrote a one-shot that served as an awakening to my muse and hopefully will be the foundation I needed to update Moving Pictures. I am sorry it's taking so long by the way. But here's a little non-AU Shamy for ya. In Case of Emergency, Please Contact Amy Farrah Fowler Amy gets another call from the Caltech nurse's office on behalf of her boyfriend, but this time, Sheldon's injury is real…and all Amy's fault. One-shot, rated T for language and adult themes. For Sheps, Tensor, Georgie & Ali. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10363100/1/
  5. I know AU's aren't too popular, but I'm very confident in my story line and I hope you Shamy fans will give it a chance. Amy Fowler, a sullen woman with a dark past, moves to a small town to start fresh. After exploring the woods behind her new home, Amy stumbles upon a secluded world full of intrigue, creativity, and headed by a mysterious man named Sheldon. But she soon learns that escaping her painful reality to be part of Sheldon's could endanger her life. *Total AU, OOC Shamy & other TBBT cast* http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9597492/1/Moving-Pictures
  6. Again, spoilers for the season finale.... Turn back now if you do not want spoilers. Okay- This is going to be my summer hiatus series of one-shots. I'm giving myself until the season premier to come up with 100 different ways for Sheldon or Amy to pick up the pieces of the finale. Yep, 100. Some will be long, some short, mostly -actually all- will be or turn out to be optimistic. There will be no break-up’s in my world. Nada. If you haven't read my stories before, just a warning, it's gonna get fluffy and it could potentially get a bit dirty. "Dirty, dirty, dirty." Hey, with 100 different realities it could happen in one, right? With such a deadline in place I should update pretty regularly. Hopefully this will help the time go by faster. Enjoy. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10295836/1/
  7. Heey... First time attempting to write fanfiction (please be gentle!) Anyway, I thought I'd do a mock teleplay focusing on Sheldon's train romp after season 7 finale, and using some of the ideas I've gathered from conversations with friends about what could have caused Sheldon's ADORABLE quirks. I'm gonna paste it here for now, as I'm still trying to get my bearings with my new fanfiction.net account. As soon as I have it up I will delete the text and put up the link instead. But please, let me know if this is something you like or find intriguing, and I will hopefuly find time to continue to write this out :3 Also, please suggest tags for this before I upload it to fanfiction.net... I feel like a clueless noob there . Here we go! Chapter 1: The set is a daytime shot, inside of an Amtrack Coastliner. Sheldon enters the cabin and, after brief consideration, sits hugging his satchel instead of putting it in the overhead compartment. He shuffles a bit in his seat as people walk by looking for an empty seat. A teenage boy stops beside him. Kid: Is this seat taken? Sheldon: Yes. The kid sits in another seat. Everyone settles and he seems relieved to have been left alone. He takes out his phone, glances at the time and sets it down instead of putting it away. The train pulls out of the station. A woman about his age, but wearing clothes that seem too young for her age turns over the seat in front of him and leers. He tries to hide his discomfort and fails miserably. He doesn’t look at her directly but before long she speaks. Woman: Hello… Shelly. Sheldon looks up in utter shock and his jaw drops as realization dawns on him. Sheldon: What are YOU doing here? Woman: Is that any way to greet me after so long? What’s the matter? You look like you saw a ghost. Sheldon: No offense but you’re really the last person in the world I want to see right now, and that’s saying a lot, since I’m practically on a mission to get away from every single person I know, even the ones I actually like. Woman: Your words, they cut. After delivering these words dryly, the woman continues to regard him guardedly, but with curiosity. Sheldon (standing up): Well this was… something, now excuse me… Woman: Sure, move, the only empty seats are next to a six-year-old, and another one next to dreadlocks with the