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Found 9 results

  1. This is the Season 11 Shipping Lanes thread. This is for non-suportive comments about the various ships (or members of a ship), and/or comparison or debate of the different ships.
  2. This is the Season 10 Shipping Lanes thread. This is for non-suportive comments about the various ships (or members of a ship) or debate of the different ships.
  3. Views of Feminism Today

    So, I bit the bullet and decided to open up this topic for discussion for those who want to discuss their views of feminism, its definition, and how they feel it affects their viewing of TBBT. This thread is for those who want to express themselves openly without feeling they have to stay on the topic of a particular character or ship. Mayim published an article on GrokNation where she addresses the language and cultural assumptions about sex. Reading commentary over the past several days has made me realize that my views on feminism, especially in relationships, are quite skewed. Perhaps others feel the same way. The purpose of this thread is to gain perspective, not to try to convince another to change his/her view. Please keep the conversations civil and respect each other's opinions . It's okay to defend one's position, but please do so respectfully without attacking or insulting another for having a different POV.
  4. Shamy proposal

    Um, so I've never started a thread before (lol awkward), but now that Shamy is back together (insert cheering), I was wondering when all of you think they will get engaged? My bet is episode 11 (although if history tells us anything, it's that I stink at making predictions) b/c Sheldon was planning to propose to Amy in episode 7 anyways, despite being broke up. He knew she was endgame even after they were over (IMO). Plus it would show Amy immediately that Sheldon does put her first, and would put any question she had about his commitment level to rest. I also think that the promo that was posted earlier about the star wars bbt episode described itself in a way that could have sheldon proposing to Amy. Other possibilities are episode 200 or the season 9 finale, but I'm sticking to my answer. Let me know what you all think. Thanks. Also I think at some point, Amy will either find out about the ring from either sheldon or one of her friends. Penny and bernadette (especially penny) are huge gossips. I hope sheldon is the one to tell her about the ring, but either way, I feel she will find out about it very soon
  5. Went to see Dwayne Johnson's San Andreas.During the trailers,Entourage the movie was shown, and in San Andreas,Caltech played a pivotal role in the movie's plot. With some TV series made into movies,would you like to have a The Big Bang Theory movie?
  6. This is the Season 9 Shipping Lanes thread. This is for non-suportive comments about the various ships (or members of a ship) or debate of the different ships.
  7. The debate between Shledon and Wolowitz was intense in the 2nd episode but, it imparted a lot of new knowledge to me. I was unfamiliar with quantum mechanics and the episode invoked me to watch a documentary on Quantum mechanics and learn about the Many World Interpretation, which Sheldon accepts as the correct interpretation of quantum mechanics. Another new thing which I learned, was the Brachistochrone problem, the fastest path between two points. Interestingly I found the following post which dug deep into episode 2 to answer the questions Sheldon and Wolowitz were debating on. What physics can we learn from Sheldon and Wolowitz’s debate in The Big Bang Theory (Season 8, Episode 2) What did you learn new from episode 2? Do reply in the thread. Bazinga!
  8. Starting the Season 8 Shipping Lanes thread. This is the only thread where members can debate the merits of different ships civilly.
  9. Shipping Lanes

    Come here to discuss, explain and defend your thoughts on your ship, people. Or not. But be CIVIL. (Alternatively, post nothing and stay in your own stuffy boxes and let this topic sink and be forgotten)