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  1. This thread is the Ship Zone for other ships such as Howardette, Cinnepoli, Shelnard, Shenny, etc. We've combined all the other ships here, simply because there weren't enough posts to justify a thread for each Ship (some had no posts at all). Ship Zone rules apply, supportive comments for all ship in this thread.
  2. This thread is for Season 12 related discussion of perceived problems with the Lenny paring. Please remember, this is not a ship thread. While it is primarily for Leonard and Penny, comments about or concerning other characters can be referenced, and be replied to. If anyone doesn't want to talk about other characters, the best bet is not to refer to other characters here. Use the Shipping Lanes thread.
  3. This thread is for discussion of Season 12, and spoilers are allowed. Discussion of ideas from previous seasons, unless they pertain to season 12 topics, should go into the non-season 12 Show Discussion thread. We do allow some latitude, but if posts not about season 12 go too far off topic, or continues too long, we may move them.
  4. This is the Season 12 thread for Lenny. This is a Ship Zone and contains Spoilers.
  5. This is the Season 12 thread for Shamy. This is a Ship Zone and contains Spoilers.
  6. Taping reports: Taping 1; 15 August Taping 2; 22 August Taping 3; 29 August Taping 4; 12 September Taping 5; 19 September Taping 6; 03 October. Taping 7; 10 October. Taping 8, 24 October Taping 9, 31 October. Taping 10, 14 November Taping 11, 21 November Taping 12, 05 December
  7. As we no longer have a Chat function, this thread will act as a chat on Taping nights. Normally, this thread will stay locked. On taping nights, between 9-10 Eastern (currently 0100-0200) we will unlock the thread for use, and after we get any information about the taping, or around 2 AM Eastern time (currently 0600 UTC), we will lock the thread. We suggest that users treat a post, in this particular thread, as one line in the former Chat. Of course you can quote, to answer a specific post, something that wasn't available in Chat. An additional bonus is that you won't have to make r
  8. This thread is for non Season 10 related discussion about the show. Spoilers are allowed in this thread.
  9. Rogue One is coming December 2016. I stayed spoiler free for The force awakens but have not had the same restraint this time. **spoiler** read https://www.yahoo.com/tech/major-rogue-one-spoiler-star-wars-character-ve-171934156.html
  10. Since watching April 21 TBBT and seeing Raj is dating 2 women (at their place), working full time (I'm supposing), still hanging out with the gang, and SOME comic shop time, I can't help but wonder what is Cinnamon doing all day/night and how big of a mess she (Cinnamon) is leaving on the floor(s), couch, and bed. But I am assuming that Raj is NOT getting his cleaning deposit back !! As owner of 2 small dogs myself I know they try their best, but along with their small bodies come small bowels. What happened to the love Raj had for Cinnamon ?? He should be hung.
  11. CBS Announces Show finale storylines (for 2015-2016 season)
  12. I couldn't find a thread on this so... Who is watching this?! I seriously need to talk to someone about this after that two parter! Who is this guy?: And more importantly who is this guy?!: I need answers and a support group!
  13. I saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens just a few hours ago and thought it would be nice to have a thread for those who have seen the movie and would like to discuss anything about it. With that in mind spoilers and speculation are okay. Who is Rey? (She learns a lot faster than Luke)
  14. CBS Rings in 2016 With All-New episodes of Its Shows Beginning Sunday, January 3
  15. Um, so I've never started a thread before (lol awkward), but now that Shamy is back together (insert cheering), I was wondering when all of you think they will get engaged? My bet is episode 11 (although if history tells us anything, it's that I stink at making predictions) b/c Sheldon was planning to propose to Amy in episode 7 anyways, despite being broke up. He knew she was endgame even after they were over (IMO). Plus it would show Amy immediately that Sheldon does put her first, and would put any question she had about his commitment level to rest. I also think that the promo that was pos
  16. I think by the end of this season, we're going to have two couples that are definately sexually active (the married ones....Lenny & Howardette). And yeah, I'm going to go ahead and be the first to call it. Shamy coitus by the end of the season. That's three. Then of course Raj and his SO (Emily if she's still around). Maybe four. Picture all the women showing some type of system that could be diagnosed as a pregnancy in the last few episodes. We see one throwing up a lot. Could be due to a pregnancy. Or she could have the flu. Or food poisoning. We see another going to the bathroo
  17. I finished watching The Commitment Determination and I feel that Mary's appearance will occur after he talks to Gollum about the ring. What to you guys think? MIDDLE WON!!! CONGRATS TO THOSE TWO PEOPLE WHO SAID MIDDLE
  18. I don't know if this is in the right section, (if not, can you please move it?) As the title suggested, this is a game to predict what episode would it be when Shamy's back to being a couple. Rules: 1. One guess per account. You can only reply one answer/guess. And it will be posted in the very first page of the topic. (I will update it, but you can still reply to this thread anything, just make sure you only submit one answer, if you submit another one then the second or third one would be invalid.) 2. You have to guess how they will get back together. What is the scenario, and what would Am
  19. ok guys this is something i want to put out there so. will there be no taping reports anymore? do we have to wait till the episode airs or will someone else report tapings?
  20. In the final episode of The Big Bang Theory, Leonard and Penny were on their way to Las Vegas and Amy just said Sheldon that she needs some time while Sheldon was about to propose her ( I guess even Frodo was surprised if you know what I mean) so will there truly be anyone getting married? Sent from my Nexus 7 using Tapatalk
  21. Hey guys! With Comic Con just a few days away, I thought I would make a thread where we can talk about any and all information that we get out of Comic Con about the upcoming season. Myself and @Dannii will be in attendance of the writers' panel on Friday morning at 10am and we'll be happy to post anything interesting they may say. Is anyone else from the forum going? Will you be asking a question? I plan to ask when Sheldon bought the ring and when he planned to give it to Amy. Anyone else have any questions you hope get asked? (Or want other attendees to ask for you?)
  22. Hi all: Here is my latest. It's based of The Comic Store Regeneration and posits what happens when after Sheldon reveals his experiment with Amy to Penny before getting a shock of his own as well as Leonard and Penny. https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11213163/1/ http://archiveofourown.org/works/3833572 Enjoy and remember...mphs95 needs her reviews. It's her crack and it makes sure she knows her story doesn't suck. PS: Hope you folks enjoy the heat! LOL
  23. I hate you but I don't hate you. Here is a tag to the S8 finale that will certainly be my escape from tax declarations, internship reports and uni papers. UGH GUYS! :D This contains spoilers so consider yourself warned! https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11202140/1/The-Transgression-Acclimatization
  24. Here's my way of honoring the late Leonard Nimoy through the love of the Shamy. I wasn't sure if I should post it, but Hazelra7 convinced me to do it. I hope you enjoy it. The Spock Remembrance FF.net: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11086065/1/ AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/3469268
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