strong patchouli scent. Or next to me, of course (she pats the seat next to her with a look of derision) Sheldon sits back down, sneering. Sheldon: This can’t be a coincidence, last I head of you was you were living in Arizona. Woman: That was almost twenty years ago Shelly, you haven’t exactly kept up with me. Not that I blame you or anything. Well… a little. She tries to smirk but snaps back to a poker face when she gets no reaction from Sheldon. Both characters are silent for a few seconds. Sheldon looks down contemplatively; the woman keeps looking at him like she’s trying to read him. Woman: Anyway yeah, it’s not a coincidence I’m here. And you know there’s only one person who could have sent me. Sheldon: I never thought people could get so desperate so quickly. Woman: You bailed almost two months ago. Sheldon: I did NOT bail; I needed some time for contemplation. Not that I owe YOU any explanations. Woman: Ouch, stop, you wound me deeply. Sheldon: Let’s not drag this out any more than we have to; just give me your message, or your warning, or words of safe passage through the underworld or whatever it is they sent you to give me. Woman: Are you really in that much of a hurry to send me away? You’re not the least bit curious as to what’s become of me? Sheldon: Correct, I have far too much on my mind right now without adding ancient quarrels and long-forgotten devastation to the mix. Woman: So you have enough with the present quarrels and devastation that you’re making worse by running away… AGAIN? Sheldon (starting to lose his composure): I did NOT run away back then, I left the country to pursue my higher studies. And I owe you no explanation Gris, no more than you owe me. We are what we are, like we inadvertedly were back then. I have absolutely no interest in bringing up that part of my past again. So please, I beg of you, tell me what you have to tell me and then GO AWAY! Gris (after a few seconds of thought): You changed. I mean, I don’t blame you, maybe I’m also too close to myself to realize how little of that girl you once knew is left but… damn! They both look away from each other and meditate silently for a few seconds. Gris: Your mother sent me, to give you this. Gris throws an envelope at him. He opens it and looks at the content, a plane ticket. Sheldon: Why? Gris: Didn’t say… You’ll just have to find out. Now go ahead and make your phone call before whoever gets worried. Sheldon: How did you know I have to make a phone call? Gris (turning around to sit down): You’ve been white-knuckling your phone and obsessively checking the time while we’ve been talking. (Over her shoulder) Have a good life, Sheldon. Sheldon, after a few beats, composes himself enough to dial Amy’s number.
  8. A few ideas on how Sheldon would tell Amy he loves her. Collaboration with Maddie19 Theory #1: https://m.fanfiction.net/s/10171202/1/
  9. Hello everyone, I've finally found my way to the forums, so I decided to throw my link up for my stories. I generally try and update pretty quickly. So far I have, seven Shamy fics -yay! More to come this summer, too. https://www.fanfiction.net/~janeway25
  10. One-shot I almost threw my computer out the window over. Hope readers like it more than I did. lol https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10160971/1/The-Humidity-Affix
  11. Okay, so I finally caved and decided to write a Shamy fic. The reason I was so apprehensive is because I normally write very emotional stuff, and writing the smart-sounding language in TBBT is quite a daunting task. But anyways. I'm giving it a go. Chapter 1: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10139291/1/What-We-Have Rated M for later chapters. I'm just kinda laying the groundwork right now. To be completely honest, I'm not 100% sure where I'm going, but I have a few ideas. :D
  12. Sheldon visits Amy after she returns from her conference in Chicago and his life is never the same thanks to a little white lab coat. Rated M. Collaboration with Kazzie. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/10101819/1/The-Labcoat-Fixation
  13. Well boys and girls, put on your pointy-head intellectual hats and read this http://www.politico.com/blogs/media/2013/12/snark-vs-smarm-goes-mainstream-179666.html I stand with Maureen Dowd!
