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Found 3 results

  1. Region 1 (United States and Canada) : Amazon.com is now taking pre-orders for Young Sheldon: Season 1 DVD, which will be released Tuesday, September 4. Along with all twenty-two episodes of Young Sheldon's first season, this release includes two new featurettes: "Young Sheldon: An Origin Story" and "Sibling Revelry". Pre-order Young Sheldon: Season 1 from Amazon.com A limited MoD (manufactured-on-demand) Blu-ray is expected to be available from Amazon and the Warner Archive Collection but is not yet available for pre-order. You can also find more information abou
  2. The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 DVD & Blu-ray - Region 1, North America The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 will be released on three-disc DVD and five-disc Blu-ray box-sets in the United States and Canada on Tuesday, September 10. The Blu-ray box-set includes the show on high-definition Blu-ray, standard-definition DVD and UltraViolet downloads. Pre-order The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 DVD from Amazon.com Pre-order The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 Blu-ray from Amazon.com The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 DVD & Blu-ray - Region 2, Europe The Big Bang Theory: Season 6 will be released on DVD
  3. Greetings and Ssup Started TBBT on E4 with Howard's failed FBI interviews and found it really engaging. Have now watched the DVD 1-5 , 2000 odd mins. , but cut short by fast forwarding Penny from mid series 3 ? Is that wrong ? Why didn't they develop the ' Dead Hooker ' to challenge her? Anyway, after all the hours , Howard has come up as the greatest character and to see him in space , even a bit deranged , is great. Frootloops
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