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  1. This thread will act as a chat on Taping nights. Normally, this thread will stay locked. On taping nights, between 9-10 Eastern (currently 0100-0200 UTC) we will unlock the thread for use, and after we get any information about the taping, or around 2 AM Eastern time (currently 0600 UTC), we will lock the thread. We suggest that users treat a post, in this particular thread, as one line in a chat format. Of course you can quote, to answer a specific post. The following will be implemented if a member violates the rules: If after several verbal warnings in thread, a member does not end their behavior, that poster can be issued a Zero point Friendly Warning. When that happens, the post leading to the warning will be hidden, and their future posts for the night, will be put on Moderator Queue. This means all of their posts (even in other threads) have to be approved by a moderator, before becoming visible. Normally, those members put on mod queue for chat violations, will be taken off Moderator Queue, when Chat is locked for the night. However, for particularly egregious offenses, the Moderator Queue could be extended until Tripper and I have a chance to discuss it, usually the next day. We had some success with this thread replacing the the former chat room, so we are continuing this thread for season 12. If you have a suggestion for this place, please drop me a PM and we'll look it over.
  2. So, I bit the bullet and decided to open up this topic for discussion for those who want to discuss their views of feminism, its definition, and how they feel it affects their viewing of TBBT. This thread is for those who want to express themselves openly without feeling they have to stay on the topic of a particular character or ship. Mayim published an article on GrokNation where she addresses the language and cultural assumptions about sex. Reading commentary over the past several days has made me realize that my views on feminism, especially in relationships, are quite skewed. Perhaps others feel the same way. The purpose of this thread is to gain perspective, not to try to convince another to change his/her view. Please keep the conversations civil and respect each other's opinions . It's okay to defend one's position, but please do so respectfully without attacking or insulting another for having a different POV.
  3. I was just wondering how old are we supposed to be on the forum site? like what age and over
  4. I plan to be there from midnight UK time. I think that's around 7pm East Coast time You are all invited!
  5. Sir Terry Pratchett has died, aged 66. RIP, Terry. Your wit, warmth and humanity will be missed. Is anyone else here a fan? What got you started?
  6. Hey, so this is random, I'm taking a course at my university on Classic Literature (can't stand it but it's required ((HOW is classic fiction going to help me with psychology OR physics?)) Anyway, I recently was required to read a book called Notes from the Underground by Fyodor Dostoyevsky. He's a Russian author more well known for books such as Crime and Punishment and The Brothers Karamazov. This book is like peeking into a very old fashioned Sheldon's diary. It's eerie, actually, how similar the unnamed narrator is to our modern day Sheldon Cooper. Incredibly intelligent, arrogant, socially inept and awkward, etc. etc. Some of the quotes even sound like something the writers would have Sheldon say, to a degree. For example, "... that there was no one like me and I was unlike anyone else. "I am alone and they are everyone," I thought-- and pondered." This reminded me quite a bit of the recent episode in the clothing store, when Sheldon finally does his version of breaking down and admitting he is human, with feelings, and notices when his friends are mean to him. This is just a small excerpt, I essentially went through the entire book with my mind reading in Sheldon's voice (complete with snarky comments and the occasional Bazinga! thrown in.) Has anyone read this book? Am I crazy? Or do you agree? Do you know of any other books that this happened to you with?