  14. It happened, guys. The 7.11 promo was so bereft of Shamy that it tossed me into a sea of feels and made me write this one-shot. Enjoy. Sheldon and Amy spend an evening together before he departs in the morning to spend Christmas in Texas. Inspired by the 30-second promo for episode 7.11 “The Cooper Extraction”. (NO spoilers) Rated M for a reason, so keep that in mind. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/9916921/1/The-Extraction-Clause
  15. Per a request by a friend on Tumblr, I wrote a quick little end to episode 6.17 The Contractual Obligation. Enjoy: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9488299/1/Prince-or-Frog
  16. https://m.fanfiction.net/u/4610633?a=s
  17. Hello everyone, I thought I'd open a thread here for my fanfictions. I write mostly S/A, and mostly one-shots, although I have two ideas for longer fics You can find my fanfiction.net profile here. For those of you who prefer archiveofourown, I'm here. Sheldon/Amy • The Hidden Feeling Reflection - Rated K - 1/1 - 1588 words He is a Homo Novus, and he really should have seen it coming. • Learning To Dance - Rated K+ - 1/1 - 2657 words She's taken quite a trip down memory lane, tonight. She usually hates this (even more than she hates dancing), because her past is even worse than her present, but it's different this time. It made her realise that something she's been suspecting for weeks now is actually true; she really does like Sheldon Cooper. • The First Times Enumeration - Rated K+ - 1/1 - 9393 words A series of first times in Sheldon's relationship with Amy Farrah Fowler. • The Comfortable Silence Theorem - Rated K - 1/1 - 1206 words "Our record for sitting together in a room and not speaking to each other is six and a half hours. He said it was a magical evening." - Amy in The Weekend Vortex • The Doctor Who Pairings Argument - Rated K - 1/1 - 2883 words It's time to watch Doctor Who in Apartment 4A of 2311 Los Robles. Ensues a passionate debate about… pairings, of all things. Everyone can say that Amy and Rory belong together all they want, Sheldon won't change his mind: the Doctor and Amy are meant for each other. • Underneath It All Beats The Same Heart - Rated T - 3/10 - 7939 words "By any standard, Amy is more similar to me than anyone I've ever met." - Sheldon in The Zazzy Substitution • The Facebook Wall Progression - Rated K - 4/? - 3874 words "Sheldon Cooper and Amy Farrah Fowler are now friends", or their story through a social network. • The Drunken Epiphany - Rated K+ - 1/1 - 1037 words You never planned to fall in love. It just happened. • The Snow White Effect - Rated T - 1/1 - 2667 words All Snow White needs is one little kiss to wake up. Too bad her Prince Charming is Sheldon Cooper, who's so proud and stubborn he won't admit he kind of wants to kiss her awake. • The Safe Haven Analogy - Rated K - 1/1 - 1189 words She's probably worrying about him, but then again, when is she not? That's part of why he loves her – she knows him better than anyone, inside and out, and she can face the world for two of them. She's the strongest person he knows, really, and he'll never thank her enough for being the way she is. - Sheldon and Amy publicly present the results of a research they did together. • The Iron Man Incident - Rated T - 1/1 - 1515 words Set during The Parking Lot Escalation - Sheldon and Amy are partners in crime. When they don't spray paint Sheldon's name on his lost spot after dark or rush Penny to the ER, they go to the bank. Where Sheldon gets tackled to the ground. Because their life is epic like that. • The Rolling Dice Apex - Rated T - 1/1 - 1680 words Sheldon and Amy's Dungeons and Dragons characters are under a love spell. How will Pasadena's favourite power couple be able to cope with the task at hands? • The Sentiment Vocalization - Rated M - 1/1 - 1119 words Sheldon and Amy have been intimate for a couple of months, when one morning, Sheldon reveals somethig to his girlfriend. • The Tearful Enlightenment - Rated M - 1/1 - 2045 words Sheldon doesn't cry in front of other people - unless they're Amy. • Five Times Sheldon and Amy Didn't Meet and One Time They Did, Part 4: The Friendship Algorithm - Rated K - 1/1 - 2231 words Amy's on yet another one of her annual mystery dates to please her mother when someone catches her eye. Other Fics Leonard/Penny • The Last Name Considerations - Rated T - 1/1 - 1929 words Five names Penny will never wear, and the one that she can finally, proudly, call hers. • The Seven Sinful Encounters - Rated T - 1/1 - 1632 words Seven deadly sins, seven sinful encounters. Leonard/Alex • The Fade Of Love Catalyst - Rated K+ - 1/1 - 2846 words He runs into Alex four weeks after he broke up with Penny. They come across each other at the supermarket, a complete accident, and a total surprise. He texts her