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  1. This is for inventions that seems to have a purpose but are for the most irrelevant or unneeded as we already have better means or better tools that do it better. First off I would like to bring to attention the "Fire Alarm" now while they are often found in every home they seem to be more a nuisance than any real help to anyone. The fire department might recommend we all have one but its pretty useless if you think about it. If you are in the kitchen and you start a fire well of course your going to take means to put it out. Having an alarm go off is not helping you put out the fire. Its clear you already see that. Now in most cases were there would be a fire in the home you are not going to need an alarm to do something about it. If you are asleep it might wake you up but if you are present in most cases you will realize the fire and even if you don't you can smell smoke and burning. If an alarm happens to go off when no one is home what good it is. Fantastic its saying there is a fire but if there is a fire and no one is home to see it does it really matter how much the useless alarm goes off? Unless these alarms are going to send a signal to the local fire department there is really no use for them in most cases. Another wonderful invention is the banana chopper which has been argued unnecessary. http://www.kitchenandcompany.com/kitchen-tools/food-prep-tools/slicers/_/Banana-Slicer?tc=gfs13&utm_source=google&utm_medium=cpc&utm_content=Banana%20Slicer&gclid=CI-7q67xmL4CFciGfgodMYEAFg
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