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  1. A discussion thread for The Big Bang Theory star Kaley Cuoco.
  2. A discussion thread for The Big Bang Theory star Johnny Galecki.
  3. A discussion thread for The Big Bang Theory star Mayim Bialik.
  4. A discussion thread for The Big Bang Theory star Kevin Sussman.
  5. A discussion thread for The Big Bang Theory star Jim Parsons.
  6. A place to talk about Wil He's played a big part in several stories and i like him!
  7. A discussion thread for The Big Bang Theory star Melissa Rauch.
  8. A discussion thread for The Big Bang Theory star Kunal Nayyar.
  9. A discussion thread for The Big Bang Theory star Simon Helberg.
  10. I know some of Rati's posts have been shared in the Season 12 Spoilers Forum, but I thought I'd start her own thread.
  11. Laura Spencer (Emily Sweeney) was interviewed about her role on The Big Bang Theory.
  12. Kunal Nayyer will appear as a guest on UK Comedy Chat Show "The Last Leg" on Friday, 10pm UK time on Channel 4. For those who haven't heard of it, The Last Leg is a LIVE comedy programme hosted by the Australian stand-up comic Adam Hills and featuring English comedians Josh Widdecombe and Alex Brooker as co-hosts. It's in it's eighth season currently. Generally, the presenters talk about a number of major news stories and make jokes about them for the first half hour, which sometimes involve pre-recorded skits or live sketches. I suppose the nearest thing the US have to it is Saturday Night Live, but it is different to that in the fact that there is a regular host. In the second half hour, the guest (in this case, Kunal) is brought on and they have an extended chat with Hills, whilst Widdecombe often ridicules them to comic effect (all light-hearted mockery though, unless it's a politician who is the guess!). Any ideas whether Kunal is in the UK to promote something? And I wonder how he will do in a live interview in front of a studio audience?
  13. https://tv.yahoo.com/news/sara-gilbert-pregnant-185300118.html Congrats Sara!
  14. Chuck Lorre, Elvis Costello, Burt Bacharach combining for Broadway musical 'Painted from Memory' headed to the Great White Way By AP Staff Tuesday, May 7, 2013 6:11 PM NEW YORK (AP) — One of television's most successful sitcom writers is joining with Burt Bacharach and Elvis Costello to create a musical based on the artists' 1998 album "Painted From Memory." Bacharach said Tuesday that Chuck Lorre, creator of "Two and a Half Men" and "The Big Bang Theory," contacted him and said he wanted to write a story to go with the music. The dark and lush album was an unusual collaboration between a pop classicist and an Englishman who usually traffics in rock 'n' roll. They earned a Grammy for one of its songs, "I Still Have That Other Girl." Costello said he and Bacharach are writing additional music for the play.
  15. While we all like taking about our favorite actors and staff, we don't want this forum to be a place where unfounded or unverified rumors are spread. Due to some information we received this weekend, we have decided to add the following new rule to the content section of the rules: G. Posts containing links to, or comments about, unverified or unfounded rumors of either the actor's or production staff's lives, can be removed at the discretion of the Moderators or Admins. Information appearing in legitimate news sites (again, Mod or admin discretion but think ET, People, US, and network news) and/or the people themselves acknowledging any such rumors (such as Kaley posting her placard without the Sweeting) can be discussed. If you have any questions about the information, please contact the moderators or Admins with those questions before posting.
  16. This thread will be a place you can come to find where all the cast and recurring cast will be appearing. To start off the thread, we will begin with October 2014. Reminders will be posted here as well as continual updates. Please check this thread for setting your DVR/TiVOs for appearances and check the linked post for appearances where links are provided for purchasing tickets for live performances that require ticket purchase. First reminder: Johnny Galecki will be on the Late Show with David Letterman on October 2, 2014. Set your DVR/TiVO or watch live! Check your local area for listings. Seattle residents can see Garfunkel & Oates on October 4. Click on the link above for more information.
  17. The 21st Annual SAG Awards will be on January 25th and here are the full list of nominees and more details on how you can watch, etc.
  18. The Cast of the Big Bang Theory share their favorite Season 6 Moments: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/live-feed/big-bang-theory-season-6-moments-525669
  19. I watched Jim on Craig Ferguson last night and was delighted to hear him say that he loved cozy mysteries. I, too, am a big mystery reader and I love cozies. In case he doesn't know about them, I am going to suggest two authors for him to look into - Rhys Bowen and Carola Dunn. Both British, both writing about the post-WWI period. How nice to know that I have something in common with this delightful young man who grew up not too terribly far from where I l ive!
  20. I love the show, I love Penny's character and I'm no wowser but I do find her increasing reliance on alcohol disappointing, unnecessary, a bad role model. It's a sad stereotype that the only non genius main character is an "alcoholic".
  21. I've noticed in pictures of Jim on the red carpets he's always got his hands in his pockets. Is it like a nervous thing? I don't see many other celebrities doing it.
  22. Hello everybody, I am new here and very glad to find this wonderful forum on Big Bang Theory! I have a question regarding the cast's accent or dialect. My native tongue is not English and that is why I can't hear where a person is from based on his accent (except for Raj's ). Can you hear which kinds of accent the cast members have or do they have any specific accent/dialect? Those who I am particulary interested to know are: Sheldon Leonard Penny Howard Bernadette Cripky It would help me with studying English at a higher level as well as I can be even more familiar with those lovely characters Thank you in advance!
  23. What actress is this on Raj's shoulders. It never showed her face. http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=2ih41g5&s=5
  24. I was looking at the bloopers this morning, when I realized that the woman who played Amy's mother in the Skype at the end of "The Desperation Emanation" (it played last night, so thats why i probably noticed), in two of the blooper scenes. The first one, is when she is seen behind Sheldon in the first group of "Bullwhip and Fedora" mess ups. The second time is when she is seen behind Leonard, in both clips, when Leonard is talking to Alex. So it appears that Amy's mother is usually available to tape.
  25. The Big Bang Theory has submitted the following two episodes for Academy consideration for the Emmy's: The Egg Salad Equvialency The Closet Reconfiguration I know they will get another submission opportunity if nominated to add a third episode. I hope they add "The Love Spell Potential' because it was a good one with all the cast as well. Actors I don't think get to submit unless they are nominated. Once nominated they submit for actual voting.
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