three days later. Something he's learnt the hard way with Penny is that being too eager to please will break him. But that guy who tries way too hard did get Penny, so why wouldn't he get Alex? Sheldon & Penny friendship • The Empty Basket Conundrum - Rated K - 1/1 - 1393 words Penny needs to talk to Sheldon about Leonard, so she decides to pay him a visit in the laundry room on a Saturday night. Howard • The Separation Impossibility - Rated K - 1/1 - 2966 words Five times Howard nearly left his mother, and the one time she was the one leaving him. Lucy • The Self-Affirmation Achievement - Rated K - 1/1 - 1446 words Five times Lucy couldn't stand for herself, and the one time she could. Ensemble fic • The Catalan Interlude - Rated T - 2/? - 4251 words AU - Penelope, Amelia and Bernadette, scientists, win a trip to Barcelona. Despite her friends' desire to never leave the hotel room, Penelope manages to meet Lenny, lead singer of rock band The Big Bang Theory. The spark changes Penelope's and Lenny's lives as surely as it changes Amelia's and Bernadette's, for they meet Sheldon, Howard and Raj, Lenny's bandmates. S/A, L/P, H/B
  18. I will be hosting a fanfic chat for anyone who wants to join in. It will cover the hiatus period over this summer (between Seasons 6 and 7) so that we can try and make it through. Rules for the chat will be simple: 1. Be respectful 2. Be appropriate (be aware some of the audience may be minors still) 3. Be ready to share ideas, thoughts, constructive commentary 4. Have fun The plan is we will begin the chats at 12:00 PM (Noon) Pacific Time on Saturday afternoons and go until we are done talking or fade out. LOL! That way we can try to reach the folks from East Coast (2:00 PM Eastern) as well as overseas (7:00 PM UK). We will start this Saturday ( June 1, 2013). Suggested fanfics to read before Saturday: The Family Reunion Probability Theorem by Misophonia The Double Girlfriend Dissent by Genki-escapist and the work in progress fanfic The Departure Transformation by I.Am.Molly Each week we will select three fics to start off the discussion, but we will not necessarily be restricted to only discuss the two selected. I hope to see all of you there!
  19. Story: The Salacity Symposium Chapter 3 Title: The Assessment Summary: You have to take your time with Sheldon. The Salacity Symposium Chapter 3: The Assessment, a big bang theory fanfic | FanFiction and Story: The Crusher Conclusion Chapter 2 Title: I'm Sherlocked Category: Big Bang Theory Character(s): Amy Farrah Fowler & Sheldon C. Summary: Who is Amy cheating on Sheldon with? My own way to celebrate Shamy appreciation week - more cosplay, more TV. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9111882/2/
  20. Sheldon's Revelatory Kiss Announcing a new one-shot A collaborative effort with Rachel (rachygd aka rachelshamyfan) and myself. It is a a sweet romantic fluff piece, but enjoy! http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9327452/1/Sheldon-s-Revelatory-Kiss
  21. A little short one-shot to enjoy for the holiday: The Turkey Drive: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/8727241/1/The-Turkey-Drive Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!
  22. I'm kinda new to the Big Bang Theory fandom, but recently I was inspired to write this little Shamy one-shot called Q&A. Here's the summary: Amy gets an opportunity that she can't turn down, Sheldon is uncomfortable about it. Tell me what you think, on fanfiction.net or here http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9064827/1/Q-A Maybe I will write more, depends if I'm inspired or not.
  23. Hi, I'm Shenanigans. I'm a long-time lurker of these forums (especially the Shamy thread.) I love BBT, and I adore Sheldon and Amy. (I love everyone on the show, actually. I wish they were my friends.) I've met Jim Parsons, when he was doing Harvey on Broadway. I told him that Sheldon was my spirit animal. He replied, in character as Sheldon, "Well, that's unfortunate!" So yeah, hi. And I'm excited to continue lurking and occasionally posting feels.
  24. Ok. I'm new here. And only the good lord Stephen Hawking knows why I haven't joined a TBBT forum until now, as I've watched the show from when it first aired, and subsequently probably watched each season 10/11 times over. I digress. My question is, what are people's thoughts on Amy?... Personally, I dislike her character. She bores the hell out of me. I get that she is supposed to be a female Sheldon...but in a world that has a proper Sheldon, why do we need another version? Her character is annoyingly unlikable, and I find her encroaching more and more into the episodes. I run the risk of being told the STFU here but I just wanted to know what other die-hard fans thought of her. ...
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