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  1. Wio is on the hotseat. Ask away! A couple of guidelines: 1) This is an absolutely zero debate zone. 2) Follow-up questions are heavily encouraged. You are also encouraged to discuss things you find you have in common 3) Some people will be more open than others about sharing real life details. Please respect that. 4) It is not off-topic to explore something about a person like a hobby or cultural differences as long as they don't mind answering. 5) We post about TBBT so much in other forums and since it can turn into a debate so easily TBBT questions are discouraged. If you want to ask something please be careful... please. 6) Different people will answer at different paces so don't get discouraged if it takes awhile to get your answer. 7) Specific interpretations of religion and religious text are a hot mess on a message board on a good day. They really need to be avoided in hotseats because it will make future participants uneasy. The same goes for political discussions. Remember this is a zero debate zone. Have fun!! New Standard Starting Questions: 1) Why did you choose your screen name and avatar? 2) How did you find this board? 3) If you don't mind answering what is your gender and approximate age? 4) Same on general location of where you are currently living. 5) What is your favorite kind of music? 6) What is your least favorite kind of music? 7) What is your favorite cuisine? Do you have any siblings, if so how many and where do you fall in the line-up? 9) Do you have any pets? 10) Hobbies? 11) What is your favorite color? 12) What celebrity would you pick to play in a movie about your life? 13) What is your favorite time of day? 14) What do you do that you find especially rewarding? 15) What animal do you think best represents your personality?
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