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  1. The trouble with the other Big Bang Theory is that nobody knows who/what laid the "Cosmic Egg". The show inspired my theory about what would initiate a Big Bang Event. It's taken seven years to find all the mistakes - but any new idea means that while it may add to modern thought, it also means there are a whole lot more ways to muck up that "modern thought". I have gotten some approvals from other Scientists, and almost got it published in a Canadian Magazine called "Physics Essays" [http://www.physicsessays.com/] but there are a lot more narrow minded Scientists in the world like Sheldon for any really new idea - even if you produce a table of equation validations to more than 1000 decimal places. I even got Dr. Saeid Nourian, owner of the Smart Math Calculator (http://www.runiter.com/ - the company that sold me the software that let me confirm it that far) to look at it, and he found it mathematically unchallengeable. Admittedly, the academic version is a little boring, but there is also a funnier version at http://www.relativistic-perspective.com/ . It's also attached. Maybe I wil be even more boring and say that any proper Cosmological theory should have aspects of not just Big Bangs, but Cyclic Calamity's and Steady States too. Hopefully the Moderator will let a new Scientific theory into Season 7. I cannot imagine how much upset Sheldon would show if he came across a paper that could mathematically reason what would bring about a Big Bang, but not one nearly as Big as the one he's in love with. And as I opened with, there could also be Medium Bangs, Little Bangs and even Itty-Bitty Bangs. Hope the consulting scientists on The Big Bang Theory are more open minded than the establishment ones. An infinite reality is an idea that we should finally get used to. For the whole time the human race has been running, the "high thinkers" have always put up fences that were nothing more than as far as we could see at that time. And besides, what lies beyond the fences? Isn't it more likely that just like before, we can only see our Local Universe? Doesn't not setting limits, and presuming an infinity reality, a Ceaseless Cosmos somehow sound more "scientific"? The Relativistic Space-Time Perspective - non-Academic.pdf
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