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Found 4 results

  1. I know some people who are greatly insulted by this show. When I was a kid I was picked on a lot and I was really corky. I was also totally into super heroes and I get how people can fight like that over comics and making a big deal about characters even if people not part of the fandom thinks its dumb. I was always into scifi, and fantasy and card games and would visit the comic shop every week when I got money. Even had Star wars all over my room and both me and my sibling had light sabers. I wasn't into celebertys and sports or church like most normal people. When sports and church and celebertys was considered the normal thing to be into. So Sheldons and leonards reaction to penny's celebrity questions would have been how I would have reacted. I really didn't see a problem with this show but there people who are complaining since they say all of this is inaccurate and no one ever acts like any of these characters. Is this show really that offensive and something people should hate?
  2. I noticed something which I do not understand with this show. They all act like they do not make any money. The only time I think this would be justified is in Pennys case since she is a waitress. They talk about how stuff costs them all this money but look at the jobs they have. They all finished college and I am positive none of them are minimum wage. So why do all of the scientists in this show act like they are poor and don't make any money? If people coming out of college make as much as a waitress whats the point of going to college? I looked it up and it says a Chemist makes 35-45$ an hour and a waitress makes 8-10$. Some jobs after 20 year only make 25 an hour. So how are they poor?
  3. Hi everyone, Love the show and this is my first post! Do you remember the episode about the 'Time Machine'? Of course you do! Well, I think after you see the following clip on YouTube "Gaming chair with hydraulics" I hope you'll agree that the Big Bang script writers would have a brilliant time creating a script/plot around such an item! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bgvMoi-JN84 Imagine the guys taking turns and of course Sheldon getting all flustered and losing control. Of course it'll have to be a Space oriented game but you get the drift! Kindest regards, Mike (UK)
  4. I thought of a great idea for an episode of the Big Bang Theory. It would be a Christmas episode where Sheldon dreams he is Scrooge. Leonard could be Bob Crachit. The rest of the cast could be the ghosts. Kripke could be be Jacob Marley or maybe Stuart. Can you see the cast in old 19th century garb. Imagine Sheldon with side burns! I thought of writing a fan fiction story myself, but I'm no comedy writer. I'm a scifi writer. But hopefully someone connected with the show will write it. I mean, who else would make a more perfect scrooge than Sheldon? Perhaps it could be a one hour special. The episode could start out as Sheldon being stingy at Christmas and he gets in an argument with Leonard and the rest of his friends. Sheldon goes to bed and begins to dream. Who would be the ghosts of Christmas past, present and future I don't know. But you could come up with a character for everyone in the cast. I think the episode would be hilarious!
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