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Found 7 results

  1. What movie made you want to cry? Now it does not have to be something you cried at but movies that you thought were incredibly sad and appropriate to cry at. My nomination is Toy Story 3.
  2. This is the new preview for the New Planet of the Apes movies. The Last Planet of the Apes come out in the movies during the 2001. This is of the old original series. Later in the 2011 they did a reboot and redid the first movie of planet of the apes and are redoing the entire series starting from movie one. The Origin of planet of the apes. This preview is the second movie of planet of the Apes being redone. Its called "Dawn of planet of the apes" its coming out in 2014 July 11th. I only watched the 2000 redo and the one that came out in the movies during the 90s. While I think this makes more sense since in the original line of movies it was just people in ape suits. Which you could tell were not apes since people stand different and crouch different than Apes and other type of primates do this because of the anatomy. I can appreciate both lines of the films and think they were all very well made. Anyways I enjoyed both the redo and the few original movies I watched. Anyone want to discuss the new movie? It looks really good.
  3. This is for everyone to share all the mediocre shows and movies that were not very great films or shows but that you still enjoyed watching. Something I like is "Karin"(Manga:Chibi Vampire) its an anime about a vampire that gets nose bleeds when she doesn't get enough blood. Its like not one of the greatest made anime and it doesn't have anything that really sticks out and as far as most other anime I have watched this is clearly a B-lister but I still really liked watching this anime. So go ahead and share your B-list films and shows that you still loved watching!
  4. I really dislike the new spiderman movies. When the original spiderman movies were made you knew it was a spiderman movie. In these new movies it seems to focus more on everything else than it actually does SPIDERMAN the main character of the movie. I liked when before spiderman focused mainly on spiderman. I really dont like the hole background of his dad leaving him and everything. Also while original spiderman was sarcastic sometimes he did not seem as reckless as this guy. Original spider-man would never attack a cop.
  5. I thought this was super Geeky and decided to post it here. I enjoy studying weather and recently watched a preview for the new Godzilla movie. You can see in the preview that he creates a lot of flood and structural damage as he walks through the city but I was wondering if there was a tornado that happened to come at the time Godzilla decided to come into the city how would the Tornado effect Godzilla. Now Godzilla must be as tall as some of the buildings but even some houses have been torn away by tornadoes and hurricanes so how would Godzilla face against a tornado?
  6. Hey i'm Fat Mike from the news & reviews group THE PALE KIDS http://www.facebook.com/ThePaleKids but have my own page just for movie reviews check out :https://www.facebook.com/pages/FAT-MIKEs-Movie-Reviews/323059367812333 thx for your time -fat mike
  7. Hey i'm Fat Mike from the news & reviews group THE PALE KIDS http://www.facebook.com/ThePaleKids but have my own page just for movie reviews check out :https://www.facebook...323059367812333 thx for your time -fat mike
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