  7. Hello everyone, I'm creating this thread because I do think in a world like ours, kind messages are always good to say and hear. I'm starting with my message but if you want to thank someone or everyone, you can. When I started to post here (it was in October 2013), I was looking for a place to talk about TBBT. Since the French forum was (and still is) completely empty, I decided to register here. I can say with time it was one of the best idea I could have I was very well welcomed. My first post were short, I was so shy and it was hard for me to write in English since I'm still afraid to not be understood. Then I started to post more often, to read each of you with a smile (or not haha). I want to thank you for being the best fandom ever. I've been fan of a lot of TV shows in the past, I've posted on a lot others forums but this is the first time I don't have to go in a "French Thread" to express myself. I gained in confidence the last months, I think I improved my English in a pleasant way and as I'm still learning, that's great to learn with you. I even realized I don't need the subtitles anymore to watch TBBT. My English teacher was happy to learn that I was willing to talk more with people in another language than mine. I told her I fell in love English a long time ago, but now, I know I want to be fluent and to share that passion with others. As a teacher I have 5 long years of studies to make that wish come true. I want to thank you for giving me a chance to be with you. This fandom is kinda a family to me right now. A special thanks to the MaJim / Shamy shippers ... That's so great to share the good (and also the bad) moments with you. I was on cloud nine while the SIK, I was in hell for the finale ... but you were there. And you still are. And I can't wait to live this season 8 with all of you. And I'm so happy to talk about Mayim or Jim with people who likes them as much as I do. A very special thanks to Chiany, for accepting to be my beta reader when I decided to write my first story in English. You help a lot and give me the confidence I missed for a long time. You give me guts lol I love you all, thank you for being in my life, in your own and very special way. Long life to TBBT and long life to you all !
  8. This has been puzzling me for a while, ever since I became involved with this fandom, I always wondered, does it have a name? what to we call ourselves as a group or individual fans? I always Imagined us being called "Bazinga Geeks" or "Bazinga Nerds" or "Sheldon Cooper's C-men" what kind of name are we known as? It would be fun Wouldn't it!
  9. Okay in Clean Room, Penny mentioned to Dr. Koothrapali that Raj is dating someone who works a lot too like him mom. What I don't understand is why she seems to work so much. She is a dermatologist. I would think she doesn't have too many emergencies in that field. And she was working late on Christmas Eve? That seems unrealistic. Also on a Saturday night in Focus Attenuation. I understand that Laura Spencer is taping two shows at once but I think the writers could have maybe made her a surgeon or something. It would explain why she may have to work the longer hours. I don't know it's just been bugging me.
  10. Hey guys! How are we all today? sorry I've been gone for more than a while, I've been held up with finishing college work and going to typical family get togethers, Been quite busy since the last time I was on here. feels good to be back in the midst of the Big bang theory fan site universe
  11. Hey, I don't know if anyone has started a topic like this before. But I guess I just think there's room for lots of Shamy song suggestions on this forum!
  12. Enjoy my clip about Sheldon invention ! (i worked a lot on this...) http://youtu.be/EJjutDQhKwo http://youtu.be/EJjutDQhKwo plz critrics ?
  13. Vulture.com recently posted an article that was originally published in NY Magazine back in May 2014. Breaking down why BBT is the greatest tv show on tv. Its a long read, but well worth it. http://www.vulture.com/m/2014/05/big-bang-theory-ratings.html?mid=facebook_vulture TV shows are not supposed to be this popular, not in the age of DVRs, Netflix, and cord-cutting. Nevertheless, CBS’s The Big Bang Theory—an old-fashioned multi-camera comedy about four nerdy men and three women who tolerate them—is not only television’s No. 1 show but also the highest-rated sitcom since Friends signed off in 2004. Here’s why. [copyright material removed] skull, I removed the majority of the post. It's copyrighted material and cannot be posted as an entire piece. The Fair Use doctrine allows small sections to be quoted and commented on. Since you provided the link, an intro (what I left) was all you needed.
