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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, I'm a 24 year old guy, and for a comic con, I was thinking of dressing up as Penny. What should I put on to make me look like her? What would be the most fitting outfit (what type of clothes, hair style, cup size,…)? I am familiar with the show, but it’s really hard to choose a good outfit, since she has so many clothes and hair styles to choose from. If you could give me some suggestions here or put some links to some of her outfits, that’d be really helpful! XAlso one more question, should I also wear lingerie underneath, even though no one there will get to see it? Thanks!
  2. It makes me wonder after reading various comments on all internet platforms which describes Sheldon as a dictator/control-freak/tyrant. We all know he likes getting his way. What Sheldon wants, Sheldon gets. I know some will say that this is one of his characteristics that makes Sheldon, well, Sheldon. But I wonder for the sake of character growth, would you want to lessen Sheldon being a spoiled brat or do you think that takes too much away from his character? There are times that he is completely oblivious that what he is doing is hurting other people and I just don't see the other characters being happy about that in the long run. At some points, I feel he is crossing the line a tad too much with the things that he does. His obsession with being in control is definitely part of his identity but life is not realistically like that and I for one, would love to see an episode wherein Sheldon overcomes some sort of losing/rejection (I don't count the one with Kripke because in the end, he still believed he won over him by telling about the Shamy fabricated sex life) where he actually comes to terms with it completely. Anyway, would love to hear all of your insights.
  3. Hey, I love Big Bang Theory and I saw that no new episode had been scheduled. So does anyone know why?
  4. Here is the actual episode I wrote. It is more or less a rough draft of an idea, but I think it works. I'm a science fiction writer and comedy television is not my forte; I like the idea and it was fun to write. It may not be a top notch episode idea that many will like, but it was what I would consider a "just for fun episode". It ends in a sort of slapstick situation and that is why I think many will not like it. As for comedy, I do lean toward slapstick so it naturally came out. I think I got the characters right, though, even after being a fan and watching every episode, sometimes a writer can get them wrong. I tried not to force the comedy--remember, I'm not a comedy writer--I just tried to let the characters say what comes natural. I think, at least, that I have a good idea for an episode. The acutal writers of TBBT can add so much more to it, I'm sure. I hope you like it. http://www.fanfiction.net/s/9068986/1/The-Hibernation-Hypothesis
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