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Found 4 results

  1. This is for any TBBT memes.
  2. This is for everyone to share all the mediocre shows and movies that were not very great films or shows but that you still enjoyed watching. Something I like is "Karin"(Manga:Chibi Vampire) its an anime about a vampire that gets nose bleeds when she doesn't get enough blood. Its like not one of the greatest made anime and it doesn't have anything that really sticks out and as far as most other anime I have watched this is clearly a B-lister but I still really liked watching this anime. So go ahead and share your B-list films and shows that you still loved watching!
  3. I thought this was super Geeky and decided to post it here. I enjoy studying weather and recently watched a preview for the new Godzilla movie. You can see in the preview that he creates a lot of flood and structural damage as he walks through the city but I was wondering if there was a tornado that happened to come at the time Godzilla decided to come into the city how would the Tornado effect Godzilla. Now Godzilla must be as tall as some of the buildings but even some houses have been torn away by tornadoes and hurricanes so how would Godzilla face against a tornado?
  4. Hello, I've been watching the Big Bang Theory for a really long time and I completely love the show. I especially like how the characters are really into comic books and even dress up in their favorite action heroes from time to time. However, one things has always puzzled me, why is it that they never talk about Steve Austin (i.e., the bionic man played by Lee Majors in the 1970s). I mean, here is another type of action hero (grant it, he's not a comic book hero), but a hero none the less. For a character like Howard on the show, I'm sure that he would idolize him just as much as Sheldon idolized Spock. In fact, it would be kind of interesting to have Sheldon and Howard debate over who would win if both Spock and Steve Austin were trapped on a deserted island (or planet). And who know, maybe there could be an episode in which Lee Majors would make a guess appearance on the show, just as other actors have in the past. Only in this case, instead of just being just Lee Majors (the actor), he could secretly be the bionic man by saving Sheldon from a falling shelf in one of the physics labs (using his bionic arm), or seem to appear in two places at once (because of his bionic speed). Everyone else on the set would just see him as Lee Majors, but it would be something that would just freak out Sheldon. I'm sure the writers of the show could come up with more bizarre and much more humorous situations for Lee Majors to be a part of on the show than what I have written here. I think that having the Bionic Man on the show for one or even two episode would be great. What do you think?
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