  14. Hey guys! I don't mean to be pushy or anything, but I just thought I'd post this here cause I'm trying to get my sister as many votes as I can! She's a model, and if she wins this, she gets sent to Barbados to meet some of the best agents around the world! All it takes is a little vote! You can vote once a day, and shares on Facebook/Twitter and such would also be appreciated! Thanks!!!! :D Link to vote! : http://www.modelmanagement.com/contests/fresh-faces-2014-canada/contestant/145639/
  15. Rik Mayall - taking offensive comedy to new levels of greatness - offending both Jews and Christians with a single autobiography subtitle We lost a legend of Comedy today. Rik Mayall 1958 - 2014 Post your memories here. Ode to Cliff Richard by Rick of the Young Ones Oh Cliff Sometimes it must be difficult not to feel as if You really are a cliff when fascists keep trying to push you over it! Are they the lemmings Or are you, Cliff? Or are you, Cliff? Neil: Wow... that was really pretty bad, Rick Rick: Bad for society when the kids start to get into it! Ode to Rik Mayall by Itwasdestined of the Big Bang Forum (apologies in advance) Oh Rik Sometimes it was difficult not to be a "dick" It really was your trick You made the fascists feel quite sick Are we now lost Or are you, Rik? Or are you, Rik? Neil: Wow... that was really pretty bad, Itwasdestined! Itwasdestined: Bad for society when the kids forget who Rik was!
  16. Rachelshamyfan suggested that a Where are you from thread be started, so here we go. I'm going to list where I was born and where I've lived for more than six months. Others can do as they want. Born: Kenosha, Wisconsin, USA Lived: Bradenton, Florida, USA Biloxi, Mississippi, USA Phoenix, Arizona, USA Niceville, Florida, USA Keflavik, Iceland Alamogordo, New Mexico, USA Reykjavik, Iceland, Bitburg, Germany Al Karjh, Saudi Arabia Goldsboro, North Carolina, USA Currently Living Sarasota, Florida, USA. I was in the US Air Force, which explains a few of those locations, I've lived in other places for less than six months.
  17. I enjoy reading about all the different conspiracy theories people believe in for fun.... What are some that you all have heard about or actually believe?
  18. This a bit of an experiment to try keep the S7 board clean and give people a place to chat without interrupting the flow of some of the more focused threads. This thread is a place to chat more generally. It's for conversation that might be taking place in the Season 7 board when it doesn't necessarily belong in those threads. It doesn't always have to be TBBT-related, so conversations which move in other directions can be continued here, and it's for those chats where a full thread in the Chit Chat board isn't appropriate.
  19. Many times I'll see something or hear something that never would have caught my attention before watching watching this show. Here is an example: I work as an Archivist and while doing a project today I stopped on this image from 1969 and laughed. I never would have given it a 2nd glance before. The image caption (in case you are curious) A monopole antenna developed by Motorola was installed on Apollo astronauts' backpacks. Every phase of NASA's 1960s-era Apollo lunar orbit and landing missions used Motorola equipment. This happens all the time - does anyone else have any stories?
  20. Been chucking this idea around with a few folk recently.. And decided to make it official! The Season 7 finale is due to air on May 15th (someone please correct if wrong). I thought it would be cool for some of us to be able to share the experience together, And then get drunk.. I think it would be pretty cool to set this in New York.. As its an easy travel hub and a pretty banging awesome city in itself. The plan would be to all stay in the same hotel (nothing to fancy or even in the city.. as long as its in budget and has a TV.. ), All watch the finale and then hit the town!. So far.. Myself, Maria, Dena and Delsino are going.. IF the season finale is on the 15th, I plan to be in NY May 15th-18th. so what are your thoughts and anyone else interested? Attendee's Kazzie Maria Dena Delsino (Maybe) Notchinc MJistheBOMB
  21. Do you think Kaley still loves JohnnyGalecki and/or Do you thinbk Johnny still loves Kaley Finally do youn think that someday they will get back together again
  22. Wouldn't it make an awesome episode if Sheldon meets someone exactly like him, but Sheldon will experience what he does to the rest of the gang. So, Sheldon can basically get a taste of his own medicine.
  23. I mean he's a smart guy?? Why ubuntu? He could AT LEAST be using arch or maybe gentoo.Or linux from scratch right?
  24. The other night I watch a Star Trek Voyager and it occured to me. The Big Bank Theory has a gorgeous blond and I think a lot of you will agree the hotest woman on any Star Trek show was Seven of Nine. I wonder how the writers have not put those two together and had Penny dress up as Seven. The reaction from the male characters would be drop dead funny. It might even get Sheldon's motor running for Amy. What does everyone else think? OY
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